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Amethyst Orgone Pendant

This is an amethyst orgone pendant. It contains chipped amethyst gemstones, gold flakes, a brass metal ring, brass metal shavings and crushed clear quartz powder inlayed at the back. It has a high shine finish to the front and has gone through five different stages of sanding and 2 stages of polishing and buffing to produce a smooth, fingerprint and tackiness free finish. It has an excellent and high quality look in the flesh. It has a braided faux leather purple cord with extendable links to make it shorter or longer. It also comes with a free black gift box so it would make the perfect gift for a loved one. :)

Every care is taken to ensure that the surroundings are positive and conducive to a powerfully effective orgone piece. Lots of positive intent and love are put into my orgone pieces and I try my best to make them as professional and beautiful as possible.

Purchase Link:

Benefits of This Pendant

As well and the negative ion charge and EMF mitigating properties of this pendant, the gemstones will provide extra benefits for you.

Amethyst is Quartz, which means that it is capable of increasing the size of your biomagnetic field by 100% within seconds of standing in its presence. This can replenish lost energy eroded by depressive episodes or physical harm. It can also increase your energy levels. Amethyst generates far-infrared radiation. 

Far infrared radiation has a variety of wonderful health benefits:

Cell-Growth Promotion

Far-Infrared radiation is known to promote cell-growth and cell-regeneration. Scientific studies have shown that by increasing the infrared radiation level in your body, you will have more energy to grow and re-grow cells in your body. The benefit of far-infrared radiation is that its wavelengths are very long, so they don't have enough energy to kill cells (like X-rays), but just enough to provide them with life-giving energy.

Sleeping Aid

We also know from experiments with animals and humans that far-infrared regulation has what scientists call a sleep modulator effect. The low level of heat emitted by Amethyst crystals can help to calm your body, and help you sleep.

Blood-Circulation Enhancement

Far-infrared radiation has been proven to aid blood-circulation, particularly what is called 'microcirculation' among the capillaries in your skin. For a while scientists believed that it was merely having heat around you that aided microcirculation, but a recent study has shown that isn't true. Far-infrared radiation is more ably suited than mere 'conductive' heat in promoting increased and more effective blood circulation.

Better Circulation of Bodily Fluids

Blood is not the only bodily fluid whose 'motility' or circulation ability is increased by far-infrared radiation. Far-infrared radiation increases the flexibility of your blood vessels generally speaking, and as a result, everything in the body reaches its destination more quickly. It also helps to speed up your overall fluid transportation.

People Feel Happier

In one recent study, Far-infrared radiation emitting discs were placed under subjects pillows while they slept without their realizing it. Subjects with the radiation emitting discs under their pillows reported a statistically significant increase in their subjective satisfaction levels after several nights with the discs under their pillows. This was in comparison with those who had a placebo disc, so as to weed out placebo effects.

Increased Anti-Oxidant Activity

We all know the benefits of antioxidants. They help us fight the aging process. Well, it turns out that far-infrared radiation promotes antioxidant production in the body4. To think that Amethest Gemstone can actually help produce antioxidants! It's really impressive. And it appears to work through the low-level heating process, although we do not understand the mechanism behind it well yet.

Healing Power for Wounds

Because far infrared radiation increases the body's circulatory power, it can help wounds to heal by bringing cells the nutrients they need to repair themselves. Far infrared radiation helps to repair tissue that is damaged as a result of diabetes mellitus, reconstructive surgeries or other chronic and acute damage.

Fighting Bacteria

Last but not least, we know that far-infrared radiation helps to inhibit bacterial growth by inhibiting the enzymes that lead to their growth5. Scientists have found that it is far-infrared radiation specifically and not merely heat that inhibits the growth of some bacteria in the body. Regular heat does not have the same effect.
Having a piece in the bedroom will promote restful sleep and peaceful dreaming. Amethyst is a remarkable stone of spirituality and contentment, known for its metaphysical abilities to still the mind and inspire an enhanced meditative state. Its inherent high frequency purifies the aura of any negative energy or attachments, and creates a protective shield of Light around the body, allowing one to remain clear and centered while opening to spiritual direction. Amethyst stimulates the Third Eye, Crown and Etheric Chakras enhancing cognitive perception as well as accelerating the development of intuitive and psychic ability. It initiates wisdom and greater understanding, and is a stone of comfort for those grieving the loss of a loved one. Amethyst’s ability to expand the higher mind also enhances one’s creativity and passion. It strengthens the imagination and intuition, and refines the thinking processes. It helps in the assimilation of new ideas, putting thought into action, and brings projects to fruition. It is a talisman of focus and success.

Clear quartz fosters balance in all aspects of your life and create calmness and healing. When you are balanced, more life force can flow through you to touch every aspect of your being. This increased flow fosters even greater balance, which in turn attracts more life force. Because Quartz's nature is to promote balance, it brings your entire being into balance. When worn around the neck, Quartz balances your whole being; when placed on specific areas of the body, it balances those areas. - Quartz brings balance to your body's physical processes, including those involved in the functioning of your endocrine, organ, nervous, circulatory, digestive, and other systems.


It is mostly amethyst, lavender, purple and bronze


The pendant is 48mm in diameter and 16mm depth. Nice weight to it.

What Is Orgone?

ORGONE is also known as prana, life force, ki, chi, mana, universal energy...etc

Orgone creations are simply energy storehouses. The energy they store is spiritual energy, energy that nurtures your being, your soul. When your energy is low the recharging happens fast.

Dr. Wilhelm Reich, a gifted and visionary scientist that fled the Nazis to America, rediscovered a form of energy which he called 'Orgone'. Reich described ‘orgone’ being universally present and can be demonstrated visually, thermically, electroscopically (a device he invented to see orgone) 

Reich discovered that when non organic (metal) and organic material (wood or cotton usually) are mixed together in layers it would act as a magnet to this energy. So he developed big boxes of these mixtures of non organic (metal sheet) and –organic layers (wood) where he placed his patients inside where they would receive high amount of this orgone (life force) in their bodies. Reich patients were cured of different illnesses including high advanced stages of cancer. That created a conflict with the medical establishment. Reich was sent to prison where he died. 

Reich Orgone discovery was passed along and today Reich’s orgone work is rediscovered as great healing tool helping the body and subtle bodies become (w)hole, a state of harmony. Orgone is known as orgone devices or generators or orgonite. This is just a simple combination of metal particles and resin that create the orgone matrix. 

Benefits Of Orgone

People noticed health improving, plants growing healthier, animals and people being magnetized by those universal force energies, negative energy transmuted into good vibes, prosperity increased, spiritual and psychic channels being opened, a general state of well being and peace, happiness and joy. After all Orgone is the universal life force (prana, chi. Ki) which is found freely in the nature where it hasn't been energetically corrupted or polluted. 

Orgone also neutralises the harmful affects of EMF radiation all around us from electrical devices. These positive ions in the air are bad for our health. The job of orgone is to neutralise these positive ions and turn them into negative ions. These negative ions are prolific in nature and have a harmonising influence on our nervous system, moods, stress and overall health. 

What Is EMF And How Does It Affect You?

EMF stands for electromagnetic field. Everything God created has its own electromagnetic field. Additionally, everything man makes has an electromagnetic field (i.e., electronic technology). It is a measurable type of energy, and for the human body the EMF frequencies truly are the life of our cells.

Electromagnetic radiation is the energy projected from the EMF's. Just as there are good fats and bad fats for our body and good sugars and bad sugars for our body, so there are good/safe EMF’s and bad/harmful EMF’s for our body.

EMF Dangers

Why are some EMF’s harmful to our bodies? God designed the human body with very specific EMF frequencies. Healthy tissue has these strong God-given frequencies. Unhealthy or diseased tissue has weak or altered (different) frequencies.

Our healthy EMF frequencies become weak or altered for various reasons, but most commonly by too much exposure to other EMF frequencies which are out of the realm of our healthy body frequencies.

This can happen over a period of years with low to moderate levels of electromagnetic radiation or it can happen immediately with a rare strong exposure. Once your healthy frequencies are altered, then comes health problems which move into various diseases such as cancer and fibromyalgia.

Associated EMF Health Problems

The following list represents diseases and health problems that are either a direct result of electromagnetic radiation poisoning or are closely associated with it. Keep in mind that all health issues will be affected to some degree by exposure to EMF radiation, whether electric, magnetic, wireless or ionizing radiation, since it weakens the immune system, stresses the body and damages healthy cells.

chronic fatigue
daily headaches
brain cancer
lyme disease
heart problems
chest pain
electrosensitivity (ES)/electromagnetic hypersensitivitiy (EHS)
multiple sclerosis (see Copper depletion by EMF)
high blood pressure
brain fog
digestive disorders
migraine headaches
brain tumors
leukemia - general
lymphoblastic leukemia
birth defects
rheumatoid arthritis
skin conditions – burning, rashes, pain
tinnitus and other audible noises
chronic pain
erratic pulse
weak immune system

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