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 Grow your business fast and ON DEMAND... Ever have those slow days where you just WISH customers were coming in your door? And you think gee I wish I could fill the seats or sales team with a flood of customers? What if you could do just that? And when ever you felt the need? What would that do to your bottom line?

Ever have a marketing technology that you could ensure they were reading your sale or new product with in 4 minutes, EVERY TIME? Well now you can, with our business builder program built with high end, user friendly technology that you can take the proof of it's success straight to the board of investors.

Be at the top of cutting edge technology that delivers your marketing message to customers who WANT, to buy your services, now! Drive them through your doors with an easy, fun and cost efficient solution.

The first 5 people to get this program set up will receive the set up for free...just because I KNOW you will love it and our many other time/cost saving client drivers.

Call today and save on that set up fee. Cheri  406.260.5761

 Customer Loyalty + Smart Phone Technology = High Volume Sales
In an ever increasing mobile market customers are looking for you and your services but when they find you, want to keep them coming back time and time again?
What if I were to show you a fun way that they will WANT to hear your marketing message? One that will do just that? Keep them coming back week after week? Building that relationship with them and with very little effort on your part?
This solution is very tech savy but at the same time user friendly and gives you an added advantage over your competitor.
The solution is SMS Text Marketing. Web Site Development firm is proud to bring to the valley a VERY inexpensive way to build this customer loyalty and partner with our many solutions to bring you a truly full service internet marketing plan.
Here’s how….
Text Marketing is the biggest up and coming solution in bring business an easy, fast and fun way to build customer brand loyalty.  !!!THE CLIENTS LOVE IT!!!
Most of us in today’s world have some kind of cell phone and receive text messages from our contacts on a constant basis right? Your kids have phones and check in with you. Your friends let you know when they’re up to something. Your clients let you know when they are running late. etc. etc. etc.  You instantly check your text messages as they come in or with in a few minutes to make sure you are not missing anything right? You read it and decide with in just a very few seconds that you need to deal with it or not and when. BLAM your done. No Schedulus interuptus, just plain decision making skills.
What if your clients ASKED you for your updates to enter their phone this very same way? Would you not want to oblige them? AND FAST?  Our latest addition into our solutions repertoire is just that.  Your clients at your pos, or any other marketing platform is given a short code to text your solution and bam you have all the information and permissions to share with them everything going on in your store, or site.
Remember back in the day that adage of touch your customer 3 times before you will get the sale? What if they asked you to do just that?  What would that do for your business when the customer is ASKING you to touch them repeatedly?
Call today and get started tomorrow.
We look forward to working with you soon, building your site for your projects success both in cost and design.
the Team at FireFlyzDesign.Com
Kalispell Montana Web Design

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