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Affordable Bulk SMS Solution
One SMS To Deliver A Page Of Text Message
One SMS To Deliver A Page Of Text Message


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Bulk SMS in Nigeria

The world we live in today is highly dependent on technology. Communication has been revolutionized by technology and more so, the use of mobile phones. All over the world, nations are using the convenience and ease of communication brought about by the mobile phone. The Short Messaging Service (SMS) is above all; the most easy to use mobile communication service.  The fact that it is already cheap makes it also the most popularly used communication service. We provide bulk SMS in Nigeria for all those who would like to send out communications to numerous recipients at an instance. 

Benefits of Bulk SMS services

Sending text messages via phone is the most affordable means of mobile communication. With this in mind it is important to note that using bulk SMS services helps you minimize the available budget for communicating the intended message. Our bulk SMS packages are reasonably priced by taking all our customer needs into consideration.

Timely communication is always important when it comes to making announcements, invitations and even sending business related messages. Our bulk SMS service provides instantaneous communication in just a matter of seconds. All customers can be sure that their communications are sent out successfully in the least time possible and subsequently read a soon as the recipient checks their phone. This is highly advantageous for time-sensitive communications.

Bulk SMS messaging offers users the convenience of only writing down one message and then sending it to numerous numbers all with the push of one button.  As opposed to writing down a message on your phone and then sending them out to recipients one at a time, we offer a platform where users only need to input the message and a comprehensive list of numbers and then send all messages with a single push of a button. 

We understand that different recipients are covered by different mobile network operators which may make it more complicated to send out bulk SMS messages. Our bulk SMS platform takes this into consideration and guarantees that all recipients will receive the message regardless of their network provider and at no extra cost. 

To take advantage of the above benefits customers only need to follow the simple procedure documented below.

Interested customers can register a user account on our website and then take a look at the various packages on offer. Once you have identified a suitable package, the next step is to load up on bulk SMS messaging credit via the different payment options listed. These include ATM transfers, cash deposits, and online payment gateways. 

After loading the necessary credit, access your account and paste the message heading, recipients’ numbers and the message itself. Click on the send button and watch as the bulk SMS messages are sent to all recipients.
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Why Should You Use Bulk SMS in Nigeria for Your Business?

If you happen to own, or perhaps run a business of any type, it is high time for you take full advantage of bulk SMS services in order to effectively promote products and services. There are a lot of wonderful reasons why you should start implementing the use of bulk SMS messaging. Here are some of them.

Bulk SMS Services Grabs Attention

In terms of virtual and online communication, we live in an overly communicating world, per se. Marketers and businesses often find attention as a very scarce commodity that they want to achieve. Successful businesses are the ones that have done extra things for interest of their customers. With bulk SMS service, you can get a much-needed attention coming from your target audience, certainly and in a very affordable way. This is because people cannot just stand and stare at a ringing phone. There is always this need to check what’s in there. People bring their phones wherever they go. Therefore, it’s a good start for your business to send them interesting things about your company.

Bulk SMS Messages Maybe Automated

We all know that businessmen often have their hands full with so many things to do in order to run their businesses in a very efficient way. If you are engaged in any type of business, you would certainly agree that there are a lot of things that you need to work on in your business, but there may be a little time for you to do them all. However, with bulk SMS, you can free up some of your time because they can be sent to your prospect customers in an automated way. All you need to do is to set them up, and you can start focusing on other things. 

Bulk SMS Messaging is a Very Cheap Option

In business terms, Cost per Acquisition (CPA), is a very important metric that every business has to abide by. The CPA refers to the marketing expenses that are spent in order to win a customer over. Calculating this against the type of advertising strategy that you have, you will get the idea of how expensive it is. However, when compared to other methods, the difference when implementing bulk SMS messages is unquestionably unbelievable. 

If you are still wondering whether taking advantage of bulk SMS in Nigeria works for you, why not observe how other businesses do it. However, keep in mind that it is the in-thing today. If you fail to jump on the bandwagon right away, your business might just be left behind by your competitors. They may already be using it now, ready to bury you behind. Avoid this by making sure that you avail of it now.
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Bulk SMS: Different Ways It Can Be Beneficial

With the increase in the popularity of mobile phones, considering statistical data showing how it has already overtaken the use of computers for accessing internet, it has also presented numerous ways by which businesses can be engaged in their marketing activities. This has given birth to SMS marketing, such as through the use of bulk SMS. The latter has been a promising strategy to reach a wide spectrum of audience in a quick manner and without the need to spend a lot. In the rest of this article, you will know more about the different uses of bulk SMS in Nigeria, including their applications in the field of business. 


This is perhaps one of the most significant benefits businesses and other users can enjoy from the use bulk SMS messaging. The instant deliverability of the messages will make sure they will be received by the intended users only within a few seconds after they are sent. According to recent data, it takes only an average of 7 seconds for an SMS to be received once it has been sent. 

Low Cost

When budget is an issue, which is often the case, bulk SMS services will also prove to be very promising in helping you with your marketing efforts. Unlike the traditional channels for promotions, SMS messaging is significantly cheaper, yet it offers favourable return on investments. Although the setup cost is low, it is sure to lead into a wealth of benefits, which you might fail to realise in the absence of using SMS marketing. 


Bulk SMS messages are also prefered for marketing because of the fact that they offer a high degree of personalisation. As a business owner, you will have the opportunity to craft a message, which will be dependent on the intended recipients. You can have the messages sculpted on the basis of the demographics and individual behaviours of the recipients. 

Favourable Open Rate

Open rate simply refers to the frequency at which the recipient opens the message once it is received. In email marketing, open rate is quite low since most people would instantly delete the message if they do not know the sender. On the other hand, when it comes to bulk SMS service, it can be beneficial because of the high open rate. Almost every text message received is opened, allowing you to communicate your message. 


Some business might resort into the use of flyers to promote their products and services, which can be bad for the environment because of the amount of paper consumer. Sending bulk SMS can be beneficial because it is a green alternative, allowing businesses to promote without wasting resources.
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What Is Bulk SMS And How Does It Help?

Imagine you own a business and you want to send out a message to all of your customers at the same time about a special promotional offer you are running. If you tried to do that individually, it would take an extremely long time. With bulk SMS services, though, you can quickly send bulk SMS in Nigeria to hundreds or even thousands of people in just a few seconds. 

What are the benefits of using a bulk SMS service?

More people are using cellphones and smartphones than ever before. Mobile usage continues to rise and, according to recent studies, there are over 7 billion mobile devices in the world today. With bulk SMS messaging you can quickly reach thousands of people at the same time to deliver your message. 

Unlike email or other marketing methods, when you send bulk SMS messages, they get opened—quickly. In fact, more than 80% of bulk SMS messaging texts are opened within just a few seconds after being sent. 

That means if you have a message that you need to deliver quickly, there is no method available today that is more effective than bulk SMS. 

How Bulk SMS Messaging Can Help Your Business

Imagine you are a business owner and you have a special discount offer that is for 1 day only. What is the fastest way to distribute that message? If you try using social media like Facebook or Twitter, not everyone will even get the message from your Fanpage and those that do might not even pay attention to it. If you try to send it by email, your potential customers may not see it until it is too late. With Bulk SMS, though, you can deliver bulk SMS messages directly to people and have them see it instantly. 

That means if you are promoting a product or service or special sale, you can use a bulk SMS service to deliver your marketing message to more people faster than ever before. 
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