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Not necessarily a bug but when pressing the paperclip icon to add an attachment like a picture, pressing the back button exits out of the app instead of closing out of the attachment options. Just a minor annoyance.

Just installed the latest Carbon Nightly on my t0lteatt (ATT Galaxy Note 2) and this is easily now my favorite rom. Super smooth, no bugs (as of yet). Every detail is beautiful and I love all the options for animations. Great job team Carbon. You've got a new user! I love it!

How stable are the nightlys? I want to run 4.3 because I'm on 4.2.2 right now but I don't want to give up stability. 

Does Carbon have the ability to change per app dpi? Right now I'm on liquid smooth and want to switch to carbon. But I'm on a Note 2 so I wish to change the Dpi so I can make use out of all my extra screen real estate 

Anyone know if CM 10.2 is stable for our note? I want to upgrade from liquidsmooth but not at the risk of losing stability.

Post has shared content - Custom Android ROMs deserve a better home!  No ROM should have to use slow sharehosters for their updates.
That's why I'm working on +Andromirror.  We want to build the best Android hosting service.

With features like notifications on updates, resumable uploads, a built in bugtracker and a planned OTA app we differ from other hosts. Please help us to make this happen.

I'm happy about any kind of feedback from you guys! :)

So I installed this on my laptop and it went fine and I'm loving it. But when I try to install it on my PC it doesn't work. First it took about 6 hours to install where on my laptop it took maybe 30 minutes. Then once I boot into it its unbelievably slow and it freezes and I have to reboot. So I thought maybe the CD was corrupt so I redownloaded and reburned the CD and i'm still having the same results. I also tried installing via USB and received the same results. Anyone think they know the problem?

Hey guys! I just installed this on my mac and it is easily the most beautiful and easy to use distro I have ever used! I only have one small problem. On my mac laptop I can't change the brightness. When I use the keyboard to change the brightness the thing in the top right shows changes but the brightness doesn't change until I reboot. 
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