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SHARE if you adopted a shelter pet and post their names!  Mine are Leo, Button and Girlie. <3

"Shelter dogs aren't broken, they've simply experienced more life than other dogs. If they were human, we would call them wise. They would be the ones with tales to tell and stories to write, the ones dealt a bad hand who responded with courage. Don't pity a shelter dog. Adopt one. And be proud to have their greatness by your side" ~ Source Unknown

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Great photo from a out-of-the-box-thinking event.  I'm a firm believer in hiking for dogs (and owners), because I've seen how a shelter dog can become a loose, relaxed, exercised pet after just a little while on the trail.  Kudos to Newark Humane Society!
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Hi Everyone!  Please use only SEVEN words to describe what you do (pet-related) -- THANKS!
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Shelter, feed, vaccinate, sterilize, love, adopt, repeat.
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HELP RATE THE RESCUES: Rescue is a labor of love.  It's also completely unregulated, with few rules and no oversight.  Help fix this; leave a review of a rescue group you've worked with, adopted from, donated to. 
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Do you #Instagram? Post your rescue's picture, plus WHERE you adopted, and anything else you'd like to add (including any kind words for your shelter!) then add the tag #CHARLIEDOGS to your rescue baby's picture on Instagram. We'll feature one a day in our Instagram feed.  (Lauren LaBeau and her rescued heeled Sophie make beautiful pictures together. )
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Devin, I hope you find them.  And they have lots and lots of frisbees.
Devin's an adoptable, active, intelligent sporty mixed breed looking for a family to throw him the frisbee or the ball. Available from Red Hook Dog Rescue.
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Rescues, you know how much time you spend on social media. Take a look at this offer. Then think of how you could use the extra time. Have some dogs in boarding? Let her write about them. Outstanding offer and too good to pass up!
Hey fellow animal lovers! I'm looking for rescues who need any pro bono social media or copywriting work done. If you run a rescue, let me know and I'll gladly offer my services. 
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is that offer still good to post dogs? I do sm time rescue here in MA and would love some help posting as I am not too savvy in that area. Am great at caring for the babies but the tech stuff....UGH
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Fosters is our rescued Aussie Shepherd/Yellow Lab mutt. My family cannot imagine him not being in our lives.
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Confession:  the picture on the left is mine.  I'm not proud, but it does show Phoenix, waiting outside New York ACC, just after she'd been pulled from the dreaded "list" by the Bully Project.  It shows her fearful (or at least uncertain) body language.  Picture on the right, that's from Tischmann Pet Photography.  Same dog, one week later.  She's in foster right now (with the new name of Holly).  Check out the confidence!   Team work makes the dream work, and in this case, it's a rescue and photographer and foster, all working together to find a home for one lucky dog.
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Love Tischmann Pet Photography!  It's so great that he gets to the ACC in Manhattan - those doggies need all the attention they can get.  So happy for Holly!
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Digby's got a great face...
Digby is an active and playful young man at Dogs Trust Loughborough looking for like-minded, fun loving people to share adventures with him!

He enjoys the company of people therefore would benefit from a new family who were around a lot of the time to settle him in.

An avid lover of toys, Digby is frequently seen carrying a toy around in his mouth which helps him relax. Once comfortable, Digby sure to blossom into a charismatic and caring member of the family! He can live with young adults and following support and advice from our Behaviour Advisors could potentially live with a confident cat in his new home.

If you are interested in rehoming Digby, please contact the centre directly:

Dogs Trust Loughborough
Hill Farm
Wide Lane
LE12 6SE

Open: 12:00 - 16:00 including weekends

Late opening: Wednesday 12:00 - 19:30 (note: dogs can be viewed until 19.30 but visitors interested in rehoming must have completed a home finder questionnaire prior to 19:00)

Closed: Thursday

Tel: 01509 880 070
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He's buddhaful!
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WALTER AND FRITZ: They've been best friends forever, and lived as strays for a long time. When they'd finally had enough of life on the streets, Walter (7) and Fritz (9) rushed up to a house together in Willamette, Oregon. But they couldn't stay.

So the two old buddies were brought to +willamettehumane society,  and yesterday, two old buddies went home. To a real home, where they'd never have to go it alone again. Together.
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Awww ... dog bless them!
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Contact Information
Contact info
Spread the word: Shelter pets make the world's best friends.
Let's look at the bright side: even though 8 million pets will enter shelters next year, 17 million people plan on acquiring a pet within that same year. To me that says the biggest problem -- not enough homes for so many homeless dogs and cats -- may be just a problem of perception.

I really, truly believe that the new social media and an army of good-hearted, hard-working and dedicated animal lovers make it entirely possible to empty our shelters and close those puppy mills.

It's a whole new ballgame now. 

This page is dedicated to spreading the word about new and innovative plans to get people to adopt first, to move animals out of shelters and into loving and forever homes.

CharlieDog and Friends is a little toy company with giving at its heart!  Based on real-life animal shelter adoption success stories, our highest-quality stuffed animals are adorable ambassadors of the Rescue Nation.  The 16" pets come in colorful boxes which beautifully illustrate their lives since adoption.  In addition, their collars -- in colorful Michael Miller prints and embroidered with the word "Rescue" -- are wearable as bracelets by their human owners.

What's more, CharlieDog and Friends supports the One for One movement.   For every toy we sell, we give an identical plush pet to a child who needs a lift -- and we promise to give these toys away in person.

Finally, we're committed to the day when we've all "Adopted One Until There Are None".  We pledge ten percent of net profits of each plush rescue dog and cat, to the shelter from which they came.

Our first release -- Charlie himself -- is coming in February.  Sure, he needed a little TLC when he left Elmsford Animal Shelter in Elmsford, New York, but since 2002 he has lived an utterly charmed life of porch-setting and hiking the local forests.  He's indebted to the good people in Elmsford (now Pets Alive Westchester) and happy to serve as inspiration for CharlieDogs.

And while our plush toys are manufactured in China -- for now -- we are looking forward to the day when we can join other soft toy companies in moving our manufacturing from China to a factory town in upstate New York.  Watch this space for news of Made In America.

And I hope you'll spread the word -- Adopt! -- about our shelter animals.  I hope you'll feel free to post here when you hear of great ideas to move animals out of shelters and into forever homes.