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Pink and Green

Hoya - the plant, not the filter - from my front verandah: they smell delicious at this time of the morning, with a similar dollop of deliciousness around sunset.  I'm unsure of the species but I've been told this one is a native - that could be wrong, it could be very wrong.

These rather special pink flowers appear in axillary umbellate clusters at the tip of peduncles: there are currently three clusters flowering with one cluster getting ready to flower and 5 peduncles that have recently finished flowering.  This plant - which would now stretch about 10 metres if given the chance - was grown from a wee cutting about  5 centimetres long 6 years ago: it took over a year to first flower after I struck the cutting and - over the past few years - always has at least one cluster in flower.

Each of the clusters is the size of a large orange.

This is for +Mz Maau, of course.

#Hoya   #PinkandGreen   #Darwin  #Derek #Photography #waxplant #waxvine #waxflower
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Is exactly like where you are right now.

Only much, much better.

(With kudos to Laurie for the words)

#Orbaliciousness #Orbs #Orb #Nightcliff #NightcliffBeach #Sunset #Roger #Photography #MobilePhotography #Mobilography #MobilographyPAD2014
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+Alison Christensen G'mornin' Ms Al.
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Proxima by Stephen Baxter

#23s #twentythrees #twentythree
Proxima by Stephen Baxter

#23s #twentythrees #twentythree
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I am not sure, I have so many books that I can't keep up. I have even lost track of the ones I have read....
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Sunset Storm at Dripstone
Uploaded at full-size so you can zoom in on the cloudy bits.

Breakfast (the usual porridge and berries) has been consumed.  It is now time for second breakfast: broccoli, caramelised red-onion and cheddar cheese muffins.  Said muffins were inspired by +Cathy Samuels posting about her nommish food weekend.

#CloudAppreciation #Sky #CloudClub #CloudScape #Clouds #Dripstone   #Darwin  #Derek #Photography
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Very very!
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Charles Strebor

commented on a video on YouTube.
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Wait.. wait... that's not Toehiding - that's Toeshowing.
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Antejentacular Ponderings

The coffee is ready so I'll ponder this image whilst I consider breakfast: good morning, welcome to my Monday.

#Antejentacular #Cableicous   #Roger #Photography #MobilePhotography #Mobilography #MobilographyPAD2014
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Mornin sir, have a good one! 
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And Stroke and Stroke and Stroke

This one is for +Ted Ewen  because #Branch .

In my nanna-nap dream this afternoon, I had designed a cart that would allow easy transportation of the fire gear with no spillage of fuels.  It had to be painted blue as it was bigger on the inside.   Now to make sure the manufacturer delivers it on time.

And it is now almost time to head to the beach again - the sky is looking rather bare but I'm sure there will be a few clouds about so as to add to the beauty that is sunset at the beach.

Foods for this occasion?  Sausages with cheese and sauce for the Birds and a broccoli/cheese/onion muffin-type thing for their mum and I with roast spuds and delicious toppings for all - to be followed by ice cream with pomegranate syrup for dessert.  The ice cream, though, isn't joining us to the beach - it will be for after.

Good evening - may your morvening be as delicious as I intend mine being.

#FireSpinning #FirePoi #FirePois #PlayingWithFire #Fire #LongExposure #DripstoneCliffs   #Darwin   #Derek #Photography
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+Paul Foster I did - I did find the faerie dust - plenty.  Just for you.  For the morrow. ;-D
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Before the Flight

Before we could fly we needed to enter: before we could enter, we needed to arrive.

#MelbourneStar   #Docklands   #Melbourne  #Derek #Photography #Fishy #Fisheye #UWA
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+Andrew Knowlton I initially purchased this particular lens to enable making equirectangular panoramas without having to shoot 50+ images (I now need but 6  {4 around, 1 up, 1 down} though I usually shoot 5 {4 around}: I'm chuffed to have spotted the fisheye work of +Queenie Moo and +Ananda Sim - they inspired me to look differently.
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That Blue

For +Paul Foster: not mourning an old git - celebrating a dear friend.

#ThatBlue   #Sky  #Roger #Photography #MobilePhotography #Mobilography #MobilographyPAD2014 #SOOC  
I've won a free print of one of my images (decisions... decisions... decisions...) from the good folk at +Dots To Spots Printing - thanks Andrew, thanks Rebecca.
Free Print Good Friday

To celebrate Good Friday, we are giving away a free photo print.
All you need to do is place a comment on this post today (18/4/14) and live in Australia. We will randomly choose a person for this free print tomorrow.

The random person chosen will receive a 16"×24" print on 250gsm Satin photo paper delivered to their address.

The winner of this event has till sunday night (20/4/14) to send their photo to dots to spots to redeem this free print.

Have a great Friday everyone!

#friday #free #print #freeprintfriday
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I've now used Dots To Spots on more than a few occasions and I am more than happy with the results. I've had images printed on both paper and canvas to date and I'm chuffed with the quality of the work that Dots To Spots delivers. Their support of the Melbourne photographic community (and even us visitors from interstate) is legendary and it would be good to see more small business do the same. Well done Dots To Spots - here's to your success.
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The Lost City Rock Formations are magical to visit: it's a stark area approximately 10km down a corrugated road off Litchfield Park Road. A four-wheel drive vehicle - and patience - is necessary. Take your food, take plenty of water and spend as much time as you possibly can visiting these beautiful rocks.
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The twice-cooked duck is beyond amazing and I've had it with several differently flavoured sauces. The first Bloody Mary I had there - about five weeks back - was the best I've experienced in my travels around Victoria. I look forward to my next visit to Melbourne (minus the cold, of course) such that I can have another grand meal at this venue.
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Excellent coffee, relaxed environment, attentive staff - great French Toast.
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