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if you're on windows chrome and hitting "plugin unresponsive" trying to join a hangout after the green room, you can hit "yes" to kill the plugin, and refresh and it should join.

a timing issue is hitting a chrome specific bug for some users. we're looking into a fix for next chrome release and a workaround in hangouts in the meantime.

Edit: this is a timing issue, and this "crash and refresh" thing fixes it for most folks who have hit it, but possibly not all... in which case. another browser might necessarily be the answer.

to know if you're hitting this bug... it seems to bite people on joining, not in creating. folks hitting this bug can create hangouts.
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This has been plaguing me all night. Thanks +Chee Chew. Had to switch to beta channel.
yeah.... apologies for the trouble :(. it's inconsistent. i hit it on one of my machines, but not others.
welp, that was the problem then, lol. I tried restarting chrome, but just switched to firefox
I'd like to hit the mustache button :P. Hangouts are awesome otherwise. Some of my Google+ friends are doing a HIRL this Saturday at an auto museum in LA. Pretty cool stuff +Chee Chew ... thanks to you and the whole Hangouts team!
When the Plug in is like that I hit yes and Chrome completely shuts down
It still crashes my system .... yuck.
Hmm, I haven't been having this problem but I've seen plenty of people entering hangouts and having a problem.
the camera resolution is not good at all and i have a mac. Is there anything to make the resolution better
There's a nicer alternative. Either edit the original (or a copy of the) shortcut for Chrome by right-clicking on it and selecting "Properties". The path to the chrome.exe will be highlighted. Simply go to the end of that line, make sure it's now unhighlighted, hit space and paste the following text and save: --disable-hang-monitor
i'd just remove windows to avoid any further problems. ;-p
I'm using another browser and not liking it at all :/
+Chee Chew Thanks and yes.. I couldn't join one Wednesday for love or money. Wish I'd known this then. But then I did try the refreshing thing a few times and it didn't work for me.
fix should be fully rolled out now. if you're still hitting a problem, it's a different one.... pls check.
+Chee Chew sometimes when it says unresponsive I just don't hit any buttons and I just have to wait for it to run through the cycle and I am good to go!
+Chee Chew Just to let you know, no it's not fixed for me. I tried and TRIED repeatedly using the refresh and also reinstalled the plug in, finally got into a hangout and then I kept falling out.. The five minutes or so I managed to stay in it kept freezing up for me. I finally had to give up. I mentioned you in the hangout post notification of mine as well.
hmm... that's not good. will start a separate thread with you to understand what's going on.
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