A VERY Rare Shared Circle: My Absolute Favorite Plussers

As many of those whom I know on Google+ are aware, it can be kind of daunting at times to keep up with a G+ Stream when you follow several thousand people.  Thanks to the wonderful education by people in the +Plus Your Business! Academy last year, I did learn a lot more on how to manage my Stream, but I still need to work more on refining my Circles.  Still, I've made some slight progress.  Obviously, +Circloscope is a very helpful tool for this.

But for whatever reason, I decided to Share this Circle.  This is my ONLY Notification Circle, to avoid Notification Overload.  :-)  Some of them are quite prolific posters, some are moderate, and some only post rarely.  They generally fall into the following categories:

(1) Social media
(2) Deep thinkers
(3) Science
(4) Photography
(5) Curmudgeon (had to include this category specifically for Vincent LOL  But he's my kind of curmudgeon.)

There are obviously a LOT more people worth following on G+, and by no means do I intend any slight to anyone not included.  I had to be VERY picky about this list.

+Chrysta Rae +Sanjiv Manifest +Vincent Messina +Lauri Novak +Craig Szymanski +Gina Fiedel +Kalebra Kelby +Alexandra Riecke-Gonzales +Mark Metternich +Don Komarechka +Athena Carey +Mark Bruce +Lacerant Plainer +Brian Koberlein +Robin Griggs Wood +Sandra Parlow +David Amerland +Karen Hutton +ScienceSunday 

Not that I'm necessarily anyone special, or that my recommendations mean more or less than anyone else's, but perhaps others will find someone in here whom they haven't yet followed, but who would add something of value to their G+ Stream.

And to all those in this Circle, I am deeply grateful for your presence on G+ and what you contribute.  Have a FABULOUS Sunday!
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