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last year we launched hangouts with extras as a way to preview certain features (like screensharing and google docs). since then we've graduated nearly all of these extras to hangouts proper, and yesterday's launch of hangout apps provides even more things to do together and opportunities for developers to expand the experience.

looking ahead, we think it's important to focus on the core hangouts experience -- both to reduce complexity, and to release new features more quickly. so as a result, we're going to phase out hangouts with extras over the next few weeks.

there is, of course, one major extra not yet graduated -- the ability to name a hangout -- rest assured we'll bring it to hangouts proper before retiring extras completely. in the meantime, have fun hanging out!
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Excellent thanks for the update
We need a search public hangouts ...... working properly.
You and your team are total rockstars in my world, +Chee Chew. Thanks for your effort!
Cool +Chee Chew, I personally never used with extras much, for a while people seemed to be having fun playing pictionary with it, haha.
The apps are amazing! I'm super exited to see what kind of games,... the developers out there are going to come up with.
Looking forward to the hangout titles :)
The apps are GREAT !!!
I hope you have fun +stephanie wanamaker ! I think I once was in a hangout with you playing that... It's been a long day today and I need to get up early tomorrow so I don't think I'll be hanging out much tonight. I look forwards to seeing you tomorrow night on the show!
it needs to have a ignore button for hang outs no block for hang outs only block profile pages
I keep loving Hangouts more and more. You're doing great work!
Is the iPhone ever getting hangouts!!! Pleeeeeeeeeeease!!!
I'd love to be able to start a hangout on my iPad. Especially with summer coming. Who wants to e cooped up inside on a nice night? :)
I want a Chrome Tablet. That would be able to replace Everything.
Can wait for mainstream-ed named hangouts. That's is THE most awesome feature.
Please fix the 'Reason Code: 3' error I keep getting on screen sharing please +Chee Chew! :'(
(Kubuntu 11.10 with Chrome 18.0)
+Ronnie Tucker please click the 'Report an issue' link in a hangout, submit the form, do a screen share and then exit your browser. Then send me a private post with your gmail username and I'll take a look. Thanks.
I don't suppose there's any update with the error 3 bug I reported?
Any help with it is totally appreciated. Thanks all!
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