You know how I love my color red with my trade mark red and white chef Adam apron. Well was doing a clean out of my wardrobe and found my old red Chuck Taylor's. Hell yeah I am rocking these out today!!!! Best sneaker ever made! 
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Growing up, I always longed for a pair of Chuck Taylors. We couldn't afford them, so I was stuck wearing Skips from Montgomery Wards. Finally I scraped together enough money for a pair. I was in maybe eighth grade. The best part of them is the size is a half to full size larger than stated. It makes you feel like the Converse athletes are really a little bigger, stronger, faster than average humans. Like it's some kind of athletic fraternity. Well, it felt that way in junior high. I also loved the natural cream color. They wouldn't bother dying them white. That didn't score more baskets.

Those were the days. Now I'm grown up and sold out with Jack Purcells.
It was tough walking 5 miles to school in those Skips, in waist deep snow. Uphill both ways.
Awesome story Lawrence, I was in 8th grade when I got my first pair too. Green ones, then I kept going through the colours like a rainbow. They are just the best!!!!!!
i have one too. . . .
best sneaker :)
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