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We are Open ... CHEF LEEZ    is open ...   We are Open

Somehow our Google maps site information was changed without notification to us the owner.  It was and may still be marked Permanently Closed and the marker is also off by 100 meters putting our business at the alley instead of on Samsen Rd.

 These changes have been requested from the google maps chefleez page and we have yet to find where as the owner we can change this information on our account personally. Do you know where that control is?

Post has attachment "Brilliant" Over 358 reviews in under 3 years! Thank you students for sharing. As a result Chef LeeZ has been the #1 T A Thailand cooking school every year since 2011! Thanx Again!

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Today after nearly a month of attempting to resolve a duplicate lisiting issue I finally got directed to the support link where there was an option to phone. Within a minute I was called back and inside 5 minutes teh issue was resolved.  This was the best on line service experience I have ever had!  Too bad there is no similar service for finding out why a webpage falls from being page 1 for months and is now back on page 3 when there are no issues, messages or  manual penalties applied to the service.

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Happy New Years Thailand!

Your brain interprets what your eyes perceive!  What do you see a parrot or a human?  You should also believe even less of what you read and even less of what you hear!

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