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Charles “Chip” Payet
Husband, father, dentist, photographer, passionate and creative, always learning.
Husband, father, dentist, photographer, passionate and creative, always learning.

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Seriously, I just can't watch this enough times!
Anyone else have momentary flashbacks to the Villanova game last year??? OMG my heart was pounding, but it felt so much better to be on the giving end of a last-second shot than receiving! GO HEELS!

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The Republicans had 7 years to come up with a bill on which they could all agree, or at least enough of them could agree to get it passed. They have the House, the Senate, and the White House.


That's pathetic. And since they now don't have the budget savings from getting rid of the ACA costs, their freedom to cut taxes for the wealthy is dramatically decreased unless they're willing to hugely increase the deficit. The House Freedom Caucus (such a bullshit name, really) has now proven that they truly have the power to kill anything that doesn't meet their strict requirements, and that means that, unless Trump and the GOP are willing to work with the Democrats, none of the GOP priorities on the budget will happen. We'll basically be dealing with continuing resolutions on the budget indefinitely.

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I simply can't believe that this is what our Presidency has become. So depressing.

Thanks to +Thomas Rohde for sharing the link to the original Time article:


In an exclusive interview with Time’s Michael Scherer, published Thursday, President Donald Trump basically gives three types of explanations for why it’s okay for him to say things that aren’t true.

Trump thinks it’s okay to repeat a false claim as long as he is accurately stating the fact that someone else made the false claim. He thinks it’s okay to say something false as long as it later turns out that something vaguely similar is true. And he appears to think it’s okay to just straight-up lie and then keep lying for no reason.

At the end, Trump closes with one last excuse, the ultimate Trump rationale for anything he does — he won the election: "I can’t be doing so badly, because I’m president, and you’re not. You know."
Good summary of the past day's news in US politics, complete with short (but accurate) backgrounders on each major story. 

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OMG OLMG OMG!!! The dental geek in me wants this thing RIGHT NOW!

And.....well.....I will probably be getting it by this summer, too. :-D. Maybe along with a new 3D x-ray (cone beam) and a new milling unit and 3D printer.

Damn......just when I had almost completely gotten out of business debt. But what we'll be able to do with this? It'll be incredible!!!!!

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Seriously, the leaks are the most important thing to focus on? But what about all the cries from the GOP last year that Hillary didn't deserve to be President because she was being investigated by the FBI? Oh wait..........right, Trump is a Republican, so him being investigated by the FBI isn't the problem............ /facepalm/
A HOUSE Intelligence Committee hearing Monday produced the remarkable spectacle of FBI Director James B. Comey publicly testifying that there was “no information that supports” tweets by President Trump alleging wiretapping of his New York headquarters on the order of President Barack Obama. It saw National Security Agency Director Michael S. Rogers agree with the British government that it was “utterly ridiculous” for the White House to suggest that such surveillance had been undertaken by Britain’s signals agency. And it produced official confirmation by Mr. Comey that the agency is investigating Russia’s interference in the U.S. presidential election, including possible coordination with members of the Trump campaign.

You’d think that all of this would be of surpassing concern for Republican members of Congress. The president who leads their party has been officially reported to have made false statements alleging criminal activity by his predecessor. What’s more, his campaign is under scrutiny for possible cooperation with a dedicated and dangerous U.S. adversary in order to subvert American democracy.

Yet to listen to Republican members of the Intelligence Committee, the most pressing problem to arise from Russia’s intervention and the FBI’s investigation of it is that reports of contacts between Russia’s ambassador and Mr. Trump’s designated national security adviser were leaked to The Post.

It was kind of jaw-dropping to watch!

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Today's theme is Your Last Image of Winter

For #joinindaily with +Johnny Wills

Taken last Sunday, when we got a quick snow that disappeared even more quickly than it appeared. It was awfully pretty while it lasted, though. 

For some reason, I thought that I had actually finished using the facial recognition feature in Adobe Lightroom to sort all of my photos going back as far as I have them. Apparently, I was wrong! Dang. I just spent the last 20 minutes working on faces in 2011. Now I have to check and see if I missed any other years.

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Seriously, "[He's] been reading things........" What the everloving fuck!?!?

Holy hell, how are we supposed to survive 4 years of this fucking imbecile? He's absolutely incoherent and can't manage a full couple sentences in a row that make any sense. 
How in the world has this man been able to become president? No wait, how is it possible that he was able to finish high school like this?
Trump’s defense of his wiretap conspiracy theory goes horribly awry

03/16/17 08:40 AM—UPDATED 03/16/17 08:50 AM

By Steve Benen

I’ve tried to keep an open mind about Donald Trump’s wiretap conspiracy theory. The idea that President Obama ordered illegal surveillance of the then-Republican candidate obviously seems ridiculous, but it’s plausible to me that some members of Team Trump had communications that were caught up in a legitimate, proper investigation.

But every time I try to take at least part of the story seriously, Trump shares some thoughts on the matter, which make his allegations sound crazy all over again. Last night, for example, Fox News aired a new interview between Tucker Carlson and the president.

CARLSON: On March 4th, 6:45 in the morning, you are down in Florida, and you tweet, “The former administration wiretapped me, surveilled me at Trump Tower during the last election.” How did you find out? You said “I just found out,” how did you learn that?

TRUMP: I had been reading about things. I read in – I think it was January 20th, a New York Times article where they were talking about wiretapping. There was an article, I think they used that exact term. I read other things. I watched your friend Bret Baier the day previous, where he was talking about certain, very complex sets of things happening, and wiretapping. I said “Wait a minute, there’s a lot of wiretapping being talked about.” I have been seeing a lot of things.

Let’s pause here for a moment. To hear the president tell it, when he told the world that he’d “just found out” about an illegal surveillance operation launched against him by Barack Obama, that was apparently a lie. The New York Times mentioned wiretapping in January, and Fox’s Bret Baier mentioned it again more recently, but neither report made any mention of Obama targeting Trump.

Also note Trump’s vague references to “things”: he’s read some “things,” he’s read “other things,” and he’s “seeing a lot of things.” This wouldn’t work for a child delivering a book report about a book he hasn’t read, and it sounds even worse when a president is defending accusations of an illegal espionage operation.

The interview continued:

CARLSON: Why not wait to tweet about it until you can prove it? Don’t you devalue your words when you can’t provide evidence?

TRUMP: Well, because the New York Times wrote about it. Not that I respect the New York Times. I call it the failing New York Times. But they did write on January 20 using the word “wiretap.”

This isn’t coherent. Why did Trump share a conspiracy theory he couldn’t prove? Because two months ago, a newspaper he doesn’t trust published a piece that offered literally no proof to substantiate his conspiracy theory. Maybe the president didn’t understand the question.

This, however, was probably the most striking exchange:

CARLSON: Right, but you are the president. You have the ability to gather all the evidence you want.

TRUMP: I do, I do, but I think that frankly, we have a lot right now, and I think if you watch – if you watched the Bret Baier and what he was saying, and what he was talking about and how he mentioned the word wiretap, you would feel very confident that you could mention the name. He mentioned it, and other people mentioned it.

This is alarmingly nutty. For months, Trump has looked past the official information available to the president through his own administration, preferring instead to rely on reports from news outlets he doesn’t seem to fully understand. In this case, Tucker Carlson tried to remind him that he has access to real evidence that could tell him whether his conspiracy theories are true or not, and Trump immediately responded by pointing to a Fox News report – which once again, did not in any way bolster his conspiracy theory.

The president went on to say that in his conspiracy-theory tweets, he put the word “wiretap” in quotes. “Nobody ever talks about the fact that it was in quotes, but that’s a very important thing,” Trump said.

A Slate report added, “It is hard to fully describe how clownish the president of the United States looks during this portion of the interview.”

If the goal of the appearance was to renew fears about Trump’s stability, he succeeded beautifully.

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Today's theme for #joinindaily with +Johnny Wills is Escalators/Moving Staircases

Taken after our arrival in the Munich, Germany airport right after Christmas for a week of vacation.

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I was fortunate enough to snorkel the Great Barrier Reef in 2003 and it was glorious. That it may never recover, at least not in a lifetime, makes me both sad and furious. Those who deny climate change, especially those in charge of setting national policies, are committing a crime against nature, and everyone (and everything) on the planet will soon pay for their transgressions.
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