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Dadisi Olutosin

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This is me everyday. Happy Tuesday folks!!! Make it a GREAT one!

#ChefDadisi #DrinkMoreCoffee #DoNoHarm #SpreadLove #ChefLife
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Dadisi Olutosin

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Happy #IndigenousPeoplesDay.

This 1913 image is of Chief Medicine Owl of the Blackfoot tribe courtesy of The Museum of New York City (@museumofcityny).

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+Ken Watson I have absolutely no idea what message you're attempting to convey other than trolling my page and my post.  Learn your history,  Cristóbal Colón or Christopher Columbus as Americans know him wasn't Italian, he was Genoan.  

Italy didn't exist when he was alive and was a construct of Benito Mussolini.  As for Italian-Americans, I'm well aware of many of things they suffered during there experiences in America.  Especially what happened to them in New Orleans, New York and New Jersey.  But that has absolutely nothing to do with this post.

Stay on topic and show a little respect.  I hate trolls and Colon was a murderous SOB who's actions in the name of religion and profits lead to the genocide and enslavement of millions of people.

Yes he's iconic and infamous but not someone anyone should celebrate.  There are plenty of other Italians and Italian-Americans who should be celebrated just not him.

Dadisi Olutosin

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I got to hang out with two of my favourite people today for a lovely day of frolicking. I look good for an old man.

Shoutout to the ladies of +Dine Diaspora​, one's missing, for your continued support and for including me in your culinary adventures.

The jerk chicken and wine were off the chain. 🍗🐔🍷😆😆😆 Can't wait until our next Dine Diaspora dinner.

#ChefDadisi #DineDiaspora #ChefLife 

Dadisi Olutosin

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As a father of two daughters I approve this message. Spread the word.

#DayOfTheGirl #UNICEF 
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Dadisi Olutosin

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I'm making a few changes in my personal diet and this represents focusing on my heart health. The good thing about being a chef is that you get to cook and eat spectacular food. The bad thing about being a chef is that you get to cook and eat spectacular food. LOL

One of the things not often talked about is the impact it has on the waistlines and health of chefs. We work long hours, rarely sleep, drink too much, are highly stressed and don't always eat food that's healthy for you. I will be the first to raise my hands and say I'm guilty of it all except the drinking part. Wine doesn't count. 🍷🍷🍷 
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Dadisi Olutosin

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Dadisi Olutosin

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I've spent the better part of all this past weekend and today thinking about food. I'm working on new recipes, plating and planning out my next Center Plate Supper Club in DC.

Being a chef is an all consuming passion to pursue. For those of you wanting to be chefs, be very careful what you ask for. Trust me when I tell you your family and friends will never understand your obsession or your passion.

I feel like a tortured artist right now.

#ChefDadisi #FoodPorn #CulinaryPassion #MindOfAChef #FeedFeed #YelpDC #EdiblesMag #ChefLife
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Dadisi Olutosin

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I agree with +Ama K Abebrese   #SayNoToSkinBleaching .

This a problem throughout Africa, the Caribbean and the Americas. This is especially true of Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, South Africa, Cuba, Jamaica, Dominican Republic, Haiti, Brasil and yes the United States. Sisters think Ambi 'Fading Creme'.

Sisters know your brothers love the skin you're in. Don't do something that will irreparably damage your skin, your health and your self esteem.

#LoveTheSkinYouAreIn #KeepItNatural #BlackMenLoveYouTheWayYouAre
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+Micki Harris indeed but that's not really the point of this post.  Wearing concealer is not a problem for any woman I would imagine.

However, skin bleaching is a HUGE problem on a global scale and it's not about a touch up here and a touch up there.  It's about self hatred, poor self esteem and trying to look like someone you're not.

These women are using lye and bleach mixtures to peal away the top layers of their epidermis which protects them from the sun and possible skin cancer when you consider the parts of the world most of them live in.

This is an epidemic that most in the West are unaware of.  Within the context of Black American women no one talks about it but it's done here as will.  You can thank Madame C.J. Walker and others who followed her path in creating skin lighteners or fading creams as they're called.

Ultimately they all have the same affect of bleaching ones skin to look like someone else's standard of beauty.  This goes far beyond simply putting on concealer to even out the tone of your natural skin.

Dadisi Olutosin

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This is what happens in my kitchen when I'm watching Anthony Bourdain's Parts Unknown. That show makes me very hangry. LOL

DISH : Sliced Pork with Scalloped Potatoes, Crispy Onions and Asparagus

#ChefDadisi #FoodPorn #Food #PartsUnknown #MindOfAChef #FeedFeed #YelpDC #EdiblesMag #ChefLife
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mmm mmm mmmmmmm

Dadisi Olutosin

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+Rob Bonsell it's time to STOP talking to you because it's clear you're trolling. Bye bye. 

Dadisi Olutosin

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THIS is calling me for tonight a dish I made over a year ago. I see this in my future this weekend.

DISH : Roasted BBQ Pork Shoulder with Creole Slaw

Who wants to join me?

#ChefDadisi #FoodPorn #DinnerEssentials #DCFoodPorn #ChefLife #MindOfAChef #FeedFeed #YelpDC #EdiblesMag #EatFamous 
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I'm officially hungry!🍴

Dadisi Olutosin

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More from the New Orleans influenced ode to chef Paul Prudhomme.

DISH : Bread Pudding with Bourbon Caramel Sauce and Vanilla Bean Ice Cream

#ChefDadisi #FoodPorn #CreoleNotCajun #CreoleCuisine #Creole #PaulPrudhomme #Culinary #Cuisine #Chefs #ChefLife
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They call me Culinary Sith Lord, Gastro Sadist, Executive Chef and sometimes even by my name. I'm just here to cook and share my passion for it.
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