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Blogger at Madhouse Family Reviews

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Get ready for a #PJMasksToys twitter party on 1st March !
Save the date ! @UKmumsTV are running a PJ Masks twitter party on Wednesday 1st March from 4-6pm and as usual, there will be lots of fun and prizes to be won. After all the excitement of our We're Going On A #BearHunt twitter party last week, I'm making the...

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Globecooking recipe : Cape Town tarts (South Africa)
When I saw a recipe go through on the Food Network website for  Cape Town Tarts , I was intrigued and clicked through to find out more. I wasn't expecting the savoury muffin/omelette hybrid that I discovered but it looked like just the sort of thing the Mad...

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Get the kids cooking healthy meals, not just baking !
Sainsbury’s Active Kids recently released a report showing some shocking stats about the health and nutrition beliefs of 11-14 year olds. Apparently, over one fifth refer to social media, YouTube stars and bloggers to find information on healthy eating, whi...

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#readcookeat recipe : Gumbo-inspired one pot wonder (Jack and Jill)
I recently raced through  James Patterson's Jack and Jill , which was the first novel that I'd read starring Alex Cross - there are currently twenty five in the series! You can click through to read my review. It was a cracking, fast-paced crime novel but, ...

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Book review : Emoji Puzzles - 350 Enigmas For You To Solve
Half-term holidays are often synonymous with parental battles trying to get kids away from their screens for a while. Well, Carlton Books have a brilliant compromise - how about prising their mobile phones and tablets out of their sticky fingers and giving ...

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Madhouse recipe : Medjool Date Truffles
Did you have a date for Valentine's Day this year? Well, thanks to Forest Feast, I had a whole box load of them ! They sent through a lovely kit for making heart-shaped date truffles, which were as tasty as they were simple to make. Dates are now classed as...

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Book review : Gone Girl - Gillian Flynn
I remember shortly after its release, Gone Girl became the novel that everyone was talking about. This usually puts me off reading a book though, because I'm always worried that it won't live up to the hype. Nevertheless, when I saw a copy on the book swaps...

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Madhouse recipe : Crispy chocolate sandwich cake
As it was in honour of her 12th birthday, I asked Juliette what kind of cake she'd like me to bake last week. Without a second's hesitation, her answer was "chocolate !" I'd made some rich gooey brownies a few days before so I fancied trying something new. ...

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Madhouse diaries : Geocaching around the docks
This week we've been so busy running around hiding new caches for other people to find that we haven't been out hunting any ourselves. A lovely sunny afternoon was too good a chance to miss though, so I grabbed the gps and headed off with Juliette to see if...

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Introducing Zomlings Series 5 (review)
Back in 2014, we reviewed the first series of Zomlings collectibles . (Click through to see that review.) Series 5 has just hit the shops and we received a selection of goodies, featuring the strange ugly-cute critters ! Zomlings series 5 introduces a whole...
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