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This says it right
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This makes atheists look so good ..... hmmmmm, I'm in. What are we drinkin ?
The wine of truth, honesty, and scientific searching with a glass of a good porter!
Not one for a militant agnostic then -I am feeling left out:)
If it reflected reality in the slightest it'd show a picture of Mao or Pol Pot with a pyramid of skulls next to him, to depict what militant atheists have wreaked upon the innocents of this world.

Nevermind the reality though, just bury your head in this kind of delusional bigoted view of religions.
this is totally insane.... they always have it wrong about religions just for d=some dumbass did some mistake...
Im totally with you +Yasmin Zahir ... people are so stupid that they consider whole community the same just on the basis of some bunch of crazy ass groups..
+Abu Rashid Ibrahim Yes, and show the victims of Atheism right next to those of Religion, the Christian Crusades, Catholic Inquisition, The brutal, bloody conquest of a large part of Europe by Muslim leaders, plus all the wars waged in the name of religion. It won't be pretty.

Religious organizations are traditionally much less about true faith than they are about power, influence, control, about being right, about being better than the rest and in the end it's alway "Convert or Die!"

So here's the pot calling kettle black. If you study history you will find, while atheist leaders have commited heinous crimes, more blood has been shed (and most likely will be) in the name of religion than for any other reason.
+Jack Sparrrow i know right...this perspective should and must be changed..i mean you cant just judge a personn's religion just by one moron action...
+Jack Sparrrow +Yasmin Zahir That is the biggest problem with Religion, that some self proclaimed religious leaders abuse it for their own ends and to increase heir power and control. It's always been this way, unfortunately.

This way way the give Faith and Religion a bad name, and in my opinion insult those who believe, derive strength and ope from their faith without ever trying to force it on anyone, let alone hurt people over it.
I'm neither,thanks-I prefer Nature to religion.
+Max Schmitt You gotta be kidding me? Pol Pot, Stalin & Mao, 3 individuals in a span of a few decades alone probably murdered more people than have died as a result of all religious feuding throughout the entire 2000 year history of Islam & Christianity. Each of these 3 murdered millions, merely because they did not adopt their view of atheism correctly. It was just as much "convert or die" as any religious dispute you can point to.

The difference between atheists and religious people is that most religious people know killing is wrong and don't engage in it, But as far as the atheist ideology is concerned, we're all just a heap of molecules floating around in a universe made of molecules, so if we happen to take someone's life, or a couple million peoples' lives, then it really has no meaning beyond the fact we've "re-arranged some of those molecules" does it? Where's the intrinsic value in life for the atheist ideology? It doesn't exist. To the atheist nothing is sacred and nothing has real purpose or value.
+Abu Rashid Ibrahim you are wrong on so many levels.

First off if you even look at the light hearted comic strip it show militant versions of 2 religions. It doesn't tar everyone in that religion with the same brush.

Pol pot Stalin and Mao have not killed more people than religious wars dating back the 7k years of recorded religous history

And atheists, that is, people who don't believe in god but do believe in reasoned thought hold life more precious than anyone. We don't get to go to shiny heaven when we die. This is our one life as yours is your one life. Reason dictates you be free to live it.
+Abu Rashid Ibrahim +james bricknell When looking at Pol Pot, Stalin, and Mao, though they spoke of atheism, what they actually practiced was a theocracy of self. Not much different than today's Iran. The worship was power.
Now we can spend many calories on history, but today there is very active religious movements with death and destruction as the core. I find it hard to find a truly non-religious person with the wherewithal to garner a gang, much less an army.

The cartoon is meant to provide both a relative view, and a general self-image of Atheists.
Science has flown people to the moon. Religion has flown people into buildings.
+meshal arrosan atheist don't worship science. We don't worship anything. That's the point. And please if you are going to write a reply that has any validity, learn to spell.
Oh yes, because the great churches of the world would never hinder scientific advancement, and no one is allowed to skip out of science classes at a university because of their religious beliefs and still get a degree.

People of faith are really quick to show off individuals when it supports their cause and say "its only one person abusing power" when it doesn't, or better yet "its all just political!". I love that excuse.

I will try to illustrate by NOT using Wikipedia, a site NO university allows as a reference for material.

Now that is out of the way, you missed the point entirely.

First, Atheists do not "Worship" science. Science and religious powers have different goals, the main one being Science in and of itself does not seek power or dominion over people. Science seeks an observable, testable way of knowing about our universe. Religion looks to make people happy in their daily lives, to give them hope. However, religious institutions have lost their way.

I agree that small local churches do a lot of good work for their local community. However, once a church reaches "critical mass" is MUST look to its own needs first in order to ensure its own survival. Just turn on 700 club some time.

With science, there is peer review and a way to correct mistakes or allow for changing NEW ideas. Religion spends most its time trying to make ancient text relevant in a modern world and maintaing the status quo.

I am not saying faith or spirituality is bad. In fact, if you need justification from someone else that you matter and your life is valuable and thats what gets through the day, go for it.

It is when you get on your high-horse and become sanctimonious about how everyone who doesn't believe in the "exact god" you do, or even worship such deities "in the wrong way" that they are going spend an eternity in damnation and hell fire, because you, specially you, as an individual, have the answers to world piece.

Not only are religious peoples so sure that they alone have the right god and the right way to worship that god, they are willing to bomb abortion clinics, burn other churches, and murder other human beings. Why? Because their beliefs allow them to not only be forgiven for such acts, but can persuaded that it is even endorsed.

When was the last time you seen an Atheist with a suicide vest? When was the last time an Atheist blew up a building in the name of Science? When was the last time an Atheist did anything remotely close to mass murder? For every one you find, I can promise you I can find thousands on the other side.
I have visited Iraq, Afghanistan, Kuwait, Qatar, The UAE and many more "Muslim Countries" that exist outside of the Middle East. I am very familiar with Muslim tradition and history, in fact most Atheists find it very helpful to learn about theology in general.

Its true. In fact, the great majority of the populous in many of the countries can barely read in any language. I have even met Muslims that have never actually read the Koran. Of course, the same is true of Christians and Jews as well with their respective texts.

I do not have an issue with people in believing in whatever god they choose. The problem comes when people, such as yourself, say things such as "i dont care about chrestianity or judaism ...etc". That is the key difference between an Atheist and a "Believer" of any religion. Atheists care about humanity, we care about quality of life, and levels of education, and making smart choices for the future of our world, not just our nation, our home town, or even any one organization or government.

We look at the world with an objective eye and work together to accomplish tasks for the common good, not just for common good of one group.

In fact, their are even Atheists who take their children to various churches and Mosques. It's true.

What we Atheists have done, is to make a conscious decision to look beyond the hyperbole and mysticism. We have chosen, of our own free will (that most sacred text agree we posses) to find solutions to problems rather than wait and pray for an answer. We have chosen to work out the details, to get the job done and to try to make life, and those around us, just a little better than the way we found it. We have chosen to not accept that some magical being will save us. The very idea, given the truly massive size of the known universe and of all of the truly magnificent wonders it contains, that there is a singular being that is so obsessed with what we as a species and even as an individual due in our daily lives just seems rather self-centered and egotistical.

Accepting the greater probability that any single human existence will have little to no effect on the world is surprisingly liberating. My life or death will most likely in no way effect the survival of the human species. Not even Stalin, Hitler, Jesus or Mohamed have had that effect. Even if I do have an impact on the entirety humanity and in some way direct its course, that is neither important or justification for violence.

There is no species of any kind that cares about humans or their beliefs. There is no species of any kind that care about our politics. Except of course, for other people. Art, history, religion, none of these are requirements for survival as a species. Fighting and killing for such things such a lowly goal for Atheists that it really is beneath us. There are bigger problems to solve than worrying about when the last time your neighbor got on his knees and prayed.

Things I would like to see in my lifetime:
1) Rather than spend $180 billion dollars every single year in Congo for malaria relief, spend that same amount on an effective sewer system and new housing to prevent the disease in the first place.

2) Open all borders to doctors and medical personnel that are trying to bring much needed health care to the millions of people without it.

3) A system of governance that is truly good for the people, not just good for the people that happen to attend the same church.

You say you will debate from the point of Islam vs. Atheism. Fine, do that. However, once again you have shown us all how you really feel. You feel as if you are apart from the world, or rather anyone not Muslim is apart from you. Religion is an "exclusive" club, outsiders need not apply. Atheism is inclusive. We really don't care what you believe, until you try to force you values upon us, or try to kill us for the high-crime of disagreeing with you. Most religious "teachers" (priests, monks, whatever...) have said at some point in their tenure "do not question the will of god." Why not?

What Atheists are really questioning is "the word of god", and those who say it is the word of god. It is not. They are words from a book that where written with a pen by a very human hand. No matter how much "faith" you may claim to possess, you cannot escape that fact. All texts have been, and always will be penned by a mere mortal human being.
+Chris Lyons +james bricknell Thanks for your eloquent posts, I couldn't agree more even though I see myself as an agnostic rather than an atheist.

+meshal arrosan No meshal, we do get you right. Look, no matter how you try to spin it, the attitude of churches (as opposed to religions) is and always has been, bluntly put: "We're the best, f*** the rest". That is true for most religious factions that ever gained any sizable amount of power., be it any Islamic leaders, The roman Catholic church, Radical evangelicals, you name them. It's always this "If you're not with us, you're against us" attitude that brings hatred and bloodshed. And frankly, no church, sect, group that ever wishes death on non-believers or creates places like hell for them deserves the slightest bit of respect.

I mean the so called big religions, which in reality are nothing else than political factions even fight and kill among themselves. Shiites and Sunnites blow each other's mosques up and bash each others heads in because the cannot agree on the "Proper Islam". The catholic church tried for centuries to subdue and eradicate reformists within and churches that "deviated from the proper path", let alone those of unworthy beliefs, like the indigenous people of Africa, America and Australia.

While the statement that certain scientific progress was made by religious people and church members holds some truth, it must be mentioned that they were the only ones with access to education, because it was denied to non-believers. Yet most of the scientific breakthroughs were made my non-conformists against the will of their churches and sometimes with danger to their lives. Were it for the catholic church, for instance, we would still believe the earth is flat, revolves around the sun and that traveling at speed in excess of 25 km/h would instantly kill us.

Bottom line is that historically, almost all churches and sects are exclusive, domineering, controlling and narrow minded, while the very root of atheism and agnosticism is inclusive, tolerant, empathic and above all, very open minded.

I think that it is a safe assumption that if either Jesus of Nazareth or Mohamed were the who they are made to be by their churches, they would be utterly appalled and disgusted and above all terribly saddened by how their ideals were twisted and perverted by the people and churches that were named after them.
+Max Schmitt that last paragraph hits right to the core of religion as opposed to faith. Its a great paragraph well done.

I fully believe that these two men existed and that most of their ideals were something to strive for. Love thy neighbour is the most important tenant of the Christian faith and yet that same faith is used to justify the slaughter of "nonbelievers"

Violence on an apocalyptic scale can only be perpetrated by men of faith because reason by its very nature abhors violence on a massive scale. Violence in the defence of ones self or the lives of loved ones is the only violence I would contemplate. Because its the only type that has a reasoned justification.
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