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Charles Strebor (Rantz)
Earthling made of stardust.
Earthling made of stardust.

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Lygon & Brunswick
Street & Road

This is a 14 minute exposure shot with Woody (an ONDUpinhole camera) for World Pinhole Day (the last Sunday in April every year - 30th April 2017 this year).

#Film #BeliveInFilm #Woody #WorldPinholeDay #Pinhole #ONDUpinhole

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Labyrinth Pinhole

Too wide for #Woody, is the #Labyrinth.

This image was shot about an before +Julia Robertson and I walked as one at 1 for #WorldLabyrinthDay at the Merri Creek Labyrinth.

Tis a loverly spot to enjoy the world from.

#Pinhole #ONDUpinhole #Film #BelieveInFilm #MerriCreekLabyrinth

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Greedy Rabbit

One solar-powered spotlight wasn't enough for +Mr Rabbit's Big Adventure - he demanded two. I'm hoping the very cheap ($AUD3) solar lights will still be available next time I visit that shop. The mirror ball on the balcony also needs to shine.

#MrRabbit #Roger #Orange

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Apples and Fruit Bowls

The lopsidedness of this report is also evident in the fact that, according to the article, it treats terrorists with an Islamist agenda as one dataset, and compares it to terrorists with a white supremacist agenda, terrorists with an anti-government agenda, and terrorist with a fundamentalist Christian agenda, by treating all three non-Islamic motivations as one dataset. This is not an apples to apples comparison. This is an apples to fruit bowl comparison.

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+Alexandre Arioli, I love your work.


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Antejentacular Ponderings

The coffee is ready so I'll ponder this image whilst I consider breakfast: good morning, welcome to my Monday.

#Antejentacular #Roger #Photography #MobilePhotography #Mobilography #MobilographyPAD2017 #MerriCreekLabyrinth #Labyrinth

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There's a new sculpture in the middle of the Labyrinth at Merri Creek: delicately balanced, beautiful to behold.

I walked the Labyrinth again today, thinking of the times I walked it with +Phoenix's Photos & +Julia Robertson: time to be remember. And repeated.

If you're in Melbourne, visit the site. And like anywhere else you go, take your rubbish away with you. And if you see someone else's rubbish, take that with you, too.

Merri Creek Labyrinth on the Merri Creek Trail, Clifton Hill VIC 3068

#MerriCreekLabyrinth #Labyrinth #MerriCreek #Roger

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It Was A Monday

When Terrance and I left home the sky was full of clouds and their was evidence of an earlier rain around the place.

As we got closer to the city, the mist was taking over. Once in the working place, looking West showed me just how misty it was.

For +SteamySunday as curated by +Paul Pavlinovich & +Shelly Gunderson.

#SteamySunday #Roger

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Cables in the Mist

Get your steam on - it's +SteamySunday as hosted by +Shelly Gunderson & +Paul Pavlinovich.

This is one of my #SteamySunday images for today: another shall be posted once I've made a(nother) pot of tea.

#Cableicous #Dikaiosyne #PuffingBilly +Cableicous 

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Disco, Disco, Disco

It's time for Terrance and I to head out for a roll to the Merri Creek Labyrinth to meet up with one of the organisers of the Friends of... group to give the place a look-over and see what needs next doing in order to keep the place neat, tidy and well-kept for future visitors.

May your day be.

#Orb #Orbs #Orbaliciousness #Monochrome #Roger
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