Checkvist mobile, v.0.3 -- Add a new list item

Hello, friends! It's time to update Checkvist mobile web app
In this update:

- Add a new list item
- New ui/interaction model

Starting from the latter -- now mobile version has the same interaction model as the desktop one:

- TAP to set selection on a list item (== click in the desktop version)
- DOUBLE-TAP to edit (== double-click in the desktop version)

When a list item is selected, the toolbar changes to show available actions (so far there are only two):

- Complete/reopen the list item
- Add a new list item

While adding a new list item, you can use Checkvist's syntax, it'll turn into proper due dates, tags, etc.

And one more bright side of mobile web apps -- they update automatically as soon as you launch them. This update requires also to re-login, though, but otherwise it should work 'out of the box'.

As always, we'll be thankful for the feedback

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