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Hangout Pro tip
Use Google translate's nifty "Listen" feature to communicate with people speaking other languages in Hangouts.

Back Story
Last night, I was in a Hangout with +Al Chang , +Jordan Clymer +Erik Assmus and +Dean Torn , when I said:

What the hell, let's take this baby Public and see who shows up. I dropped the Public chip in the Invite box, and we waited.

+Wang Feng had the courage to join shortly thereafter, and lurked. Then he typed something in Chinese into the Chat box, which I used Google Translate to, well, translate.

Then I used the Google Translate Listen button to quickly render in Chinese the funnier bits of conversation for +Wang Feng. My laptop speakers transmitted the conversation to the Hangout loud-and-clear.

I now want a Translate widget for Hangouts! +Mike LeBeau

Oh yeah, then the unstoppable +Brian Behlendorf showed up video-only.

Anyone want to give Translate a try and report back?
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Next up, automatic translation and voice mimicry so it sounds like the other person is saying what you're hearing.
Great idea~
Sorry i'm late,it's very hard to come to goole + for us...freegate 7.13 can't through GFW
Luckly i find another way to come here,good morning~
I'm living in ShenZhen,China.What about you?
Could you please invite me to Pool Party?Thank you
So interesting! I'm a freelance translator and I'd love to give it a try, and see how +&Translate are used in this kind of interactions. Let me know about your next hangout!
I need to +8 million this.
There needs to be a link to the actual post of a highly shared item such as this one. Useful for when the duplication noise of such an awesome feature covers my streams. :) good job, nice feature, amazing benefits.
I had to do this to translate my UI the first time I logged as it was in German! ;o)
Man, it really is "the future". Awesome.
I don't think so, but that would be very cool
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