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Charlotte Christensen (Skrivekrampen)
Erfaren journalist og tekstforfatter. Kombinerer journalistik og sælgende tekster for virksomhedskunder.
Erfaren journalist og tekstforfatter. Kombinerer journalistik og sælgende tekster for virksomhedskunder.

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Fedt hus i Nordsjælland - hvis du kan administrere at have golfbanen lige uden for døren i det skønne Nordsjælland ;)

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Totalt åndssvagt - det mener jeg nu nok, det er :/

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Hvem sagde, at G+ er en død sild???
På tide at æde de ord i dig igen, hvis det var dig :)
Power of Google Plus & Personalized Search: Another Example

This weekend my wife and I are staying in the lovely town of Marietta, Pennsylvania. I'm an architecture freak, so I couldn't wait to get out yesterday afternoon and take some photos of the beautifully-preserved 19th century homes here.

Last night I posted those photos on Google+ with the title "Marietta PA Homes." I wasn't intending to do a search test, but it occurred to me today that that would be a valuable keyword for someone doing local real estate here.

I did a search logged out of Google, and of course my post was nowhere to be seen. Too much competition.

But...I then logged in with +Eric Enge's Google account (he allows me access because of work I do for him) and did the same search. Because Eric has me circled on Google+, he got the result below. I'm #2 for him for this highly competitive keyword.

If you were selling real estate in Marietta, wouldn't you want this power? It comes from being active on Google+ and finding ways to entice people in your market to follow you there. Once they've circled you, you can have this kind of influence on their search results when they search while logged in to their accounts.

Do the search! If you have me circled, try searching "marietta pa homes" while logged into Google+ and tell me what you get in the comments below. I'd like to know if you see my post on your first page, at what position (don't count ads or "local pack" map results), and where in the world you're located.

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Øv, kan ikke selv deltage i dette attraktive Måske kan du ...? 

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Jeg har fået overvældende, pæn presseomtale i forbindelse med mit 10 års jubilæum som selvstændig i Spell it out communication. Her er det i Lørdags-Avisen i Køge.

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Ti års jubilæum som selvstændig i dag - og det er sjovere end nogensinde :D
I dag er mit præcis 10 år gammelt. Hvor mange år er det mon i menneskeår ...
Det spræller stadig, se hvorfor:

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Skyldig ... !!!
Hvad med dig?

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