A Streborian Lexicon


I like 'em.  I like 'em heaps.  Love 'em, even.  Heaps.

I make my own.  Often.

I give objects names. Often.

Unfortunately, this often leads to other people - particularly those new to my personality -  having no idea what I'm talking about.

As an attempt at having a solution to this issue, I'm going to create a Streborian Lexicon.  To do that, I need your help: what words, ideas, et cetera that I use would you like better explained, defined, described, made intelligible et cetera?

Here are five that I use regularly that often cause confusion: Derek, h3rg1dri529, The Birds,  Roger and Fire Spinning.

So - tell me - what words/phrases/ideas should be in the Streborian Lexicon?

Pinging +Meirav M., +David Washington  +Gita Jaisinghani because words.

#Neologism   #Neologist   #Lexicon   #Streborian   #StreborianPondering  

PS I'm linking to my blog as the lexicon will eventually appear there: more likely to be a page on the blog instead of a post.
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