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Dadisi Olutosin

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This is what G+ is all about. Great seeing +Luc Brialy​ and cooking with +June d'Arville​. Our meal was fantastic.
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Merci +June d'Arville​. I agree. 😆 

Dadisi Olutosin

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Mood. I'm up to something good. Happy Thursday people. Work your plan and plan your work.

That's what the Joker would do. 😆😆😆

#CarpeDiem #DrinkMoreCoffee #DoNoHarm #SpreadLove

Dadisi Olutosin

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This is what a working lunch is looking like for me these days. I'm not a fan of Chipotle but it will do in a pinch.

What's on your lunch agenda today?

#FoodPorn #FoodPhotography #WorkingLunch #CorporateSpeak
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Dadisi Olutosin

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Rise and grind people. It's Humpday. Let's be fantabulous..

But FIRST #coffee.. ☕☕☕

#CarpeDiem #DrinkMoreCoffee #DoNoHarm #SpreadLove
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Inda M.
I always start the day with coffee. Can't function without it. Have a good one : )

Dadisi Olutosin

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Healthy lunch time activities.

DISH : Ceder Plank Salmon | Roasted Spring Vegetables

#FoodPorn #FoodPhotography #Delicious #ComfortFood #Foodie
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Dadisi Olutosin

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Out here on my grind. Make it a spectacular Tuesday people.

#CarpeDiem #DoNoHarm #DrinkMoreCoffee #SpreadLove #GetUpGetOutAndDoSomething
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Handsome, you are!

Dadisi Olutosin

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Happy Friday people and welcome to the month of April. I mentioned a couple days ago I'd be making a big announcement so here it is. I have hung up my chefs coat and chef shoes for a suit jacket, starched oxford and wing tips. As of the end of March I will no longer be an active chef. Instead I have returned to the corporate world of information technology for both stability and peace of mind.

Before you all get misty eyed, let me say this, it has been an honour and pleasure sharing my passion for cooking and the culinary arts with the nearly 1 million people who follow me across several social media networks. I appreciate every interaction and every ounce of support both actual and moral I've received from each and everyone of you.

Over the past five years I have met and worked with some outstanding people. But lets keep it real, there's no money in being a chef. I've blogged about this on many occasions but when you have responsibilities you have to do what you must to meet those responsibilities. This is why you so often hear chefs say they're not doing it for the money, they do it because of passion. And I for one have nothing but respect for those living their passion.

When I fist entered the F&B/Restaurant industry it wasn't to become a chef but to learn the business so that I could make sense out of my desire to be a restaurateur. I'm an entrepreneur first and foremost becoming a proper chef along the way was indeed a bonus and I don't regret becoming a chef at all.

So what's next you ask as it relates to food? Outside of my new day job, I will still be involved in the F&B world, not as a chef but as an owner. I've started a hospitality company and along with my partners we plan to open our first restaurant in Washington, DC early 2017. I will be taking a 6 week hiatus from the world of social media retooling my presence in that space. So this will be my last post until sometime in May.

That said, if you REALLY know me you have my email and mobile. Feel free to reach out. Otherwise, catch you guys later and wishing everyone a spectacular next couple months.

#CarpeDiem #DrinkMoreCoffee #DrinkMoreWine #FoodPorn #ChefLife #DoNoHarm #SpreadLove #CorporateLife
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Congratulations; do yo thang Sir. 😀 👏👏👏

Dadisi Olutosin

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Great article on the state of Soul Food in America from Adrian Miller.  

#SoulFood #WestAfricanInfluencedCuisine #Facts
What does soul food mean in 2016? A roundtable of experts discusses the emerging movements and obstacles the cuisine faces.

Dadisi Olutosin

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A simple dinner after a long day of meetings is always the best.

#FoodPorn #FoodPhotography #ComfortFood #Delicious #Foodie
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Very delicius 😛😛😛😛

Dadisi Olutosin

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In the words of David Bowie, "Ch-ch-ch-ch-Changes.." Big announcements coming tomorrow as transitions and big changes have been happening with your favourite chef.

It's all good stuff. Stay tune people and make it a GREAT day!


Dadisi Olutosin

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These things are dangerous. Dessert anyone? 🍦🍨🍩🍮🍰

#FoodPorn #FoodPhotography #Foodie #Delicious
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Save some for me please please. I beg

Dadisi Olutosin

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LEST WE FORGET | Morehouse College President Benjamin Elijah Mays | ‪#‎HBCUstory‬ | This "Maker of Men" died on March 28, 1984. It was 3 months before I graduated high school and 7 months before I entered #Morehouse College as a freshman, Fall 1984.

Born in a shack in Ninety Six, South Carolina on August 1, 1894, civil rights theorist, educator, preacher, Morehouse College president and mentor to the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. — Dr. Mays was schoolmaster to the civil rights movement, to paraphrase biographer Randal M. Jelks.

After spending a year at Virginia Union University, he attended and graduated from Bates College in Maine, before earning his master's and doctoral degrees from the University of Chicago, while working as a Pullman porter to make ends meet.

In 1934, Mays accepted the position of dean of the School of Religion at Howard University in Washington, D.C. during which time he traveled to India, where, at the urging of Howard Thurman, a fellow professor at Howard, he spoke at some length with Mahatma Gandhi.

In 1940, Mays became the president of Morehouse College. His most famous student there was Martin Luther King Jr. The two developed a close relationship that continued until King's death in 1968; As his lifelong mentor, Mays delivered the eulogy for King.

Following his death in Atlanta on March 28, 1984, he was entombed on the campus of Morehouse College; his wife Sadie is entombed beside him.

Please "like" and "share" this #HBCUstory to preserve Dr. Mays' memory and to support the collective future of all HBCUs. We're making YOUR ‪#‎HBCU‬ memories matter!
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Sharing! ❤
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They call me Culinary Sith Lord, Gastro Sadist, Executive Chef and sometimes even by my name. I'm just here to cook and share my passion for it.
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Good service and comfortable bed. Nothing else to say.
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Great spot. Love the remodeling in the rooms.
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