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Charlie Southwell
Digital Marketer. Music Lover. Kayaking, Wakeboarding & Cycling Do-er.
Digital Marketer. Music Lover. Kayaking, Wakeboarding & Cycling Do-er.

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Some analysis of the 2015 UK General Election Candidates on Twitter.

- Which party would win based on Twitter Followers?
- Which party would win based on Tweets Per Day?

Have a look inside to find out.

#ukelections   #ukelection2015  

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This comes up in every training session I give about LinkedIn. So here you go. 

Here's how you purge your LinkedIn contacts.

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How social media supports digital first delivery. 

Tiffany St James' presentation on digital transformation last week. 

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I was reminded of Bob Dylan performances this afternoon. Sometimes what other people do with your creative works is much more pleasing.

I welcome collaboration. 

And I much prefer the Hendrix version of this song. Wow.

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This makes my spine tingle. 

Just so damn good.

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Here is some advice about how you can quickly fill up your business' content calendar.

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Currently playing around with a new publishing platform called Ideapod - which is well worth checking out I think.

Here is my latest article on it: Is it time we really engaged with the internet? (and it's probably not about what you think it is)

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Fascinating stats here on the websites and apps 18 year olds are using over in US.

Interesting to see that texting (not included on the screenshot below) still dominates private messaging though.

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