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Charlie Meyerson
Connecting great work with growing audiences -- online, on air, in print -- at the intersection of communication and technology.
Connecting great work with growing audiences -- online, on air, in print -- at the intersection of communication and technology.


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Wheaton College crime / Trump's total destruction threat / Toys Were Us
WHEATON COLLEGE CRIME. Five football players at a school that promotes its programs as “deeply rooted within a Christian worldview” face felony charges—accused in a hazing incident during which a teammate was restrained with duct tape, beaten and left half-...

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The Lisa Madigan vacuum / Trump's Twitter transgression / Emmy's Chicago moments
THE LISA MADIGAN VACUUM.  The Illinois attorney general’s surprise decision not to seek re-election has set off “ a free-for-all ” to claim her job. Among the many contenders : A former Miss America , a former state school board chief , and suburban legisla...

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'Fireball coming towards me' / Cassini's 'death dive' / Sorry, 'Jew hater' advertisers
‘FIREBALL COMING TOWARDS ME.’ A witness describes an explosion on a rush-hour subway train in London. ■ President Trump’s tweeted response : “Loser terrorists must be dealt with in a much tougher manner.The internet is their main recruitment tool which we m...

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Not so fast / Delivering Amazon / Dennis Rodman vs. the apocalypse
NOT SO FAST. Developing (and developing and developing): Undermining Democrats’ assertion last night that President Trump had agreed to a plan to “enshrine the protections” for young undocumented immigrants in the U.S.—without a corresponding deal to build ...

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Amazon quest / Free freezes / No laughing matter
AMAZON QUEST. Developers of a former steel yard hope to lure Amazon’s new headquarters to Chicago’s North Side with the newly renamed “ Lincoln Yards ” — a 100-acre development that could feature a new Metra station, an extension of The 606 elevated trail, ...

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Blago speaks / Freezer death Facebook lead / Ted Cruz' Twitter trouble
‘MY JURISDICTION WAS ONCE ALL OF ILLINOIS. NOW I HAVE TWO HALLWAYS TO CLEAN.’ In one of his first two interviews with reporters since his imprisonment on corruption charges, disgraced ex-Gov. Rod Blagojevich tells Chicago Magazine, “I feel like I was a very...

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Equifixes / After Irma / Sept. 11 memories
EQUIFIXES. In the aftermath Equifax’s “ very possibly the worst leak of personal info ever ,” the experts agree the best thing you can do to protect against fraud is request a credit freeze from all three major credit bureaus . But that’s not free . ■ CNN o...

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David Axelrod: From Oak Park to the White House (The Podcast)
When President Obama’s former chief strategist—now University of Chicago Institute of Politics founder and CNN senior political commentator— David Axelrod  agreed to return to his old suburban neighborhood to kick off the Wednesday Journal newspaper’s  seri...

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Mar-a-Lago migration / You, hacked / Eric and ?????
MAR-A-LAGO MIGRATION. Occupants of President Trump’s seaside resort have been ordered to evacuate ahead of Hurricane Irma. ■ Trump’s $17 million vacation home in St. Martin has already been hit . ■ … And the homes of other climate-change deniers—including R...

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'Still out there' / Amazon frenzy / Zombie coyotes
‘THAT GUY IS PROBABLY STILL OUT THERE. AND HE MIGHT WANT TO DO IT AGAIN.’ A man who survived a push onto CTA Blue Line tracks last month tells the Tribune he’s surprised Chicago police didn’t issue a public warning . ■ An aldermanic proposal to limit surge ...
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