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Beehive Promontory

This 1st Place winner in 2011 at the American Cheese Society is known for its buttery, full-bodied, semi-firm texture and snappy, citrus-like fruity notes. As the patriarch of Utah's Beehive Cheese Company's family of cheeses, Promontory is equally great on its own on a cheese board with some dates and honey, or with anything you would pair a cheddar-style cheese with, like a Panini or grated on a salad.
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The most famous Dutch cheese, Edam, is made with partially-skimmed cow's milk, and is meant to be eaten within weeks of its creation, while it's still smooth. Pasteurized milk is heated and bacteria is added to increase the acidity level. Liquid rennet is added to create curd, and the curd is cut into tiny pieces, then heated, drained, molded and pressed. After the cheese is salted, it ripens and is exported wrapped in red wax.
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Smoked Gouda

Originally a Dutch cheese, versions of Gouda are now made by artisan cheesemakers throughout the world, like Michigan’s Old Europe Cheese. Old Europe’s Smoked Gouda is unique in that it’s smoked using a “cold smoke” process, which preserves the cheese’s inherent flavor and moisture.
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We would like to help you explore the vast and exciting world of artisanal cheeses.
Each month, our members receive three, half-pound freshly cut blocks of extraordinary cheeses selected from boutique manufacturers around the world. You might receive a Gaperon, originating in France during the 14th Century, an authentic Lancashire by Ruth Kirkham, and an Italian Taleggio matured in the caves of Valsassina...all in one shipment! Each shipment is also accompanied by our informative and entertaining newsletter. Visit our promo code page and save up to $25 on your order.

Our Professional Selection Process Ensures Quality, Variety & Freshness
Our product selection and packaging process is the foundation of our success. We work with Zingerman's Delicatessen®, which has been selling artisanal cheese since 1982 and was rated the #1 Deli in the country by Zagats. Together, we look for raw milk, natural ingredient, farmhouse cheeses that you wouldn't easily find on your own and then buy each from its place of origin... We look for Brie from the Ile de France, north of Paris.

Selected for prominence, creative interpretation, and quality, each selection is freshly cut just prior to shipping from huge wheels or blocks. For Antique Emmentaler, that means breaking apart 200-pound rounds that are nearly 4 feet in diameter! Every piece has a slightly different shape and may taste slightly different from a cut taken from another part of the wheel. It is quite labor intensive, but that's what's required when dealing with the real thing. Our strictly controlled "cheese cave" optimizes temperature, light and humidity to ensure featured selections are properly stored, tended and matured.

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