Getting out of the shade: Checkvist mobile alpha preview

Disclaimer: 'alpha' is not by any means a release quality software, it has bugs, missing features, it's half-baked, slow and not polished. The intent of the whole 'alpha release' is 
- to show you the direction in which the app is developing 
- collect early feedback and ideas from the brave ones so the release version could be better
- give you something useful so the outcome is worth your suffering from the bugs :)


Checkvist mobile is a web app - you don't have to go to a 'store' to get it installed. Instead, open the address on your mobile device and
- (iOS) add the application to Home Screen
- (Android) add the application to Bookmarks, and then add that Bookmark to the Home Screen
- login with your usual credentials

What the app can do now

- sync your lists and view them all offline and online (so far only first 10 lists will sync automatically, the rest are grayed out, but if you tap on such a list name while online, it'll download).
- filter the lists on the index page by name and by tag
- show list contents, including notes, as a hierarchical list
- collapse and expand list nodes
- hide completed items option (under the list name in the top bar)
- compelte/re-open tasks by sliding right and clicking the checkbox (more actions coming soon)
- capture a note: a quick way to add something to your lists without looking for that list first, and the only way to add a new item (before we've implemented list editing). Something like a mobile bookmarklet. PRO customers can add attachments from the camera.

All those features should work offline and online. Even when you're offline, you can open your app, view lists, add notes (via 'Capture a note') and later sync them back to the server, when you have an internet connection. One note: to sync changes, please open the app. It can't sync in the background.

What's not there (yet)

- better list syncing
- speed
- list filtering
- text editing
- list item reordering with drag-n-drop
- more actions, like setting due, tags, assignees, colors, etc.

We hope that even on this stage the new app can be useful to those who need to check off their lists on the go, or add new notes. And of course, we are looking forward to your comments and ideas that always help us develop better. Please, leave them below the post, or write directly to
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