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Cheryl Bledsoe
Wife, Mom, Friend, Emergency Manager & Loves Watching Cultural Trends
Wife, Mom, Friend, Emergency Manager & Loves Watching Cultural Trends


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Join the fun! 
Launching the #VirtualEMA  today to be an umbrella association for emergency managers (paid and unpaid), technology (emerging and big data) and academia (student, researcher and EM Programs) to bridge gaps and provide meaningful engagement among members. 

Membership is affordable and accessible.  All are welcome.
$20 Discount off first year membership is available until 12/31/15 using code ENYM6PDW
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Meeting summary has been emailed to participants. Let me know if you didn't receive it....also, this MindMap is live for people to contribute to. 

Hi, Folks....I see a few people here in this group who I didn't have on my initial email distribution list for VEMA development discussions.  Comment here with your email address if you want to be added into the loop. 

Following today's call, I am currently drafting up minutes and will be getting a collaborative doc in place so we can brainstorm and refine the vision & mission statement. 


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Working on my first flexible funding campaign for National Preparedness out this 4th year of our fun game! 
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anyone know why, when clicking on a hashtag search in Google, the results are not chronologically ordered? Just curious....
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Marshall Foundation
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