Hello, friends! We're testing Checkvist integration with Zapier, and would like to ask for your help and participation.

Zapier (http://zpr.io/g3T3) is a platform that connects different online services via API. It's very similar to IFTTT (http://ifttt.com). You use one online tool, and you want it to communicate with another online tool automatically. To do that you create a ‘recipe’ that describes what exactly the apps should do, and voile.

Say, you use Evernote and would like to create a Checkvist list item from a note. Or otherwise, you use Checkvist and would like to send certain list items as notes to Evernote. Or a task in Google Tasks. Or a checklist in Basecamp.

To do so, you can create a 'recipe' or, speaking Zapierish, a 'zap'. 

We're in the testing mode only, but you can already try integrating Checkvist with an online service you use:

1. Sign in (or sign on) to Zapier -- http://zpr.io/g3T3
2. Accept the invitation to use Checkvist app -- https://zapier.com/developer/invite/6737/097349329d0ecf1a4f54e3350da684c8/
3. Create a 'zap', connecting Checkvist to other application or vice versa (in the video we show how to send Evernote notes tagged #checkvist to Checkvist).

We’ve just started with Zapier, and need at least 10 users and as much feedback as possible to proceed.

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