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Priceless Data: Apple Sued Over Baby Photos
I’ve said it before, but it would be remiss not to mention it again: Back up your data.

I think this topic is one of the most important fundamentals–not just for professional photographers and filmmakers like us–but for anyone with valuable digital content that’s worth backing up. 

I was reminded of this again when I saw a recent story on PetaPixel about a guy who is taking Apple to court over lost baby photos, saying the failure of a storage device caused him to lose priceless memories.

Perminder Tung used an Apple Time Capsule to back up his photos. The Canadian man claims that the device failed and that Apple subsequently told him that data was gone forever. Tung, a lawyer, says the data included the birth of his child and is now suing for $25,000 to compensate for the lost memories. Sad. But is this really Apple’s fault? Hell no. Drives fail. As photographers and filmmakers who depend on the retrieval of data not just for nostalgia – but for our living – we must accept this fact and take the necessary steps to avoid being int the position that the forlorn Mr. Tung is currently suing Apple about.

Back up your back ups or you might just feel like suing someone...
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Well said.

Most likely, the data is still on the HD platters - He should engage a data recovery company to disassemble the drive and move the platters to a new drive chassis in a clean room. This can be expensive, but worth it - for things that are irreplaceable.

Do Time Machines still only have a single disk? Never liked that about them. Always good to backup the backups. I use multiple NAS Appliances (Raid 5, and Raid 1) - mirroring each other, plus each NAS then does nightly backup to external disk plus I have setip for around 700GB of important data / photos. Being a little paranoid goes a long way.
And this is why we can't have nice companies...
Ly R.R
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Love the contented look on this little guys face. My husband has backed up his back ups of all his pictures in at least 3 different places. His computer, an external HD and online. Photos are precious memories...not to be toyed with or taken lightly. At least with digital, if we remember to do backups, we can find the pics again. Before digital, if you lost your negative or your photo albums, you were out of luck. Gee, I can't think of hearing about someone suing a photo lab for lost photos before digital.
Funny how some people don't even read the posts and just comment on the cute baby photo. I've had several drives fail and lost only a small amount of photos because I do have backups and I replace all my drives frequently. I would never think of suing a company for my lack of planning.
i dont know how think like that ......... the photo is nice .....
.. i now wholly believe that your backup story is incomplete if you dont have off-site backup (and onsite)
they are suppose to keep multiple copies and make sure that if one is infringed to delete that one and back it up again... actually I'm not sure if apple said that but some cloud storage providers are smart/kind enough to do that!!!
It doesn't exist if it's not in 3 places, on 2 different kinds of storage media. 1. Application Library on my main hard drive. 2. Time Machine. 3. Cloud storage. (I use iCloud and Dropbox. I sometimes email pics to myself to keep them on the Google servers as well.) oh, that is a precious little peanut!
Back up, back up, and then back up again.  Right now, I have a double system and plan on moving to a triple system.  Why?  Because as you say, drives fail. 
In a case such as this, "bedside manner" is everything. Apple may have avoided being apologetic to keep from admitting fault, which stirs up some emotion in the "victim" of data loss.
Back up your Date??  In case you loose one at the restaurant, you've got a backup for the movie!  :)  (Damn spell correction!!)
Apple sure did many "evil" things, but making a drive that fails isn't one of them.
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that is stupid! i dont get it really that is not wat is hot on google
That is a wonderful picture of that sweet baby!
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if he used the time capsule to "back up" his photos then he wouldn't have lost a thing, what he obviously did is use the time capsule as extra storage
Fred Wz
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That's why digital pictures suck and I won't use digital format when photographing my children. I prefer Kodak film.  If you process with a set a prints, and photo to disc, you still have negatives. That's 3 copies- 1 click. BTW great photo- I wonder what the little one's dreaming of...
Its funny because its not nornmail at all...i think
This is why I still burn my photos/videos to CDs... You just never know when a Drive, even an external one, will just explode.
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The vacuous comments here is proof that Google+ is set to be the next Facebook.
I could just kiss those little cheeks.  What a beautiful baby!
This guy is really enjoying himself. He's cute.
Sadly, this is another example of the tendency to blame others instead of taking responsibility for one's actions (or inaction, in this case).

+Chase Jarvis Coming back on topic, what would you recommend as a backup solution for amateur photographers?
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Frank M
OK, I understand the importance of backups, copies of backups, and all that. On the other hand, this is how Apple advertises:

"Time Capsule is a revolutionary backup device that works wirelessly with Time Machine in OS X. It automatically backs up everything, so you never have to worry about losing your important files."


I think the lawyer has a point. He's suing for a relatively small amount of money, and I wonder if he's simply suing to make a point.

If the ad says my stuff's going to be fine and safe, then it's fine and safe, right?

Again, I understand backup sets, generations, etc. I understand that drives fail and you're screwed. I also understand that sometimes you need to punch "Marketing" in the face ;)
Grace F
Cute baby, how sweet! All Apple needs is to add a disclaim clause! 
O.o This is the cutest baby in the world. 
He's just relaxing letting all his baby issues float away, Awesome pic this really made my day
looks like hes having a good dream
Aw! How adorable! The guy suing Apple is kinda out of hand, though.
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the baby is gorgeous btw! let's face it, don't you think that the memories of his babies birth should be worth more than $25,000. i would tag mine priceless! i don't agree with the suit, the guy should know better. there is nothing out there that isn't fallible.
At best it's a case of false advertising. Apple touts he time capsule as a safe storage solution, but don't actually provide it. No raid is setup in he time capsule. It's a bad backup system.

I use a personal server with a RAID5 setup to make sure a failed hard drive won't destroy my data.
He hasn't got shit. Boo hoo. This is why you back up your pictures on a portable hard drive and or another device. 
I  find it very relaxing.  To be able to have no problems is great to hear or see. jehova is great!
That Is Wayyy Too Cuttee!!!!!!!!!!!
That's ridiculous! Why would you sue someone for your backup drive failing? If it really was being used as intended, you should still have your original files...
Agreed! It's our responsibility to take care of our own stuff!
I agree, the child is precious!  Must be smiling at the Angels.
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That baby is simply #awesome .
BTW, I totally agree with what you said about taking necessary steps to ensure your pictures and other DATA does not get lost! After all, ish happens...
I think it is good that someone is suing Apple. I hope that they can win.
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By the way ...apparently the picture has nothing to do with the article. Except that it is of A BABY. It does not belong to Apple or Mr. Tung.
Borrowing and sharing ... ^_^
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Personally, photo's as sacred as the baby's birth would not just be on my cell phone! I would've done sent them to my email, had them put on a CD, & printed out copies!! I do not think it's Apples fault whatsoever.. However, I hate that the family lost the pics of the birth!

Clouds are good. Two clouds are better. 
I totally agreement with you Chase!!!!!!!!!:)
I don't agree with suing over this, but since he's suing crapple I hope he wins! They deserve it
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Great snap! Thx for sharing.
I found his picture - see above
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I find it a bit creepy because the baby is displaying an action what people of an older age would do when they are relaxing. Brrr I like the softness of the photo though. :P
I think he has a case. If people are gonna keep important info on their phone, and apple expect this, then it's their fault of the drives fail.
Al Hart
the look of total relaxation
How could you lose that cute pic I would die if that happens 2 me
Ryan C
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That is the sweetest picture ever!!!  Little smirk and the hands behind his head.  I say "he" I have a grandson and this pose reminds me of him because that's how he used to lay.
my little bro posed like that in his ultrasound his feet were propped up too! ,# i love u little jj!!!!!!!!
There is a reason that I bought not just one, but two RAID5 appliances for my Time Machine backups.  I rotate one offsite every month or two, and bring the other one back home.
sorry but that little angel is far more interesting than some idiot blaming apple for his own laziness ......c-u-t-e!
Tbf since apple time capsule probably advertising itself as a backup he probably thought his data was safe, not all of us have enough money to have 5 different backup sources, or don't have the technological know-how to set up NAS or RAID backups, if the time capsule was advertised as a complete solution then he is partly justified for being annoyed at lsoing his data, maybe not to the point of suing them...
I wish I cud be that relaxed.. U lucky, lucky boy ;)
Mand M
it is pictures like these that make you say awwwww
Apparently, if there is no photo, there is no memory. How did our ancestors retain information before photography? It must've been hard for them to not be able to remember... Maybe this man should ask his wife if she's forgotten the childbirth, too.
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The first thing I was taught in photo class was to back everything up in multiple places- at least 3 different ways. Once on the computer itself, once on an external hard drive by the computer, and once on an external hard drive that is kept in a fire and water proof safe far away from the computer- like a completely different location. And if you can afford it, online as well. You never know when multiple devices will fail at the same time. Although it's rare, it is possible. If the information is that valuable to you, protect it with all of your might.
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is anyone responsible for anything anymore? And why should a cooperation be accountable for what is another's responsibility. you can back up multiple ways. 
that is sooo important!  i use carbonite and an external hd and time capsule.  i also put them on discs.  you can never be too careful.
TOTALLY ADORABLE!!!!!!!!! Love it!
As if u wouldnt keep a copy of ur childs birth on a disk or back it up somewhete else i think i would back up those memories anyway i could :-) i guess he has no case
So if I cry, I get boobies? Interesting...
Does icloud/photo stream help with issue now?
I dun own a camera but I have my 8megapixel phone so I took photos with that and I dun even have any ex-HDD to backup my photos and notebook memory is almost full. So, I backup my photos to dropbox. That's good enough cuz I have 50+ GB storage for my photos. I reli wants to own a pro-camera but still I can't afford. Too bad. :(
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