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Be part of something bigger than yourself. Connect through music
Be part of something bigger than yourself. Connect through music

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#London, #UK based Cheeky Promo offers a range of #social #media services for #musicians, #startups, #entrepreneurs & #businesses. Check out the new Shop tab on our Facebook page & message me through the Page or email me at

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On this day:
At 25th March of 1985, supergroup The Power Station released their self titled debut album. The group was made up of singer Robert Palmer, former Chic drummer Tony Thompson, and Duran Duran members John Taylor (bass) and Andy Taylor (guitar). The album peaked at no. 6 on US Billboard 200 and no. 12 on the UK Albums Chart. All three singles released from the album were Top 40 hits in the United States.

Despite Duran Duran ruling the earth by late 1984 (due to countless hits and sold-out tours), the band had completely burned themselves out with a non-stop, grueling work schedule. 1985 was supposed to be a year-long break for its members from band duties, but its five members ultimately formed two separate side-projects: the Power Station, which was comprised of Duranee's John Taylor (bass) and Andy Taylor (guitar), plus solo artist Robert Palmer (vocals) and ex-Chic member Tony Thompson (drums); as well as Arcadia, which featured the three other Duran members, singer Simon Lebon, keyboardist Nick Rhodes, and drummer Roger Taylor.

The formation of the Power Station came as a complete accident, as John Taylor was dating model/groupie Bebe Buell at the time, and offered to assemble a funky version of T. Rex's classic rocker, "Bang a Gong (Get It On)," for Buell to contribute vocals to (with Andy Taylor and Tony Thompson joining the proceedings). But before the recording could take place, Taylor and Buell split up. The trio decided to press on, however (having already demoed several originals, as well), with a plan to have several different noted pop singers provide vocals.

Robert Palmer was invited to sing on a track, but with the vocalist and the rest of the band extremely impressed with the results, Palmer ended up singing on all of the resulting album's eight tracks. Issued in early 1985, the quartet's self-titled debut was a sizeable hit, due to a pair of monster hit singles which merged rock with a dance edge, the original tune "Some Like It Hot" and the aforementioned cover of "Bang a Gong." The album's immediate commercial success prompted the group to organize a supporting tour, but surprisingly, Palmer pulled out just a few days before the tour's launch.

The Power Station first attempted to lure Paul Young into the group (who had just scored a hit with the ballad, "Everytime You Go Away"), before settling on former-Silverhead frontman Michael Des Barres. Despite an appearance at the mammoth Live Aid benefit festival in July of 1985, the bandmembers decided to call it quits upon the tour's completion.

As a side note, the band member's temporary "break" from Duran Duran failed to recharge their batteries, as both Andy and Roger Taylor split from the band shortly thereafter, while Palmer would go on to issue some of the '80s biggest pop hits, including "Addicted to Love" and "Simply Irresistible." Surprisingly, the original Power Station lineup re-formed almost exactly ten years later, issuing a sophomore effort, Living in Fear, in 1996. Unsurprisingly, the album failed to replicate its predecessor's success.

In 2002, EMI Music issued The Best of The Power Station as part of their Ten Best Series. All tracks are from the first album (some in remixed form), except for "Taxman" from Living In Fear and the final track; a previously unreleased live version of "Dancing in the Street", recorded at the Hartford Civic Center in 1985 and sung by Michael Des Barres.

EMI released a new version of the album The Power Station on February 21, 2005, to commemorate the album's 20th anniversary. The package includes the original eight-song album, seven bonus tracks (mostly remixes) and a 40-minute eight-chapter DVD. Among the bonus tracks on the album is the track "Someday, Somehow, Someone's Gotta Pay" (from the Commando OST), sung by Michael Des Barres.

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Music 3.0 Music Industry Blog Week In Review. Cities Waking Up To The Value Of Music Venues. Can A Hit Be Predicted By An Algorithm? The New Strategy For Music Releases. Music Industry News Roundup For This Week.

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Rhythm Changes in Bb Backing track

Rhythm Changes or I got rhythm is of course an essential progression to be familiar with if you want to play Bop inspired jazz.

There are so many great rhythm changes themes :)

Backing tracks on YouTube:

My Solo on this track:

The changes I play can be found here:

Support me on Patreon:

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Tabs at the end of the video! 🎼

A few triads here! Can you spot all of them? 🎸

Hope you like it! ☺

✔ If you want to download the tabs and the video check out my Patreon page

AND ANOTHER THING!!! Show people YOUR WHY. WHY / where / how / do you do what you do? WHY do you make #music? WHY do you #sing / play #guitar / #piano? WHY / how do you write #songs? WHY / how / when did you write this angry/sad/love #song? If people can start to see/hear/understand YOUR WHY then they are more likely to take on that same WHY as a reason to listen to your music on #Soundcloud / Spotify / watch your #video on #YouTube / actually spend the time, energy and #money to get to your #gig. WHY should anyone ELSE care if YOU don't???

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#Pandora Just Released Its #Spotify Killer, And It’s Surprisingly Impressive. Pandora is taking on Spotify with sleek #design and #data science muscle. But can it compete this late in the game? 

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