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When reset's not working, ain't nothing working.

Somewhere in my office (probably within arm's reach) is the 1/4" to 1/8" stereo headphone adapter I need, but it is managing to remain hidden. On the plus side, I found a Palm Pilot stylus...I'm sure that will come in handy for something!

Spending some time over the holidays growing the media RAID array. 10TB just doesn't go as far as it used to! Fortunately, Linux and mdadm make the process fairly painless.

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Advanced bridge.

I had a few stitching problems which seem to be the fault of my manual coding and not ultimately that of the algorithm.

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Since it looks like I'm never going to get my iBox nano from Kickstarter :disappointed:, what's a good, inexpensive, (preferrably) open-source SLA printer? Is the SeeMeCNC DropLit worth the $750 (minus the 10% Dearborn Makerfair discount) or should I look to something else?

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And they say the photo enhancement you see on CSI is fake!!!
It’s been a year since the historic #PlutoFlyby. From atmospheric hazes to details about Pluto’s moons, check out the top 10 discoveries from from our New Horizons spacecraft:
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The season 2.0 premier of +BattleBots airs tonight! Tune in or set the DVR!

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Vacuum tube cell-phone trivia from the latest Embedded Muse (

A smart phone has well over 100 billion transistors. If we built one using tubes the phone would be about the size of 170 Vertical Assembly Buildings (the largest single-story building in the world). That would certainly discourage texting while driving. Weight? 2500 Nimitz-class aircraft carriers. And what a power hog! Figure over a terawatt, requiring all of the output of 500 of Olkiluoto power plants (the largest nuclear plant in the world). A tube-powered phone would run a cool $50 trillion, almost the GDP of the entire world.
And that's before AT&T's monthly data plan charges.

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