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Providing vintage and contemporary nature art at affordable prices with service you will love.
Providing vintage and contemporary nature art at affordable prices with service you will love.

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Buntings: The Sturdy Birds

The Buntings are a loosely defined assortment of flashy, colorful birds with strong beaks and sparrow-like features. Buntings are sturdy, seed-eating creatures found throughout North America. The Snow Bunting and McKay’s Bunting are the most northern migrants, while the Lazuli Bunting, Rustic Bunting, Lark Bunting, and Indigo Bunting can be found from Southern Canada to Northern Mexico depending on the time of year. The Painted Bunting, Varied Bunting, and the Blue Bunting live in the southern States to Central America.

The Snow Bunting is often colloquially known as the Snowflake, with its striking white plumage and long black-tipped wings. Snow Buntings breed around the arctic circle, from Scandinavia to Alaska, migrating south in the winter. The male Snow Bunting returns to the high Arctic breeding grounds in early April, when temperatures still drop as low as -30. The male will set up and defend territories with good nesting sites, and wait for the female to arrive. She will generally return North about four to six weeks after the male.

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Our Neighbor the Sparrow

Sparrows, unlike many other birds, can not be found in forests and deserts. They prefer life closer to human habitats, including urban and rural areas. Carnivorous by nature, sparrows have changed their eating habits as they adapted to living near humans.

The Sparrow is a tiny, drably-colored bird with a portly belly. Male Sparrows have reddish backs and black bibs, while female Sparrows have brown backs with stripes. Sparrows are very social and abide in flocks.

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Towhees: Songs of Love and Territory

The name “Towhee” is an imitation of the bird’s call, and was coined in 1731 by the naturalist and bird artist Mark Catesby. Most species of Towhee are timid and tend to avoid humankind, so not much is known about them. These birds are shy, wary lurkers, dashing for cover at the smallest disturbance. The Towhee is a ground feeder and spends much of its time on the ground foraging for seeds and insects.

Towhees tend to build their nests close to the ground. During springtime, males land first at nesting sites and rest until the females arrive. While waiting, they sing their hearts out. This helps to attract mates and defend their turf. Typically, their territory spans about one and a half to two acres.

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Charting Nature is now on Etsy!!  Check out our etsy shop for some of our favorite nature prints.

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Warbler Chirps and Travels

Warblers are lively little songbirds whose feathers can include dramatic blends of blues, yellows, chestnut browns, grays, and deep, rich greens. Their songs range from sweet, melodious warbles to excited trills. Warblers have short bills and wings perfectly suited to catch insects, their chief food.

There are over fifty species of warblers, and they have been observed in a variety of terrains in North America. Because warblers primarily eat insects, which are not active in the winter, they must migrate. Always on the go, warblers follow their food to tropical regions in Mexico and South America.

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All About the Thrush

Thrushes are plainly colored, speckled and slender-billed songbirds. Their song can be redundant- often the same phrases are repeated three or four times- but their song is gorgeous and light. Thrushes tend to inhabit dense, damp forest areas, where they are heard more often than seen by humans. However, they tend to sing on prominent branches, and occasionally a power line.

Thrushes eat earthworms, snails, insects, and berries, and much of their time is spent foraging on the ground for grub.

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Four and Twenty Robins Baked in a Pie and Other Fun Facts

The quintessential early bird, the pot-bellied and red-breasted American robin is commonly found in backyards across North America, yanking earthworms and other invertebrates out of the ground. The American redbird is a migratory songbird, and is active during the day. At night, robins roost with their flock. Robins usually forage in groups and will vigilantly defend others in their flock against predators.

A little over a hundred years ago, robins were commonly sold in the South in US marketplaces. Before the Migratory Bird Act of 1918, US hunters shot thousands of robins in North America. Robin meat was considered a delicacy, and the small birds were commonly baked into pies.

In the fall and winter, flocks of robins feed on fermented berries. The robins get belligerently drunk and fall like small pebbles, or fly into windows. Survivors lay belly up in yards or underneath trees until their buzz subsides.

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Charting Nature at Mount Pisgah Mushroom Festival

Charting Nature will return to the Mushroom Festival at Mount Pisgah Arboretum in Eugene on Sunday October 26th 10am - 5pm.  We will be vending note cards, posters and prints of all kinds of wild mushrooms.

There will be display rooms where you can look at and learn about all kinds of mushrooms.  Live music, food and vendors all come to the mushroom festival, and you can go on guided botanical walks and hayrides.  Scarecrow contest and a kids' play area too!

Our prints are all scientific illustrations and accurately depict the mushrooms, flowers, and botanicals they so beautifully display.  We restore vintage and antique prints right here in the shop and resize them to fit standard frames.

Come check us out!  To learn more about the Mount Pisgah Mushroom Festival, check out the link below.  We hope to see you all there!

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Botanical Print Sets for Home Decor

Sets of vintage botanical prints are perfect for the classic home decor arrangement.  If you're looking for wall decor to complete your living space, consider sets of restored vintage art prints. 

Nature prints are a great way to bring some life from the natural world into your home.  Living plants are great, but if you don't have the space or time to maintain house plants studies have shown that even incorporating images of the natural world reduce stress, increase feelings of happiness and well-being, and improve attention span. 

As humans, our brains are wired to look for green signs of life to assure us that the things we need to survive -- food and water -- are nearby.  Without being exposed to natural images, we take on stress that we don't know how to account for or deal with.  Incorporating the natural world into our indoor living and working spaces is a simple solution that will make a huge difference.

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The White Rose: Innocent, Purity, Love...and War

The white rose is known for it's elegance and the symbol of purity it carries.  Carrying the meaning of innocence, purity, and pure love, it became the traditional star flower of the bride's bouquet.  Over the centuries, the white rose has taken its place in the decor of all kinds of ceremony and ritual, emanating beauty and purity in the space of fresh beginnings.

The white rose was also a heralding symbol in the 14th century War of the Roses.  The white rose represented the Duke of York who squared off against the red rose-heralded Lancaster family. It's interesting that we find the white rose here, a symbol of beauty, elegance and purity in the midst of war battling another symbol of love.

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