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Turn More Leads Into Sales
Turn More Leads Into Sales

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Cheryl Scoffield is thrilled to be the winner of the Constant Contact Promotional Partner Contest for the third time.

* * The Summer Networking Bash. Toronto, Ontario, August 2013
* * International Networking Day, Toronto, Ontario, February 2012
* * The Summer Networking Bash, Toronto, Ontario, August 2012

Post has attachment to be released in 2017 at $29.95

to get you started immediately to package your expertise and create your sales winning follow up formula of connected conversations which BUILD TRUST & MAXIMIZE THE SALES POTENTIAL BURIED IN YOUR PROSPECT LIST without feeling like a pest!

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Is finding a Mastermind top of your New Year's list?

How will you find the right collaborative partners for your business?

Listen in to this Conversation to discover
What is Masterminding? Plus The 4 Keys to Be Successful.

Dinner at R Cottage in Washago Ontario. Food was awesome last time.

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Judi Smith, Chartered Insurance Professional, Certified Risk Manager with Aon Risk Services joined me on Conversations With Expert Entrepreneurs and shared how the cost of your insurance is impacted by your actions.

Listen in to discover how being "Best In Class" can have a positive affect on your commercial insurance premiums. This is a Conversation you won’t want to miss! #commericalinsurance #businesstips   #businessgrowth  

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Event space is on the top floor of the United Church located at 157 Lakeshore Rd W in the SW corner of Peter St and Lakeshore Rd W at the west end of Port Credit.
The building is an L space. Enter where the lines intersect and go up 2 flights of stairs

Looking forward to this weekend and a bit of sun ... rain ... rain .... go away!
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