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bookmarking a hangout.
aka static hangout urls.

several of you have asked for this.  with google+ events, you can now have a static hangout link...   a hangout link that is persistent that you and your group can join at any time.

when you create an event and add a hangout to it, the link to the hangout is immediately available to use.


so here's the extra tip.  if you have a recurring hangout.  let's say you have a club that meets every week.   if you create a hangout event set for next year, that hangout link is valid right now and every week.  you can bookmark that hangout and have quick easy access to it week after week after week.

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nice! is there an app that posts a Hangout embedded to Wordpress?
And your show on I/O stage was awesome! It was cool to hear about the invention of the hangout 18 months ago.
+chee chew  Can there be custom static links? i.e replacing the string of numbers and letters with the hangout/event title etc?
That's pretty awesome! I'll have to play around with things a bit!
I must be completely clueless. How do you add a Hangout to an Event you already created? It's a weekly meeting and it would be great to have that Hangout ready to go automatically each week, if I understand this properly.
Once we create a event with a hangout and put no end time, does the link stat alive forever? 
+chee chew Can a hangout url be moderated ? Like only a owner can start the hangout ? Would be nice to have such features.
So the only thing missing is the ability to schedule a Hangout On Air as an event right?
We had an excellent hangout tonight talking about I/O, not only did the Events technology work flawlessly but it drew a great crowd - it makes finding, remembering and getting to a hangout so much easier! Thanks +chee chew!
in reality, that link (currently) remains good after the event, so it's effectively a persistent link indefinitely.  we'll watch this for abuse and see how it goes.
+chee chew  Where is the link to the hangout when you create an event next year? I see a red button on the event, but no link.
+chee chew So if we want to let the PUBLIC know about a Hangout On Air (we can't normally invite the 'public' circle to that - right?) - We can set it for a distant time in the future, get the URL / Embed info and then send out a different Event Invite to the public and include the copied link/embed info in the 2nd invitation? Is that how this might work?
+chee chew or is this only for Hangouts (HO) and not Hangouts On Air (HOA)? If this works for HOA, what happens to the YouTube portion (the recorded video) if you use it over and over?
Hi +chee chew. Haven't quite wrapped my head around this yet. How do you set up a recurring event, then add a hangout to an event, and how do you then make it bookmarkable? I think I've set up an event for next Wednesday, and set it so it'll be a hangout, but if I click the hangout link it just goes to a help page. 
this is not yet for hoa.   ronnie, you're calling out one of many difficulties w/ doing this for hoa yet.  working to solve them.

+Rebecca Woodhead , go to and look down at "Schedule your next hangout"

then in the created event, there's a hangout link (just under the date/time).  that link is persistent.
Aha! Wasn't being thick, I just realised. It didn't work the first time. I set up another one and it worked this time. Thanks Chee. 
+***** "Hangout" is a tool that Google+ offers us for Video Chats. Look in the upper right of your G+ screen, by your profile picture for the button "Start a hangout".
Fact is, the name Hangout has been translated to other languages so you never know what it is in yours, until you do.
cant wait for weekend to hangout again
+chee chew can't we use hoa for streaming live events. As of now for hoa i need to invite at least one person to begin the broadcast(irrespective of whether he joins or not). So technically it can be used to just broadcast some event live but it still takes the bottom space of the screen in case if some one joins. Please enable such a feature like one way hangout, using which we can broadcast the event live without a need to invite anyone to begin with and also the whole screen space will be dedicated to the broadcast. This is the most required feature. As you have now introduced static url we can now broadcast a live event by listing it in google+ events if you also allow one way hangout for just broadcasting.
+Kartik Negi I see the need/desire for the Full Screen Broadcast environment (different use case for HOA)... But I seem to be able to do a HOA with me as the only participant, no need to invite anyone else... it still shows 'me' in the bottom filmstrip area however. Have you tried just doing the HOA without inviting anyone else?
+Ronnie Bincer  Ya i tried it by inviting any random page which would not join hoa. As it did not allow me to go on air without inviting any one. You need to invite at least one. But in that case as you said it used the precious bottom realestate of screen in showing my face. So a one way hoa with static url would be great to host any event live so that even we can enjoy the event rather than hanging out with participant.
+Kartik Negi YouTube has had the YouTube Live capability (which seems to be what you want) for a while, but was available for a Very Limited set of YouTube Partners... the HOA tool we have is available for All of Us... so I'm thinking I'll take the loss of the screen real estate over not having it at all! Plus as I said, I've done HOAs without inviting anyone else (perhaps you may try inviting yourself?) with success.
Agree it's already a miracle, but it would be a nice addition to be able to recover (or even control, i.e., turn on and off) the lower part. That way, if it is an event, it can have a panel that can "disappear" when the main event happens, and come back when it's done for discussion. Not a priority, I'm sure. In fact, I still drop out of HoA once or twice an hour and haven't been able to determine why or how to contribue details to Google Team.
Yes exactly what i am asking is the capability like youtube live but here it would be more interactive and beautiful with google events and also it would be automatically recorded and posted for viewing later all automagically unlike youtube.
+Randy Resnick & +Kartik Negi My guess is the uniqueness of the Interaction/filmstrip people is going to stay... else it is just another place to stream content. or may be a better place for that type of request (right now)... Just Sayin' ㋡
But here that would not be the only option, here it would be a very good additional option that perfectly fits to google+ events(static url launch makes it even more suitable), along with other normal hangout options! Also youtube live is more professional streaming than this(just like tv), this can be a more of a raw streaming with single camera angles or may be even advanced if google introduces new features or even better combines youtube live to hoa. +chee chew 
When u create the event u have to select "Event Options"->Advanced->Google+ Hangout
i see no option to set an event to re-occur... am i missing it?
+Jason Haddix I don't think so. The idea in this thread is to schedule the Hangout a long time in the future and bookmark the Hangout URL.
we've actually made these hangout rooms persistent after the event...  so you can use them at any point.  we'll see how that goes :)
+chee chew does that mean we can copy the URL to the HO and 'enter it again' via that same URL at a later time? (assumption is we are talking about Hangouts and not HOAs)
+Ronnie Bincer (while waiting for chee) my understanding is that this is the case, exactly. I created a Hangout event for July 2013 and the URL will work from now until then.
will work from now to then, and afterwards too
+chee chew We're doing an HoA on WebRTC with some Googlers this week. I really, really would like see the ability to phone out to our conference server from HoA! Can't we sign smething saying we'll tell people they're being recorded? I believe the conference server already does this automatically?
+chee chew are the hangouts that are persistent only ones that are created via the Events tool?
This was working for me. It seems to have stopped working recently. A URL that I had bookmarked earlier and was able to reuse multiple times earlier now says "This party is over...". Anyone else seeing this?
Ok I apologize if I ask a question that has already been asked/answered but some of the techie talk in this thread I didn't understand;-) So I'm wondering what is the difference between an "event on air" and a Google Hangout?  Also I set up my first G+ Hangout last week and shared the link prior to it starting on Facebook and with a few other people that I know here on G+ but many of them couldn't get it.  Actually the majority of them couldn't.  I thought for sure I set it up as public.  Any idea as to why that may have happened and how I can keep it from happening again?
+Drema Morris the Event tool does not contain an option to be a Hangout on Air... it can 'contain' or 'show' a Hangout on Air. 
What was the question drema morris if i may ask
What's the difference b/t an "event on air" and a Google Hangout? 
So a HOA is basically a webinar. The people joining don't have the ability to share video they just have the ability to view what the organizer shares.  Is that right?
+Drema Morris there are two or three Hangout communities that have collections of videos and posts that will give you a lot of information like this. Search for them under communities.
+Drema Morris it gets a bit tricky when you say 'joining' because you can join a HOA as a participant or as a viewer that makes comments. If the HOA is coordinated well, then comments from people 'on the outside' can and should be integrated into the live HOA show... so saying 'join me for my HOA' can have multiple meanings now.

I'm suggesting we say join me as a participant/filmstrip member/on the inside  vs. join me as an event guest (if you are using Events to broadcast/advertise your HOA). Still working on some of the terms!
Yeah, someone should write a book on all this...
I'm trying to use this feature. The link continues to work but I don't see the chat history of the Hangout persisting whenever I leave and re-enter. Is this not a feature of Hangouts? Could it be? I'd happily start using Hangouts in favor of Skype if it provided a persisting chatroom.
No such thing as persistent chat currently in hangouts.
+chee chew is there any API support for creating events like this programmatically yet? It seems like the current Google+ API only supports reading. In the past I've had some success with programmatically creating hangout urls via the calendar system, but they seem to not be working now (everyone but me gets a "the party is over" message when they try to join a link) and I'm hunting for an alternative. 
+Drew Harry
I'm also having this "the party is over" issue with this persistent Hangout hack.  Any tips on what I'm doing wrong?
Hey Chee... I created a few persistent hangouts via the Events hack you mentioned.  Some of them still work, but some of them expired.  Could you help me by telling me why they expired and how to avoid expiration in the future?

here's a few of the expired urls:
In my experience, hangout links always expire after any meaningful interaction in them, regardless of how you create them. Once people join, and then subsequently leave, the link seems to die. If there's a way around this, I would love to hear it. I've spent quite a bit of effort engineering around this particular issue and would love to simplify it!
We're having the same experience – set up a # of forwarding links to "permanent" hangouts, but we've started getting "This party is over" on a bunch of them. Seems unpredictable when we're getting them – we've had multiple hour-long sessions over a few weeks and some are still going strong, others went out after a week. Anyone make progress on this?
make sure you are grabbing the link from the event or calendar by right click and copy URL. don't go into the hangout then grabbing the link in the new window. for technical reasons we need to do a redirect to the transient room.
Chee, any luck with the issue?
If a permalink experience is what you're looking for, I put together a little tool for that. Perhaps folks here would find it useful?

Manages the expiration issue, url is easily shareable and rememberable plus it lets you known if the hangout is currently running and who's in it before you load in yourself. Sort of like looking through the window of a conference room, is the notion. Source is available if people want to hack on this sort of thing!
Tom, yes the MIT back end is no longer working. Come on Google! Give us a static Hangout!!!
Erg, yeah, seems a bunch of people hit it today and I ran out of cached hangout urls. The fallback strategy (make the first person create it and phone home with the created URL) seemed to have new issues for some reason. Will take a closer look at it tomorrow. Thanks for digging up issues! Feel free to make more detailed reports at
the url of the format plus.g.c/hangouts/_/id does not stay forever.  you need to grab the url from the calendar or event itself.  not after the redirect.  so the ones +Andrew Parker listed are incorrect and expiring as expected.

grab the link from the event or the calendar directly (right click on the event).   if you have an url from that which has expired, please send me the url.
The method that Chee Chew mentioned in his most recent comment doesn't work (right click on link in G+ event) since it's not an actual link/anchor tag.
Yea, I agree with +John Ryding . I can't get a link out of the G+ event.  I searched the page source, but it's just a button with no transparency as to where it leads when it's clicked because it's controlled by javascript.

Any advice +chee chew on how to get a URL out of the G+ Event that I can then run through a 30X redirect so I can make a nice vanity URL for my static hangout room?
Just schedule the event then go to Google Calendar, find the day that the event is for and you can get the event link from there.
we'll take a look at the event link. for now, u can use to generate the link. I just used one from calendar this morning.
Awesome stuff,@chee chew, thanks for your help with this functionality.
I too want to follow this thread, bc I had been doing exactly what you originally posted for a couple daily standup "events," and like Andrew Parker above, it no longer seems to work.  Hoping for a solution some day :)  Love the Googles.
please follow the instructions i sent about (9/13) regarding calendar.  the way to get a static link now is through calendar.  and be sure to follow my instructions on grabbing it from the entry, not grabbing it from the address bar.
Ah hah!  Sorry i overlooked that - - The solution after the recent change to G+ is to right-click and copy the url from the "Join Video Call" within the event or calendar.  Lovely -- Thanks for bearing with and providing the solution!
Terribly deceptive post - you addressed a popular topic and then failed to provide the 'how to' - the subsequent readers are left hanging.
+Douglas Carlson , the "how-to" is in the comments. I'd hardly call the VP of Engineering for Hangouts one to write a deceptive post on the matter.
Yeah - and it could have saved me a boat load of time if he had just added another sentence or two with his intro to seal the deal. And his standing in the community doesn't do squat if he fails to first place himself in the shoes of his readers.

Technical people are often sub-par communicators.
Is it to set this hangout as an hangout on air?
With the calendar trick it starts a video hangout. Is it also possible to create a link to a text (chat) hangout?
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