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Sometimes when pressureNET pops up in the notification bar asking me what the weather is like outside, I'm super busy (i.e. at work). If I go back and answer the question two hours later, is the app smart enough to know I'm answering at the newer time? Or am I messing up the data by reporting back current weather for what it thinks is two hours ago?

If I do a native RT from within Falcon Pro, is it possible to undo it? Tapping RT again in FP just brings up an error message. Currently I have to open the browser and do it from the mobile version of Twitter's web site. 

Has anyone else had an issue where the lock screen is non responsive after it times out and you turn it back on? Here's the scenario:

1. Using tablet normally.
2. Let the screen time out normally or press the power button to turn off the screen.
3. Wake the tablet either by power or home buttons.
4. Screen is completely non responsive. Doesn't register any of my touches on the screen. Have to power off and on the screen multiple times before it allows me to unlock the screen.

I have a brand new WiFi only edition, model P600. I immediately did the three small OTA updates Samsung pushed to me as soon as I first turned the tablet on.

Anyone else? Haven't seen mention of this issue here or on xda so far.

Why is Liquid Papers so terrible? So whatever issue that was causing them not to load from the server seems to be fixed. But if you choose "Save to Storage," it just ignores you and sets the image as wallpaper anyway. Obviously not a deal breaker for using Liquid. I love this ROM, but it's the small things like this that are really annoying.

Sorry to vent a little bit. :)

Edit: Ok, it seems to download the wallpaper to the Liquid directory on internal memory -- in addition to going ahead and setting it as wallpaper. Le sigh.

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What's the base for the Messaging mms.apk? I can't help but notice it's missing a lot of Emojis. Was looking at this 8sms app (modified from CM 10.2) and it not only has all the Emojis, but better organization, as well. Maybe a suggestion for the future?

VZW Galaxy Note II -- Has anyone else noticed a lag when pressing home or power button until the screen comes on? It can take my Note up to 2-3 seconds. It's very noticeable most of the time. I thought it was just a TouchWiz thing originally (S-Voice related), but it has continued after flashing Liquid 2.10.

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Lovin' it, guys... Just beautiful. :-)

Impressive app! Only one complaint so far: it doesn't seem to recognize me drawing a smiley face? :) (Or any other emoticons.)
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