Geek Question of the Day: Tonight is a bit different. I'm sad to announce that our long-time friend and (until recently) regular contributor, +Laston Kirkland, passed away early this morning after a long fight with that evil bastard known as cancer. His amazing wife +Jenn Kirkland has asked that I come up with a question in his honor rather than just a memorial post. I've been thinking about it all day and decided that, given his deep fascination with all manner of science and technology, that he might like me to ask you all; What are your favorite examples of scifi-inspired technology that have come to pass in reality, and which ones do you hope exist some day? Obviously feel free to post duplicates as well as any condolences and/or memories of Laston over the years. If you can donate anything to their medical bills, that would also be amazingly helpful. Thank you all for being such an incredible group of people! #gqotd

Please Donate To Their Medical Fund If You Can

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