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Just got my new bass for this years warped tour! If u didn't know we (We The Kings) are headlining the main stage this year!! Hope to see you there!!
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Sean S
Now that Google has given everyone Hangouts on Air, you should broadcast one of your concerts live on Hangouts on Air.
Where is the start of warped tour ?
should da got a Flea Bass, they are sick. But that's nice too.
I might have missed some vlogs, but did you ever use that custom made bass a CTFxC'er sent you? I think it's the raddest thing ever to have a fanmade instrument.
that is pretty sick charles nice have a great time
hey charles!your coming to saltlakecity utah,right?
awsome i soooo have to meet you.i was going to see you in omaha but then you had your brain slug thing...
Are you guys coming to Georgia?????
Hey what's that app that you and Ali have where you can track each others phones?
hey charles just wondered if you would ever use the custom CTFxC bass that some one made for you in a show would just be pretty nice to see you using it.
Ruth R
I'm so upset that I can't go to Warped tour!!! I don't have a ride there 😭
where is warp tour i have been watching all your days u guys rock can i have some tickets
I'm going to be at the Hartford CT warped tour! YES!
Charles the meme's need to end.. I keep forgetting what they mean
charles add me on google + add follow me on twitter ok
you should have a concert in New Zealand (:
your new guitar looks AWESOME !!!
Thats so cool I wish i could go I LOVE WE THE KINGS
awesome!!! im so excited for warped :D
I was wondering if you guys are doing the CTFxC Cinema anymore?  
me to him wondering, if they do I would like Back to the future
I can't wait for July 21st!  Long Island, NY FTW!
I am so going to Warped Tour!
Hope to see you there >O<
(the one in Minnesota)
The bass is an instant turn on if your a guitar enthusiast!
I cant go I wish I could it would be awesome to go!!!! But tell falling in reverse I love them!!!
woh i wish i had the skills to play guitar lucky you
RE: où sont les CTFxC vidéo? ----- S'il vous plaît aidez-moi je ne reçois pas plus le vlog de CTFxC je suis en colère sur youtube m'aider avant que je fasse la bêtise s'il vous plaît ps: jai appel B.alasade (Syri prez) pour une bombe nucléaire (blague destinée .. .) afin youtube station a la fesse. o et désolé pour mon mauvais anglais i `ma grenouille française du Québec CT Canada (QCTCPxC) 
I went to warped tour in Orlando,I saw We The Kings play but I didn't get to meet Charles :/
Awwwwwww I'm sorry u didn't get the chance to meet Charles!

yea i hope cause when i met him i almost cried
Move the troll face on your bass THAT BE COOL
Haha you guys were amazing on warped this year! ♥
Nice bass. I have a Fender Precision w/ a jazz and a precision pickup.
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