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Chelsea Adams
Writer. Cyclist. SEO. Straw Bale Builder.
Writer. Cyclist. SEO. Straw Bale Builder.

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From May-September 2014 I traveled 4,200 miles from the Pacific coast to the Atlantic coast by bicycle. We rode through 12 states, and across 5 mountain ranges. This slideshow is an FAQ presentation I created to share my experience with some of my co-workers. 

Interested? Read more about my tour at

Enjoy! And if you have questions: Ask away!


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The best way to celebrate 3/17. 

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The best. 

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Synchronicity of the Mackerels
The swarming symmetry of the schools

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*Sell Your Product Better With Storytelling*

Great example of a brand using video storytelling to introduce/market their unconventional product:

The teaser for this video was an ad that played before another video I was watching on YouTube... and it actually caught me. I hate/love when that happens. (See the teaser:

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Follow and Respond to @Brand Mentions on Twitter. It Matters!
He tweeted "I love Red Bull" and the brand responded. Now the response is pinned on his profile. He only has 12 followers -- who cares whether this little fish pinned a big brand tweet? Well... I got an email about it. Likely because +Red Bull responded and I follow Red Bull and other Red Bull brands. The algorithm is watching...

Good on you for monitoring mentions of your brand name and showing some engagement love, Red Bull! Little cog moves like this matter in the big marketing machine!

#Socialmediamarketing #Twittermarketing #Brandmanagement #Socialengagement


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I've thought so many times how it would be awesome to have a video of what I am seeing on my bike rides... this could actually get me using +Snapchat. Also, good on you for making these spectacles look cool, SC. Way to take a note from the +Beats by Dre brand (rather than the Google Glass, which I am pretty sure comes packaged with a wedgie).

#SnapchatSpectacles #SnapChat 

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Example: Retail Content Marketing for Small Businesses
Great example of content marketing from a bulk-retail brand that doesn't naturally lend itself to content marketing: Sam's Club. (Note: I recognize that Sam's Club is NOT a "small business" by any means, but I think we small folks can take a cue from this strategy and apply it just the same.)

Sam's Club has created a "small business ideas & solutions" landing page experience to use content marketing to get in front of more qualified leads (small business owners --> they want them to become "Business Members").

They're using this landing page (URL below) to drive traffic from retargeting ads (I saw my ad in Skype). Ad CTA says "Learn New Tricks for Your Trade. Watch the Pros on GenieCast." You can only get to this landing page from the PPC ad -- no link from Sam's Club website. Once you're on the landing page, the top of the page starts with a sale CTA ("Keep your company on the up and up with our brand new perks for Business Members."), then you scroll down to see the content tie-in -- a brand mentoring TV show and a webinar series for business owners. LINK:

Sam's Club is not on Google+. I tried to + tag them. You win some you lose some. ;^)

CC: +Virginia Nussey +Paula Allen (Might be interested in writing an article about this for +Bruce Clay, Inc..)

#ContentMarketing #SmallBusinessContentMarketing #SmallBizMarketing #Leadgeneration #retailcontentmarketing 
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Interesting social media content strategy! I like it. Acknowledge that you're not perfect and make a joke of it. Soft sell is the new hard sell!

This sponsored +Progressive Insurance ad actually makes us like Flo even more for her ability to embrace herself flaws and all. It's funny because we relate so much to the "I'll never be Miss America" angle that we actually forget (and are easy to forgive) that they are telling us that some insurance providers can offer us a better deal. Open human transparency like this is a new interesting marketing approach... I like it.

CC: +Paula Allen +Virginia Nussey 

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+Virginia Nussey -- This is a Facebook post ranking #7 on page one of Google SERPs. Have you seen this before? The spider is clearly crawling and indexing Facebook content... and this post is from 2014 (!) Have they been crawling FB since 2014, or is this post just getting more SERP clout because of its age?

Interesting... So much for that age old "social media posts don't rank in SERPs" myth. Unless Matt Cutts has a secret obsession and only ranks FB content about sailfish...

CC: +Paula Allen
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