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Charles Redell
42. That's not just my age.
42. That's not just my age.

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Have you checked out lately? The current comic series my wife, +Alexis Govan has up covers Zolo's memories of what he did during our time in Canada this summer. It's pretty fabulous.

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Once again trying G+ with its new look and features. So I'll start with a promo post for my Kickstarter project. We hope you'll support it. 

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We went for a walk on the trails north of the off-leash area in Golden Gardens and heard what we thought was a train on the tracks below us. A father and his two young sons came along and told us it was this tree fall that they'd just seen fall across the trail.

So, when a tree falls in the woods, it does make a sound!
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To be a success, you have to learn to not give a shit. -paraphrasing George Carlin. via

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Give a listen to this episode for the Syria work alone. I'm completely disgusted by how the world is ignoring Syria's plight. Sickening.
This week on On the Media - The perils of reporting from Syria, the familiar drum beat of war in Iran, fact-checking and the nature of truth, and how hollywood can't produce a realistic newscast.

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Well worth the 11 minutes. Makes EP 1 good.

Alright folks, about to head out to work for the first time in days. The hardest part is going to be dealing with the ice-covered sidewalks as I scramble down the hill. But the potential for flooded streets this afternoon is sure to bring some fun to it as well. Wish me luck.
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