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Chelsea Adams
Writer. Cyclist. SEO. Straw Bale Builder.
Writer. Cyclist. SEO. Straw Bale Builder.

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From May-September 2014 I traveled 4,200 miles from the Pacific coast to the Atlantic coast by bicycle. We rode through 12 states, and across 5 mountain ranges. This slideshow is an FAQ presentation I created to share my experience with some of my co-workers. 

Interested? Read more about my tour at

Enjoy! And if you have questions: Ask away!


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Interesting social media content strategy! I like it. Acknowledge that you're not perfect and make a joke of it. Soft sell is the new hard sell!

This sponsored +Progressive Insurance ad actually makes us like Flo even more for her ability to embrace herself flaws and all. It's funny because we relate so much to the "I'll never be Miss America" angle that we actually forget (and are easy to forgive) that they are telling us that some insurance providers can offer us a better deal. Open human transparency like this is a new interesting marketing approach... I like it.

CC: +Paula Allen +Virginia Nussey 

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+Virginia Nussey -- This is a Facebook post ranking #7 on page one of Google SERPs. Have you seen this before? The spider is clearly crawling and indexing Facebook content... and this post is from 2014 (!) Have they been crawling FB since 2014, or is this post just getting more SERP clout because of its age?

Interesting... So much for that age old "social media posts don't rank in SERPs" myth. Unless Matt Cutts has a secret obsession and only ranks FB content about sailfish...

CC: +Paula Allen
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Should you choose great web design or excellent messaging? 
In this case, the best policy is to have your cake and eat it too! 

I love that question "design or content -- which matters more." They both matter equally as much. If you have a beautiful website with confusing content, the poor UX takes away from the beauty of the site and renders the aesthetics useless. If you have a beautiful website with *no* content, how can you expect people to know what to do? You're in the business of encouraging action, not displaying art. Same goes in the other direction. Great content that sits on a page that looks like someone built it in 1998 won't ever get read because the poor design is way too distracting and causes immediate trust issues. Another example: great content that sits within design that makes the content hard to read or hard to find. Your content and your design need to work together as a team to serve excellent, conversion-focused user experiences. You don't have to choose usability OR aesthetics OR communication -- you can (and should!) have them all!

Great share from +Paula Allen! 
Web Design vs. Messaging

Which would you say is most important? I hope you picked a winner, because your online revenue depends on it.

Too many webmasters I've met cling to their templates and give little thought to a page's unique purpose, which might require extra work on their part to achieve.

In this post from +Stoney deGeyter today, he says that website design has to serve the message you're trying to communicate. I'm partial, since I write content for web pages and don't do much design work, but I'm nodding furiously and jumping up and down over this article:

#webdesign   #webdesigning  

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I like this: +Google is assisting Hollywood to raise girls' perception of computer science-related careers. Two Disney-ABC television shows, "Miles from Tomorrowland" and "The Fosters," feature young female characters who are science-minded. Google acts as consultant, advising the show creators on computer scientist personalities and even helping write code sequences that would work well in the TV-show format. 

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Fun! Team BCI made a happy fun party gif at work today! #HappyDay #HappyPlanet 

(w/ +Bruce Clay, Inc. Internet Marketing, +Virginia Nussey, +Paula Allen, +Kristi Kellogg) 

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Server talk: How to configure a custom 404 error page

So you've designed your custom 404 error page... now what? How do you get that UX masterpiece out of Photoshop and into the Internet?

It's all about the .htaccess file, baby.  

Did I lose you? Come back! You can do this!  

Getting your custom 404 error page configured is a pretty straightforward process; think of it like baking a cake, and think of this article like a recipe. Just put all the ingredients together as outlined in the recipe and you're on your way to 404 configuration success!

Read: How to Configure a Custom 404 Error Page (Apache Server Edition) >> 

(I wrote this article! Ask me in the comments below if you have any questions.)

#TechnicalSEO   #Apacheserver   #404errorpages  
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