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management overhead helping w/ g+ hangouts and chrome
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Redmond, WA
Penang, Malaysia - Columbia, SC - Lexington, KY - Cambridge, MA - Palo Alto, CA - Cupertina, CA - Bellevue, WA - Kirkland, WA - Redmond, WA
still trying to figure out what to be if i grow up
googler in kirkland/seattle
and random other stuff

i do things the way i think they should be.  do what's right, do what's efficient, do what helps people.  rules are guidelines and guidelines bend. 

to understand my typing is to understand me....

why no capitals?
several y's... emacs lover...  but started developing rsi in left pinky... had to reduce use.  never learned how to use the right shift key.  dropping caps made a huge difference in pain.  also found that it made a *very* big difference in typing speed... so less injury and higher speed... never went back.  now use caps for emphasis..  some do it for style.. e e cumings and such.  those who know me know that's bogus b/c i have no style.  its about pragmatics.

from emacs to efficiency to pragmatics to ignoring the style....  my lack of caps illustrate me.
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my mom can't believe i wear sweats to work. don't own a single pair of jeans.
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    Computer Science, 1988 - 1993
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Cheevil when i'm being mischievous, Choda when i'm being wise (yeah, i'm usually cheevil)
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chee chew

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finally have my car back!  

after 4 weeks in the shop!

this little accident that i thought was superficial...  until the guy showed me how the wheel well just behind this got pushed in about 1 inch and came w/in millimeters of the wheel when you make a hard turn.
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4 wks? Were you playing car tag again?
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if you have an existing video conference system in your business that's based on H.323 or SIP (such as cisco, polycom etc.) you can now bridge them to work with hangouts and also connect to your IP PBX!   this is the first product from the renewed partnership with +Vidyo, Inc  we announce last fall.   

bridging vc systems has been a commonly requested capability by many businesses.  i'm happy that we could partner with vidyo to fulfill that need!
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The nerdy side of Hangouts...
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Broncos ain't running on the Seahawks at all tonight!
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So very true!!
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chee chew

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turn on and off enter/leave sounds in your video hangouts.

good little 20% project from a googler in the team.
Ever get annoyed with join/leave sound notifications in large video calls? Install Hangout Muter app! That's a very tiny application I wrote which has a single purpose: mute those annoying sounds.

The moment the app is started it mutes notifications. You can turn it into persistent setting (between video calls) if you check 'Autoload and autohide on startup' setting (as a bonus the app won't steal screen real estate).

Install it via the link below, agree to terms, etc, and it will be in your apps sidebar in all the following video calls.

#hangoutapps   #howtohangout   #googlehangouttips  
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Hangout in Google play review is 3.6 .worrying level...
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chee chew

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construction site of our new google kirkland buildings....
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Construction crew must have a few Seahawks fans.
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Have him in circles
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chee chew

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why is there separate men's & women's curling in the olympics?  there are so few (any?) events where men & women compete head to head in the olympics, seems a shame to pass an opportunity.

caveat: i'm no curling expert, so maybe there's a clear advantage one gender has over the other that i don't know about.

also setting aside the question of whether curling is a sport vs a great activity/game.  <duck>  :)
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gostei desse esporte, pena que no Brasil e pouco divulgado.  
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chee chew

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hangout devices for your business :)

within google, we've been using hangout meeting room devices for a few years.  now we've productionized it for you to use to.
Chromebox for meetings brings HD video meetings to your conference rooms and conveniently integrates with #GoogleApps . Find out more about the newest way to collaborate with your team.
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So... if a business switches to Google Apps and Hangouts, rather than continuing to pay for those expensive Cisco systems +chee chew... wouldn't they get the same benefits for a real significant savings?
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chee chew

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in stockholm hard rock.... ready for the game!
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Great game! Well we won anyway ☺
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chee chew

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"mr. president...  how ya doin'? "


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presidential hangout in just a couple hour....

a slightly different format this time than last with the "traveling" bit... :)
Join President Obama as he "travels" across the country in a virtual whistle-stop tour. The President will join Google+ Hangouts with people across the United States and talk with Americans about the issues laid out in his speech. RSVP now to watch the live Hangout on Friday, January 31.

Watch the full video of the State of the Union and learn more about all the ways you can engage with us at #POTUSRoadTrip
This Hangout On Air is hosted by The White House. The live video broadcast will begin soon.
A Virtual Road Trip with President Obama
Fri, January 31, 2:00 PM
Hangouts On Air

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+chee chew I liked how they 'swapped' hangouts inside the 'hangout' and all that fancy video transition stuff. No I get to explain to many folks that they need some special skills to pull that type if thing off.
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