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Chemionix e-Solutions Pvt Ltd
A multi-discipline Outsourcing company offering wide range of Engineering Solutions and CAD Design & Drafting Services
A multi-discipline Outsourcing company offering wide range of Engineering Solutions and CAD Design & Drafting Services


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BIM Modeling and Its Applications

#BIM #modeling or Building Information Modeling is one of the most popular factors in the field of #architecture or #construction. The purpose of BIM Modeling is to provide a complete digital representation of a building or building design which is beneficial for all parties. It is also a lot easier to share construction information through this process in an easier and more efficient way.

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About #Solidworks #Conversion

• Solidworks Conversion allows to access various file formats such as slddwg, sldasm, slddrw, easm, eprt, prt, sldasm, etc.

• Safe transition from 2D AutoCAD to Solidworks

• Promote your product designs more efficiently

• Easy share project data
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Why Convert to #Revit?

With the advancement of Revit, there is an upswing in the architecture design industry.
Revit makes the design coordination and collaboration an easy task integrating all information into a single environment software giving access to all involved in the design process.
Revit services is revolutionizing the AEC industry by virtual construction of the project much before the real ground works begin.
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Key points in #MEP #Design & #Drafting

Following are the Key points of MEP Design & Drafting
• Heating and cooling equipment selection
• Heat loss and/ or gain calculations
• Heating and cooling system schematic design
• Plant room layout design
• Pipe size calculations, pressure drop calculations
• Fire protection system design as per NFPA Standard
• 3D Piping modeling Services
• 3D Duct layout drawings.
• Bill of material for entire project.
• Construction & Shop fabrication Drawings
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BIM Technology Abstract

Building information modeling (BIM) is one of the most promising recent developments in the architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) industry.It used for planning, design, construction, and operation of the facility. With help of BIM technology, an accurate virtual model of a building is digitally constructed.

#BIM #Buildigninformationmodeling
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Revit Conversions services

Chemionix is an expert in providing Revit Conversions services. Chemionix has vast experience in conversion services which makes us one of the most suitable CAD to Revit outsourcing service Company in the world.
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Solidworks Design Services

Chemionix offers best Solidworks Modeling services to their customers for the better benefit. With Solidworks Design services you can get more statistics and drawing version format than any other CAD technologies.
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Various types of Revit services

Revit modeling services use to develop all types of concrete structures like personal homes, villas, industrial buildings, commercial buildings. Companies are giving support to all types of homeowner, builders, contractors, real estate developers by using this service. This 3D modeling service consists of following features:
• Architectural 3D modeling
• Structural 3D modeling
• MEP modeling
• Building information modeling
• 3D design model
• CAD to Revit BIM conversion
• Revit family modeling
• Revit component designing
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