So Long And Thanks For All The Fish

Hello everyone, I just wanted to leave a last thread open here for folks to share before this place disintegrates around us. I'm going to tag as many people as I can so I apologize for the spam. Feel free to tag in anyone who you might think would like to join in on this as well!

Thank You All
I realize I'm a broken record on this, but the last seven years has shown me some of the most amazing people I could have ever hoped to meet. To say I'll miss this place is a terrible understatement. I wish you all the best in whatever passion you decide to pursue and I wanted to thank you for being a part of my life and a truly wonderful community.

May the seven pillars of gulu be with you at all times!

If you're ever in the mood to visit and answer some truly geeky questions you can all find me at !

Thank you, in no particular order (sorry if I forget anyone):
+Erin Goss +Aalia Khan Yousafzai +L.S. Cody +DB Fuller +Karen Schumacher +Ant Pruitt +Helen Read +Julia Piatt +Adam Black +Andrew Coffman +Angie Creasy-Thompson +Ben Hibben +Brent Rodriguez +Carlos Balderas +Cass Morrison +Cindy Brown +Daniel Sprouse +Dave DeBaeremaeker +David Sarachman +Eve Sullivan +Gwendolyn Sterling +Carrie Canup +H.M. Jones +Ian A +Jake Kern +Jamison Stone +Jayme Beddingfield +Jenn Kirkland +Jennifer Remmers +John Maloney +Joseph Asphahani +Kam-Yung Soh +Kanati Siqua'Uyetsga +Kelsey Swanson +Keyan X +Kymberlyn Reed +Lee Clarke +Lerato Majikfaerie +Luke Skytrekker +Mealika Brown +Micha Fire +Naomi Ishikawa +Paul Duggan +Richard Orth +Rick Heinz +Robert Gibson II +Robert Chambers +Robert M Knight +Roy Hembree +Ryan Toxopeus +Sivan Rehan +Steve Plummer +Steve Turnbull +Tal Klein +Tami Federlein +The White Crayon +Victoria Holland +Wendy Cohoon +Adriel Wiggins +Allison Sekuler +Annette Holland +Cheryl Martin +Dave Higgins +Dee Dennis +Mike Sweeney +Merrill Wyntere +Dan Thompson +Kathryn Huxtable +Miss Placed +Christina Torres +Markus Christopher +Ergodic Mage +Marsh Oak Dojo - Tim Pruitt +Robert Anstett +Briana Bennett +Jeff Baker +Kam-Yung Soh +Corvid Bliss +Michael Rainey +Frank Riccobono +Jaylan Phoenix +Pat Kight +Tempest Kitty +Simons Mith +Fern Kali +Lindy Archer +Hari Bhanu +Mabel Pines +Valdis Klētnieks +Lawrence Hults II +Tasha Schmidt
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