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I have tried numerous scheduling system out there, and one of my colleagues recommended acuity scheduling for my online business where I provide 1-to-1, and group online consultation services for my clients. Unfortunately, I had trouble with double-booking, missed appointments, no-shows, etc because of the time zone issue. Not only that, I have to manually send confirmation emails and reminders to clients one by one during my downtime, which ate up a lot of my time when I am supposed to rest. With acuity, it is easier and much faster for clients to book sessions without any obstacle because it coordinates with their time zone and sends them automated reminders via email and confirmation about their session. On top of that, the appointments are "automatically" synced with google calendar, so I don't have to manually type down every session onto my calendar, and again saved me time!

The customer service is fantastic as they respond very quickly and are polite in handling customer querries. 

The only cons that I see with acuity is the google syncing and the administrator couldn't control the information that is shown in the calendar. I embedded acuity onto my website for clients to see how many bookings I have.  However, it shows their information for other clients to see, as well as the certificate codes so I have to take down my calendar from my website. 

But despite that, the advantages of acuity simply outweighs that one disadvantage.
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