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"Helping You Work Smarter" Digital Marketing, Web Design and Business Solutions.
"Helping You Work Smarter" Digital Marketing, Web Design and Business Solutions.


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Can Customers Plan Ahead?
Planning ahead is marketing.
Improving B2C customer engagement,
#localsearch #localbusiness #b2c
It’s time to meet your customer’s demands?
It may be difficult to know if consumers plan ahead or just react with knee jerk reactions.
The buying patterns your customers follow will be different across different market sectors. 
Each will have different seasonal variants and economic influences affecting how quickly consumers want something supplied and delivered. All of these factors will land at your doorstep.
Planning ahead will enable you to be ready for these changing customer demands.
Can Customers Plan Ahead?
Can Customers Plan Ahead?
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Responsive Website Designs
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Can “Digital Word of Mouth” Work for You?
Finding Your Digital Voice.
#digital #wordofmouth #b2b

Everybody wants to go digital.
In this modern era of “the Information Age” people are starting to look at the business world and social life in new ways.
The way people have found out about ”what’s going on” has changed, people’s “window upon the world”, has added new pane’s to look through, Computers and Mobiles have been added to print, TV, and street signs.
Words are often overlooked as a form of technology. The ability to record what has happened or tell a story, has changed mankind from a society of oral storey tells to the world of recording the written word, and passing on knowledge.
Now we are moving the written word into digital formats, with greater speed, levels of access and proliferations. The internet is doing for the digital world what the printing press did for the written word and books. It is changing how communications takes place.
It’s Time to find your Digital Voice.
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How do you win “Local Customers First”?
Starting Your Local Broadcasting.
Improving B2C customer engagement,
#localsearch #localbusiness #b2c

Is it First three past the Post?
The way the local businesses get found has changed greatly over the years. The way you get found On-line changes nearly every month. The commercial pressures for local businesses grows every moment. Google recently changed the way it presents their search results, this affects how you are seen and again from what device customers use to search for services.
Are you listed on the first page or NOT?
Where do you stand in line, On-line?
When it comes to being On-line there are quite a few ways to get your company name out there.
Just a few places you can be placed:-
• Your website is indexed by search engines and ranked to list you as a local business.
• You are put in directory listings and then on their websites that broadcast the list of local businesses.
• Search Engines have their own database of local businesses.
• Local Map databases systems display where you are.

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Where are you in the Digital Business Maturity Model?
A New Model, the new way of managing B2B organisations.
. #digitalmarketing #passion4digital #b2b

Successful businesses move on Up.
With the technological changes taking place in all our lives, the changes to modern life and how we do things is greatly increasing. The speed of change, the degree of influence technology has on every aspect of social life, business, and understanding that mankind is gaining. This shows no sign of slowing down.
The Digital Business Maturity Model is a map for us to understand how digital marketing, technology and the internet are affecting business progress. The model is depicted as a pyramid, with levels to show the phases of development and the degree of digital adoption a company will need to reach the top phase.
Reaching the top is not a race to be the first over the finishing line, there will never be a finishing line. It is the measure of how well you engage with your customers, target audience, everyone inside your company, anyone outside you company, the rest of the world.
Today the model helps us understand this level of communication. It is about how digital marketing can be used to reach the rest of the world. Tomorrow it will be about making things easier, faster, better, to be involved with you as an organisation.

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The Digital Disruption has Already Happened?

• Worlds largest taxi company owns no taxies (Uber)
• Largest accommodation provider owns no real estate (Airbnb)
• Largest phone companies own no telco infrastructure (Skype, WeChat)
• World’s most valuable retailer has no inventory (Alibaba, Amazon)
• Most popular media owner creates no content (Facebook)
• Fastest growing banks have no actual money (SocietyOne)
• World’s largest movie house owns no cinemas (Netflix)
• Largest software vendors don’t write the apps (Apple & Google)
Success in the future is going to look very different. Big businesses are taking control and dominating the market spaces they operate in. The above shows that providing access to services over making the services is a powerful way to do business.
As a Small Business how do you compete?
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How! you do business will change?
Will Technology Growth Impact you as a B2C? YES
Improving B2C Management,
. #smallbusinessmarketing #TechTransform #b2c

You have less than 7 years to change the way you process your business.
Studies of how businesses control and manage their internal business processes demonstrates it has changed over the last 60 years.
This study looked at how companies used the information to conduct its everyday business processes, like taking orders, communicating with clients, keeping records, paying bills and invoicing customers etc…
Looking at how companies used their internal systems to complete their tasks.
This study showed that in the 1950’s companies did their day to day processing on systems that had a lifespan of up to 15 to 20 Years for before they needed to change their workflow on internal systems.
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Killer Boss Engagement?
How do you give your customer ammunition to impress their boss?
Improving B2B Engagement, value creation, not revenue extraction. #smallbusinessmarketing #onlinebusiness #b2b

With B2B engagement, your customer will have to get their boss to agree?
Engagement in a B2B environment is harder than B2C, because B2B relationships are often not a one off transaction, but a conversation in a long-term relationship. You also have to give the customer the ammunition to convince their boss, your information / content is worthwhile use of your time and engage with your content. So your engagement has too grab both of them to be taken to the next stage of the Marketing / Sales Process.
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Do your Offers measure up on St David’s Day?
Do Customers see your On-line Incentive Deals?
Improving B2C, Monitoring Sales progress #smallbusinessmarketing #onlinebusiness #b2c #deals

Data is the new Oil, Can you measure your website dipstick?
This phrase “Data is the new oil” is a recent term being used to explain that in this new information age, that the more information that is available the better the picture that can be understood. The more detail, the greater the understanding can be gained. If you know what deals customers are looking for, then you could offer them these deals and stay ahead of the competition. “Countries go to war over oil” Corporations go to war over Data. Google gives you free access to search the internet as long as you give them data. Facebook let you post blogs photos and chat for free as long as you give them your profile information. With this they can understand what things you are interested in, and then advertise these back to you.
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