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We've launched Hangouts On Air worldwide!
(worth capitalizing!)

a HUGE thanks to all the hangouts on air users to date who have helped us improve this feature and prepare us for today's worldwide release.

when we first envisioned on air, our vision was to enable this broadly to the public. watching the creativity and diversity for how you all have been using hangouts, i'm confident that you'll take hangouts on air to new heights. i can’t wait to see what you’ll do. we'll have to rename it “hangouts in space.” (and now you know why they don't let me near marketing).

go nuts. :)


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Awesome news! Congrats to the whole HOA team :)
Very cool news - thank you!
+Chee Chew great news. But still needs some clarification. Is it open to all or is there some process or registration to be done to enable it? guys are awesome! Huge thank you for continually improving Hangouts.
+Kartik Negi , according to the full article: " Of course, launching millions of live stations takes some doing, so we're rolling out Hangouts On Air gradually, over the next few weeks."
Great. How do we find out when we will have access to this? I am running for the Idaho Legislature and would love to broadcast the various debates and so on.
+Chee Chew thanks to vic's post my doubt was clear bcoz you never seem to reply to any queries for whatever reasons. But i would like to suggest you to be more precise in your blog post or g+ post for future g+ updates. If you carefully see your post then it says open worldwide and worldwide can also mean to selected ones worldwide as in previously. "All users" is the missing word. Open worldwide to all users would make it clear. As you can see that in vic's post he has finely crafted the post so that anyone reading it gets the point.
+Chee Chew Will there ever be an option to enable broadcasting mid-hangout? I mean, not just the "start broadcasting" button, but turning on the hangouts on air function - say if there are more people wanting to join the hangout than expected?
Great work, but why isn't it available in all countries? :S
Fun commercial, but I'd like to see a version that showcases business use.
Any plans to include chat logs and file attachments?
Will G+ pages be getting this feature too?
I do not see the option to check the box to Enable Hangouts On Air when I create a Hangout.
I NEED this option A.S.A.P. for a LIVE STREAMED event that I am supposed to cover.
I would rather stream it on YouTube using Live Hangouts on Air than a competator .
AC Cruz
+Chee Chew Congrats to you all!!! I know for a fact this involved many sleepless nights and hard work for you and the team. All of your hard work is gladly appreciated.
What in the world will we do?! I can't wait to find out!
Could be one of those "game changers" for education. Limitless possibilities!
+Chee Chew Thank you guys so much! I was just planning on telling our CEO how we'd be able to use Hangouts on Air one day to build communities… and now 'one day' has become now. +1
+Sharon Fisher a checkbox will show up in the creation page for hangouts when your account is enabled.

+Hilah Johnson at this time we don't have this because we require everyone to agree to being broadcasted and recorded. this may be something we consider in the future.
+Chee Chew Does that mean an alternate YouTube channel can be connected via pages? If so… Sweet!
Works well. Just spotted a guy in Nigeria doing the first on air hangout in his country.
Google is focussing on high end features rather than concentrating on basic features.Im using G+ on basic mobile version on my Nokia C3-00.I can't send message to other users.I can't delete a comment on my post.I can't upload a pic.I can't edit profile info,change profile pic.Cant tag people in photos......these are simple features a user is expecting from a social networking site.Google needs to learn from Facebook when it comes to match desktop features on basic mobile,no wonder they have 800 millions users worldwide.
awesome! I'm very pleased about this, thank you!
+Ron Thomas , that runs Nokia OS right? As far as iOS and Android goes the mobile apps run fine. For me its not so much the apps that is the hurdle, but my carrier. All other social networks are going unmetered, except G+.
I assume it's still rolling out? This is fantastic news... Great job, everyone!!!
I have a YouTube verified account but that Hangouts doesn't recognize. I re-verified my account but it still not recognizing my verified account.
+Rheinard Korf-well my phone runs on Nokia Series not sure about android,iOS or windows mango OS.Using G+ on basic mobile version is so boring.Ur left with little or no options.Its just frustrating.I feel if Google doesnt improve G+ on mobile version its going the way of Google Buzz or wave.There is more than 300+ millions users using Nokia symbian OS.I hope some in Google would be listening to my post.
cannot wait to it gets activated on my account. What I wonder is will this merge with YouTube Live?.. Being i am streaming 4 days a week, really excited to try this.
This is great +Chee Chew :) Happy to see that it's finally available to everyone. Just waiting for the option to appear in my account finally.

But one question, when it get's applied to my G+ account, will it also get applied to the the G+ Page that I'm an admin of?
+Hanna Silver Yes, but when I click on "Start Hangout" I have the button "Enable Hangouts On-Air" (in spanish). When I check the button it says that I need a "YouTube Verified account", i have one, but I re-verified the account. When I click on "Check again" it still says that I need a YouTube Verified account.

In a friends account he haven't the "Enable Hangouts On-Air" checkbox, so I think that I have this functionality enabled but the YouTube verification of my account (in Google+) doesn't works (in YouTube I don't have the 15 minutes limit)
Can't find a way to list public hangouts on the Android client, or to join them. The ones listed on Chee's blog post kick me out of the Android G+ client to the browser, which obviously doesn't work either. Am I missing something?
Alright Chee Chew let's hang out here in Google + and drink some Rice Wine (Nihonshu) Sake
Rob Lee
Ahoy +Chee Chew This is wicked awesome news. Thank you. I am a YouTube Partner and this is very exciting news.
Hello +Chee Chew - I am a #NativeAmerican journalist looking to become part of Hangouts On Air worldwide - can you please guide me to where I can apply / sign up? Thank you in advance for your assistance.
Great - this is something I have asked about for a while now! glad to see it is rolling out for the rest of us. Thanks.
Congratulations. This is a GREAT feature.
i am hanging out at the lexington market dancing,
Would be cool if there was a page that showed hot HOAs
Edit: Unless there already is and am too noob to figure out
I think its must be rolling out slowly because I can't find it yet.
WOW! I am impressed. Let's stay in touch - collaboration on one of my future projects may be mutually beneficial.
Kind Regards,
Doug Scott Ford
+Joseph Rebstock yes, this is rolling out slower than other features... enabling so many millions of people to start upstreaming video for us is a bigger than average feature rollout.
+Ron Thomas Way to exaggerate. Smart phones are gaining traction fast and Google, like all companies, does have limited resources.
They can make loads of awesome things for Android and iOS or they can make a vastly reduced stable of products for tons of shitty platforms that have vastly less users and engagement.

If you had a good mobile browser it'd be a very different experience for you, but you're using a terrible phone. Upgrade.
Absolutely fantabulous! So long if it's safe frm discriminating bout othr cultures & nations thn, count me in guyz or gals. Tq & peace out yo.
Hi +Chee Chew congratulation!

Can someone help me on this:
I would like to test the HOA and ready to enable it however when i move to this step:

"Enable Hangouts On Air

Check “Enable Hangouts On Air”.

The first time you do this, you will need to agree to the Terms of Service and also link your YouTube account (done). Learn more "
When I click "learn more" for the terms of services I get:

We're sorry, but the information you've requested cannot be found. Please try searching or browsing the Help Center.

Thank you for your help and looking forward to use HOA!
P.S. I have been using Hangout for a long time.
+Chee Chew seeing as all the Hangouts I usually join from mobile seem to be becoming Hangouts On Air, is the mobile app going to be updated so we can join On Air Hangouts, and perhaps even initiate them from mobile?
Yay! more G+ comments to read!
hangouts sound so cool, I still need to try one.
gamechanging? possibly! Can't wait for a lot more great hoas (lol, that doesn't sound right if read out of context). Ant do try one myself as soon as it rolls out to me (still haven't checked)!
I am so hoping to be one of the early ones to get it.

I give my first class over Hangout in just over a week -- -- and I know one person is going to be missing the first class.

It would be really nice to be able to just record it for her through 'on air' so she could watch it and catch up.

Besides that, the ability to stream live is so exciting. I can't wait to start doing things for a wider audience that I've just not done up until now because of the limited options to do it.

Hangouts are one of my favorite things about G+. This is just going to be a game changer for me. I can't wait.
Let the games begin! Also it's freaking sweet that I'm in the promo video.
This is going to blow facebook + skype out of the water #Hangoutsonair
Hangout on Air is the (r)evolution in communication. In future will we see a lot of very useful services build upon Google's great Platforms...

"Spread the word" goes in a completly new dimension if you think about using Hangouts on Air to send your message to the world...
when it will be available in Italy? Please don't make us wait too long!
+Remel Bhalla Point is enhanced education, live meetings, streaming channels. Coupled with hangout apps it is a revolutionary tool. As an educator, this kicks Blackboard Collaborate's hiney. 
No one has an answer about accessing HOA via mobile/Android?
+Mike Ward I don't use Android, but I know hangouts are somewhat limited on iOS too. Can join, but not start. I think for a while mobile will play catchup, especially with Hangout apps. 
+daniele cerra italy is one of the already approved countries. so it's already rolling out there. hasn't hit everyone yet, but has gone to many.

hi +Michael Cooke , minors is a lot trickier due to different regulations internationally about this. working to figure out a solution....
haha wow! i would probably do that 2! haha ;p
i like t.v. but i LOVE chicken!!!!
OK, now what about Droid tablet?
So rollout means months, weeks, days, or should I stay up?
this is the is the rocky music in the world
+Ric Crockett full rollout to current approved countries w/in a couple weeks if all goes well.

we're also working to dramatically grow the number of countries, but that's more legal than technical...
I've been here since Day Two, so I'm really looking forward to finally having that capability. We appreciate the work you and everyone else have been doing here on G+.
So this means basically everyone has Youtube 'live show' (previously for full partners only, and then only select full partners) capability now since all you have to do is 'hang out' with yourself and put it 'on air'. Unless I'm missing something.
This is really cool and something I look forward to using ASAP. When can we expect this in Norway?
Hi +Chee Chew - Totally agree with +Kartik Negi ! If it's rolling out, it's not available worldwide, just yet.. In turn, the fans of this announcement waste a lot of time looking for the "enable" option which has yet to actually launch in my account. I'm then left wondering if I've fulfilled the prerequisites. If you said "Google Launches Rollout of #OnAir Worldwide" it would be better language, and less frustration for your avid fans of +Google - Maybe add a notice like this -
Great to see this now available. Don't see this enabled in my account yet, saw your announcement it will be rolled out over the next few weeks. We do weekly webinars and wold love to start using hang out on air for that. This would be great for us. Thank you...fingers crossed that it is enabled for me shortly.
Same here, it says available in Canada but I do not have the 'enable' checkbox feature yet. Hopefully it's rolled out in the next week or two :)
odusevljena sam sa tobom i sa tvojim rasom nadam se da ce mo uspeti nekako da saradjujemo posto ja neznan engleski vec samo srpski jezik
I also don't have the option in my account yet. Any idea when everyone will have the option to broadcast on air?
Can somebody at Google please explain to me why users under 18 are not allowed to use Hangouts on Air? Users under 18 can use Ustream, and Justin.TV. Why not Google+? A lot of teenagers want to use this feature, myself included. Come Monday I'll be hosting a teen issues show and I would really like to it do as an on air Hangout. At least give me to option to change my age or move my YouTube channel to another account.
One more time: can you find and join public hangouts with the Android Google+ app? If so, how? Thanks for those who tried to answer without knowing!
with the current app, you'd have to do a search... e.g. i just did a search for "hanging" and i found a number of public hangouts to join.

we don't have something like the web hangouts landing page in the mobile app at this time.
+Jordan Bitz I think the age requirement is 13+. I watched a Hangout hosted by a Googler at Mountain View and they let in a 16 yearold, but later had to kick a 12 year old because she was just shy of 13.
hello I'm Italian and I was fascinated by hangouts. I'd like to propose the use of google + hangouts on air to stream the city council in my small town. What do you think about it?
total rollout will take a few weeks. we've done 4 large batches (multi millions), and are working out some issues exposed by those batches. apologies for the delay.. i expect more large batches to happen w/in days.
Chris K
Awesome feature, but as mentioned above by +Joseph Rebstock the mobile app needs to have the ability to join On Air, and start one(ustream looking at you).
+Chris K that would be awesome, since my computer doesn't have a webcam, but i have phones and tablets that do. +Chee Chew do you know if we can expect the ability to join hangouts on air from mobile devices soon?
Hi Chee Chew. We're working on an important application and really hoping to record a google hangout as part of it... Hangouts on Air is not yet rolled out to me but would LOVE it for this application. Any chance when it will be all rolled out? I'm in Seattle...
+Mark Horoszowski

did another multi-million batch today. hoping to hit all approved countries fully rolled out by eom.

+Leo Plaw sorry, german law is very restrictive. not a technology issue...
Hi Chee Chew. I'm partner of 24Hrs of Vinyl which is an online streaming musical event :
We 're really happy to use Google HOA for our next event this week and are looking for a partnership with Google to promote this feature.
Could you introduce me a person in marketing service for example to contact about that ? Thank you in advance.
Also, I forgot to ask you if it's possible to broadcast for 24Hours, any time limit with G.HOA ?
Is that possible to extend the limit to 24h for our event? We prefer to use HOA than ustream but we can't cut the stream every 4h... thank you!
This is so cool the hangout shall begin!
Awesome news continew this service sir
sure chee, why not. Often hang out at bowery mission, with ministers permission I'm certain we can broadcast it. If you can swing twenty bucks, we can go next door after dinner, and with atlantic recording permission....... If not,keep the twenty and head to seattle, we can 'cat-n- mouse' a dinner at O.J.'s and put the twenty up else where
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