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Drone-shot surfing footage.
#Surfing   #Drone  

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Ingenious "lo-fi" approach to get amazing results.

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Anyone who thinks the United States does not have a globally competitive and original cuisine...

This video hits all the right notes for me.


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Dad buried a Time Capsule in 1976 to be opened in 1996. Nearly 20 more years later, people are still trying to locate it.

Dad was a prankster, history teacher and semi-pro salvage diver with a penchant towards all things nautical, especially piracy.

He'd be having a really good laugh right now around all the excitement being generated as this story hits the wire.

I cannot think of any better tribute to Dad than former students trying to find something he buried.

#DeadMenTellNoTales   #ThemThatHidesFinds  

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Just in time for the 25th Anniversary of Tim Burton's Edward NSA Hands.
#TimBurton   #EdwardSnowden  

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I'm filing this alongside my chart of logical fallacies. 

#CognitiveBias   #DecisionMaking  

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If you ever wondered how Demolition Man & Star Trek occurr in the same universe, go directly to 9m55s.

Regardless, this is a pretty amazing & independent feat.

#StarTrek   #DemolitionMan   #3Seashells  
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