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Great! I start to feel better  and then I piss brown urine...aka BLOOD IN URINE, NOT GOOD! :-(
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Hmm! Seems like you got yourself a real problem tthere, buddy.
I don't know...I use to be strong as an ox and now I am a weak lil bitch
Ne lida
:((( hope everything's ok!
Re Mi

Hope it's not serious!
feeling down hearted or something? give a break to certain stuff. get well bro. hate to see like this.
Watch out for dogss they bite especaily when you have rbbs dogs. Huh
+Jovani Haro it didn't burn at all. That's the trippy part

+Chris Guest I'd be pissed if it was lol
Wow, I just peed into the cup and it looks worst that I thought. I am pissing coffee. I should post a pic
Hahahaha and just saying a bunch of words and hoping it makes sense lol
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