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Easy Lemon Barley Drink
Barley drink is something I grew up with on this sunny island, and it was one of the first few recipes I have learnt in my Home Econs class! I later on grew to love those packet lemon barley drink - however which I cannot replicate the taste lol! Lemon seem...

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The other day, I made this bread in cone for my toddler, on Children's Day! This bread recipe is very easy to shape, as it's quite elastic and not super sticky. It's from a Taiwanese blogger, Kokoma 老师, and I've bought most of her books! Hehehe! I changed t...

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Vanilla Bean Cotton Cake
Hello! It's been such a looooooong time since I have time to update my blog posts! It has been a "wild" ride being a mummy to 2 young children, and as we explored the helper option to help out in terms of child caring, we realised it's probably not going to...

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Pandan Rye Bread
I remembered chancing upon this Wu Pao-Chun champion milk toast recipe when I just started out baking bread years ago. It was 1 of my favourite bread recipe (and even remained so now!) because it is just so straightforward and simple! You don't need a lot o...

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Coconut Passion Fruit Sponge Cake
This coconut passion fruit sponge cake was originally 1 of my favourite vanilla sponge cake recipe, from Nasi Lemak Lover . This is a soft and moist chiffon sponge cake, which is well loved by my family members. Since I have some passion fruit sitting in th...

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4-Ingredients No-Knead Crusty Bread
It has been so long since I have had time to update the blog! Most of the time I was busy taking care of the baby, and when the flu season started, it was even worse, trying to also take care of the toddler when she fell sick. There were some recipes that I...

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Coffee Banana Muffins
Phew! Had been really busy with the 2 kids, and busy preparing to restart my home baking . So I have been testing out recipes and tweaking them. I truly enjoyed looking at the recipes of many muffins and cupcakes though! So today I am sharing a coffee banan...

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Orange Nutella Muffins
This is a revisit of an older recipe that I've tried a few years back. Decided to post nicer photos, and since I am studying the ratio of muffins and cupcakes these days, I am happy to try out these orange Nutella muffins! Though I am quite a health conscio...

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Red Velvet Cake
Do you love red velvet cake too? I love cheesecake, so naturally I came to love red velvet cake too! Hahaha. I have eaten before really dense red velvet cake, as well as airy and spongy red velvet cake. Which type is your favourite? Sometime last year, I fi...

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Air Fry Cajun Salmon
Now that the baby is becoming aware of distance and proximity, I can hardly cook for dinner without planning well in advance. So, the air fryer is really helpful and useful! Of course, cooking at high temperatures is not so good - but I suppose striking a b...
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