on air events don't need to be big shows, or celebrity events. if it's a big day for you, share it live! that's why we are targetting hangouts on air so broadly.

one suggestion tho, +The Hangout Show , be careful with the music being played... weddings and receptions tend to have some tunes. you might try a dry run ahead of time to make sure the wedding doesn't get flagged. and on the actual event, keep you eye out for the content warning... mute the sound during those parts if needed. always respect copyright restrictions.

congrats +Jay Riddle & jenny crockett!


Please Join Us For The Live On Air Wedding Of Jay And Jenny Friday 8th June For An All Day Event On +The Hangout Show

Our team member +Jay Riddle is making an honest woman of his lady Jenny. Jay has given us the exclusive opportunity to on air his wedding for the day. Join us to witness the whole event, follow us through the day from the early stages to the ceremony and through to the reception on a cruise ship. Feel free to pop in throughout the day to see what’s happening.
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