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Amazing Idea: Small Cyber Business Sunday

+Nancy Levan just did something really amazing and thoughtful and COMPLETELY unexpected.  

Read her post for her thoughts on starting a new way to think about buying gifts for those you love and for whom you want something unique and different, perhaps, all while supporting small businesses and not the big-box stores.  It's a marvelous idea indeed!

I guess I'm fortunate that photography is a serious and passionate hobby, not something on which I depend for a living, but what artist (including me) wouldn't be flattered by having one of my images given as a gift?  There are many on this list for whom this is equally a passion and a primary source of income, and I genuinely hope that people find something from them that becomes a meaningful gift.

+Gina Fiedel I think this is something that strikes close to your heart.  :-)
I've decided to start Small Cyber Business Sunday!
There's Black Friday for the big businesses, then there's Shop Small Saturday for the small retail shops, and even Cyber Monday for the likes of and other major online retailers. But where are the small cyber businesses?

They don't have brick and mortar locations. They aren't an online behemoth selling everything under the sun. They are artists and professionals with an online presence that provide products and services. Forget the 10 pack of socks this year. Buy something different and special.

Have something made for that special person in your life. Buy a one of a kind piece of jewelry. Hire a photographer for a portrait session, to shoot a family reunion, or to create an amazing conceptual photograph that will be cherished for decades. Hire a writer to create a special story or a designer's services to give a fresh look to your own website. Support artists and independent professionals by shopping with them today before you opt for the usual gift.

I've put together a list here to get you started. Please feel free to share this post and help to spread the word about Small Cyber Business Sunday. Thanks for your support!


+Abigail Markov
Abby creates gorgeous hand formed metal jewelry and each piece is unique and special.

+Angela Migliore
Angela creates one-of-a-kind metalwork and beaded jewelry. She supports fair trade and also offers charitable jewelry.

Design & Writing
+Kyla Palin
Kyla is a talented photographer, graphic designer and writer. She can help you with logo design, web design, writing, as well as portrait or event photography.

Handcrafted Goods
+Anita W - Woods Naturals
Anita makes handcrafted, cold process soaps in small batches. She has an amazing selection of scents created with essential oils. She also creates knitted shower scrubbies and washcloths. Buy from her site to please the person on your list who loves natural things.


+Ugo Cei
Do you have a budding photographer that loves to travel on your list? Ugo leads amazing photography workshops in Greece and Italy every year. Would that special someone love the gift of shooting the Italian Riviera in May or Greece in June? Visit his site for more information on how to purchase a spot for that photographer in your life. 

+Anja Wessels
Anja offers gorgeous floral photography from the Netherlands.

+Carla McMahon
Carla is a tremendously talented photographer living in South Africa. She has amazing conceptual photos, food and nature photography as well as beautiful photographs of South African landscapes.

+Cathy Custer Donohoue
I call Cathy "The Butterfly Whisperer" because somehow she can get a butterfly to sit still for an up close portrait. She also has lovely floral photos and shots of her hometown of Cincinnati, Ohio.

+Charles Payet
Charles is a dentist in North Carolina but he's also a talented photographer who makes beautiful photographs. He really excels in landscape photography but some of my favorite work from him is his fireworks shots. 

+Christina Lihani
Christina is part photographer, part digital artist, and 100% amazing. She has her work available through Fine Art America so you have the option not only prints, but pillows, totes, phone cases and more. Go check out her gorgeous offerings.

+Cindy Voorhees
Cindy is a photographer based in Chicago, Illinois and her website offers great shots of the city and surrounding area.

+Corey Gibson
Corey is a talented photographer based in South Carolina and he can do it all. He shoots for weddings, real estate, portraits, nature and landscapes. Plus, he has a beautiful photography book published called "The Sky" which you can find more info about on his website.

+Dave DeBaeremaeker
Dave is a unique and fun photographer living in North Carolina. He has his landscape photography available through Fine Art America but I bet if we asked really nice he'd upload some of his Lego images. He has such a creative eye and his work is different in the best way. 

+David R Robinson
David makes gorgeous images of places around the world. From Texas to Paris he captures the beauty of the moment.

+David Seibold
David is a diverse photographer making shots of the world around him in California. He has everything from macro nature to landscapes.

+Gary Paakkonen
Gary offers wedding and portrait photography in Canada. He has a unique outlook and a great sense of humor which translate into his varied images.

+Gene Bowker
Gene has a love of railroads and Americana so he creates wonderful images to share that love with others. If you have a train enthusiast on your gift list, this is the place for you to go.

+Heather Simpson
Heather is a wedding, family and portrait photographer from Washington state. She has a unique perspective and can create that special memory for you to cherish.

+Jayme Spoolstra  - YelloCoyote Photography
Jayme is an outstanding sports, dance, event and portrait photographer living in Elgin, Illinois. She can help you document that special get together or create a unique portrait.

+Lauri Novak
Lauri is known for her exceptional architecture and landscape photography but she also has a love of photographing ballet and dance. She has an exceptional eye and talent for creating stunning images.

+Lora Lee Chapman
Lora Lee is an award winning photographer living in the Santa Cruz, California area. She creates truly lovely photos of the beautiful nature around her - sunrise, sunset, beach, trees and everything in between.

+Marsha Leigh
Marsha is a photographer offering portrait photography as well as photo restoration. Do you have old family photos that need to be rescued? Marsha can help you preserve your family memories.

+Martin Heller
Martin is a creative photographer who enjoys macro, abstract and portrait photography as well as nature and floral shots. He has a nice collection of images available to purchase as prints.

+Melissa Beagle
Melissa is truly a talented nature and landscape photographer but some of her best work is her conceptual photography starring a family of walnuts. Seriously! Go check it out. You'll instantly be in love. If you have someone who loves whimsical or even just a nutty family of your own, go to her Fine Art America site. You can get her work printed on pillows, totes and more.

+Michael Bukraba
Michael is a portrait and event photographer in southern California. He also has an eye for nature and landscape photography.

+Michelle Smith
Michelle lives in Maine where she can shoot the amazing fall colors that the northeastern U.S. is known for as well as the beautiful coastal areas. She captures magical landscapes that burst with color and make you wish you were there.

+Patrick Kelly
Patrick has a diverse portfolio available on FAA. He shoots the world around him on his travels and offers images from macro nature to architecture and landscape.

Paula Contreras - +Art through the Aperture Photography
Paula is a talented nature and conceptual photographer who is also a poet at heart. She sometimes pairs her beautiful images with her poetry to express her special artistic voice.

+Sam Breach
Sam is a tremendously talented fashion and conceptual photographer living in the San Francisco, California area. She has an amazing artistic vision that is uniquely her own and her images are lush, sensuous, stunning, and unforgettable. Sam has a long list of very happy clients and she's available to travel worldwide. If you're looking for extra special and one-of-a-kind, Sam will create it.

+Shannon Adelson
Shannon is a nature photographer living in Philidelphia, Pennsylvania. He offers beautiful floral photography on his FAA site but I happen to know he's also a talented portrait photographer. If you're in the Philly area and want a portrait session, contact him to get more info.

+Shari Seibold
Shari explores the world around her through her camera lens. She has a creative eye and her sleeping baby images are magical.

+Sharon Ragner
Sharon is a digital artist that offers her designs on a wide variety of products sold through Zazzle and Society 6. These would be appropriate for anyone on your list.

+Tom Gort
Tom's photography focus is on black & white, street, and architecture photography with a smattering of sports photography. He sells his work through FAA.

+Tom Woll
Tom is a talented photographer with an eclectic collection. He recently had a month long gallery show of his work in South Dakota and has received accolades for his work. I would say that his work tends to feel rustic.

+Tonya Freed Tonya's photography is primarily nature along with some concept photography. Have you ever seen a hedgehog on a skateboard? Trust me, it's too cute.

+Wade Brooks
Wade recently started a collection of toy car photos shot as if they were life size cars. His work is beautiful and if you have a toy car collector on your list, these images would make a perfect gift. Wade also offers lovely nature and landscape photography.

+Yvette van Teeffelen
Yvette has a very special talent for creating entrancing minimalist images. Every one will draw you in and make you linger. Her work is available as prints but also on other products through FAA such as phone cases, tote bags and more. You will definitely find a great gift here.

Digital Art

Nancy Levan
I can't forget me! I create digital art - fashion illustration with an abstract, modern bent. Come check out my page and find a unique gift for the fashionista in your life.

#supportart   #smallcyberbusinesssunday  
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I don't often think of Liszt's music, but I'm grateful to +Yonatan Zunger for reminding me this evening of the Hungarian Rhapsody No. 2 by said composer, for it is a remarkably fun piece of music. I confess, I don't get what Yonatan is talking about with the "seductive look", because this music has never struck me in that way, but that's fine.

Marvelous performance, and I'll certainly have to add that to my playlists again.

Personally, my favorite piano music is, and probably always will be, Rachmaninov's 2nd and 3rd Piano Concertos. I need to look up some performances of those on YT and share them, too.
As a bit of a musical accompaniment for your day, there's nothing quite like Liszt's Hungarian Rhapsody #2. I'm convinced that he wrote this simply because it would be a lot of fun to play, and with the secondary purpose of seducing women. (Seriously, there's a pause just before the last page – 8:28 in this video – where Liszt marks that you should stick in a cadenza, which is musical speak for "improv for a while." Hamelin spends the next three minutes doing so like crazy, but I'm not at all convinced that Liszt's favorite thing to do wasn't just to pause dramatically, find some appropriate person in the audience, and wink at them before going into the crashing final page. Done properly, this should be an excellent seduction tactic.)

If the title of the piece or its first few minutes sound unfamiliar to you, jump over to 5:28 or so, and you'll recognize it from Looney Tunes and many another old show. And then go back to the beginning, because how Liszt gets to that passage is half the fun.

If you'd prefer a more visual entertainment, Valentina Lisista's performance demonstrates that (a) it's almost impossible to play through this piece with a straight face, and (b) the required hand movements greatly exceed the frame rate of a television camera. ( But Hamelin's is more fun to listen to, IMHO.
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Jo Dunaway's profile photoGabbys Solutions's profile photo
Another Rachmaninoff fan!  Halloooo!
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Sharing Just because I Want to Keep this for Future Reference, and because it's Amazingly Cool
If you're looking for a way to spend some time on the long weekend, I've put up a reprise of one of my old articles on Medium today. This is all about how we know where we are in space: the distance to the Sun, to other stars, and so on. It's a tale of what real science is like: everything from Greeks running around Egypt putting sticks in the ground, to French explorers fighting off mobs of panicked Siberian villagers who believe that their telescopes cause floods, to a Scottish housekeeper who ended up founding one of the major astronomical research groups of history.

And at the end of it, you'll be able to look up at the stars and understand just why we know how far they are.
How we know where we are in the universe
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Seriously, the training that these kids go through is mind-blowing. How many American kids could come even close to this level of work and discipline?
Shaolin Temple Kung Fu Academy in China
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+Ron Serina oh geez, quit quibbling over minor details like that, eh? LOL
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Going to the Dentist Might be about to Get a Lot Easier!

Bear in mind, this research is still in pre-clinical stages, meaning that they haven't even started testing it on people. However, if this research is validated, they will essentially have achieved the Holy Grail of Dental Research, which is to actually regenerate tooth enamel that has been damaged by decay.

Realistically, we're likely still a minimum of 3-5 years from this being available for use in the real world because of all the testing that has to be done, then making sure production can be ramped up, then distributing, etc.

There are still many questions to be answered, too, such as:

1) How expensive will it be?
2) Will it be a single or multiple applications?
3) How long will it take to work?
4) Will there be a limit on how much enamel can be regenerated?
5) How will we control how much enamel is regenerated! And is it self-limiting? After all, we don't want something that will continue growing indefinitely!
6) If it's a large and deep cavity, will we still have to remove the decay with a laser of drill before applying the hydrogel, or will it somehow kill the bacteria and rebuild enamel all by itself?

But I'll tell ya, as a dentist, this is exciting stuff, and I'll definitely be writing this one up on my dental blog for +Smiles by Payet Family Dentistry.

+Nicholas Calcaterra +Vincent Messina +Alexandra Riecke-Gonzales +lynn hughes +Howard M. Steinberg +Mark Bruce +Corina Marinescu
An abundance of sweets during the holidays increases the threat of cavities and tooth sensitivity. USC researchers have found a way to regrow enamel to protect teeth. Perhaps one day their gel could be used as teeth strips or in a mouth guard.
Vincent Messina's profile photoPeter Valokuvaus's profile photoHoward M. Steinberg's profile photo
Good questions, Charles. USC researcher Janet Moradian-Oldak is optimistic that eventually teeth strips saturated with the amelogenin-chitosan hydrogel or mouth guards containing the formulation will be approved for administration. As you mentioned, it will be years before this technology is available.
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I've been staying at home for the last two days writing a paper about information and entropy in biological systems.  My wife is away, and I'm trying to keep distractions to a bare minimum, trying to get into that state where I'm completely absorbed, there's always something to do, and it's lots of fun.  That's what I love about writing.  At first I feel stuck, frustrated.  But gradually the ideas start falling into place - and once they do, I don't want to be anywhere else!  

This state is called flow, and it's great.  But life can't be all flow, it seems.

I like this chart.  I like any chart that takes psychology and maps it down to a few axes in a reasonably plausible way.  I don't have to 'believe in it' to enjoy a neat picture that pretends to tame the wild mess of the soul. 

Apparently this chart goes back to Mihaly Csikszentmihaly's theory of 'flow'.  According to Wikipedia:

In his seminal work, Flow: The Psychology of Optimal Experience, Csíkszentmihályi outlines his theory that people are happiest when they are in a state of flow— a state of concentration or complete absorption with the activity at hand and the situation. It is a state in which people are so involved in an activity that nothing else seems to matter.  The idea of flow is identical to the feeling of being in the zone or in the groove. The flow state is an optimal state of intrinsic motivation, where the person is fully immersed in what he is doing. This is a feeling everyone has at times, characterized by a feeling of great absorption, engagement, fulfillment, and skill—and during which temporal concerns (time, food, ego-self, etc.) are typically ignored.

In an interview with Wired magazine, Csíkszentmihályi described flow as "being completely involved in an activity for its own sake. The ego falls away. Time flies. Every action, movement, and thought follows inevitably from the previous one, like playing jazz. Your whole being is involved, and you're using your skills to the utmost."

Csikszentmihályi characterized nine component states of achieving flow including “challenge-skill balance, merging of action and awareness, clarity of goals, immediate and unambiguous feedback, concentration on the task at hand, paradox of control, transformation of time, loss of self-consciousness, and autotelic experience.”

What does autotelic mean?  It seems to mean 'internally driven', as opposed to seeking external rewards.  Csíkszentmihályi says "An autotelic person needs few material possessions and little entertainment, comfort, power, or fame because so much of what he or she does is already rewarding."  Anyway, back to the Wikipedia article:

To achieve a flow state, a balance must be struck between the challenge of the task and the skill of the performer. If the task is too easy or too difficult, flow cannot occur. Both skill level and challenge level must be matched and high; if skill and challenge are low and matched, then apathy results.

But in this chart, 'apathy' is just one of 8 options, the one diametrically opposite to 'flow'.  I like the idea of how 'relaxation' is somewhere between flow and boredom, but I'm not sure it feels next to 'control'. 

It's all very thought-provoking.  We have these different modes, or moods, and we bounce between them without very much thought about what they're for and what's the overall structure of the space of these moods.

Moods seem like the opposite of mathematics and logic, but there's probably a science of moods which we haven't fully understood yet - in part because when we're in a mood, it dominates us and prevents us from thinking about it analytically.
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More from Freedom Park

Truly, the weather for Thanksgiving in Charlotte this year was amazingly beautiful, warm, and sunny. A great day to be outside and spend time with family, especially my older daughter home from college.

The image of the tree and the bridge were both processed with +Macphun's new "Aurora HDR Pro". Still a lot to learn for getting the best results out of the program, and I need to watch more of +Trey Ratcliff's tutorial video for sure, but it's an interesting program. At the moment, I am still partial to 'Intensify CK', which was used to edit the image of the adorable 6 week old puppy, and I went back to my old standby +Adobe Photoshop for the image of Natalie.

#charlotte #daddydaughtertime #funtakingphotos
Michael Penner's profile photoCharles “Chip” Payet's profile photoTerri Rene''s profile photo
+Michael Penner thank you!  I've been learning a lot about photography from the G+ community of photographers for the last few years and having a lot of fun.
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I No Longer Have to Beg to Take Her Photo

When I first met Natalie's mom, Natalie had just turned 10. When Fara and I married in 2006, Natalie was just past 11. As often happens with step parents and step children, and especially with a pre-teen girl, we went through some rocky years. However, I have always seen her as my very own daughter, and the persistence in loving her that way (plus her growing up - she'll be 21 at the end of January) has borne fruit the last couple of years, and we are now growing closer than ever before. We spent a delightful few hours today running some errands, talking a walk around Freedom Park, then splitting a huge hamburger at Liberty Restaurant on South Blvd. and while we strolled around the lake at Freedom Park, she didn't even argue when I asked to take some photos. Hurray!

#daddydaughtertime #charlotte #FreedomPark
Andy Long's profile photolynn hughes's profile photo
Beautiful young lady. And totally awesome that the two of you have grown close,;)
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You think cockroaches are tough little buggers? HA! They ain't got NOTHIN' on the tardigrade, and scientists are finally starting to figure out how the little thing does its thing, from its ability to survive in space, at near absolute zero, above the boiling point of water, and even up to10 years without food.

Thanks to +Corina Marinescu for sharing this.
The tardigrade genome has been sequenced, and it has the most foreign DNA of any animal
Scientists have sequenced the entire genome of the tardigrade, AKA the water bear, for the first time. And it turns out that this weird little creature has the most foreign genes of any animal studied so far – or to put it another way, roughly one-sixth of the tardigrade’s genome was stolen from other species. 

A little background here for those who aren’t familiar with the strangeness that is the tardigrade – the microscopic water creature grows to just over 1 mm on average, and is the only animal that can survive in the harsh environment of space. It can also withstand temperatures from just above absolute zero to well above the boiling point of water, can cope with ridiculous amounts of pressure and radiation, and can live for more than 10 years without food or water. Basically, it’s nearly impossible to kill, and now scientists have shown that its DNA is just as bizarre as it is.



#research   #genome   #dna   #tardigrade  
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Cool and kind of terrifying, I think. 
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Orcs dancing? Sure, why not! Thanks to +Geeks are Sexy (because they are) for sharing this great way to start your morning with a laugh.
You wouldn’t expect to see a bunch of orc following a structured dance choreography, but this is exactly what it is. A video by ScottDW, the same dude that made that awesome twerking stormtroopers dance video we posted a while ago! [ScottDW]
You wouldn't expect to see a bunch of orc following a structured dance choreography, but this is exactly what it is. A video by ScottDW, the same dude that
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I am clearly going to have to add some new Collections, 'cause this doesn't go anywhere currently, but I definitely want to keep it because it's just too awesome not to.

Thank you +Yonatan Zunger for sharing this!
Note to self: check all lettuce; avoid cows and sea foam

#mythology #infographics #HandDrawn
Imgur: The most awesome images on the Internet.
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Dental Quackery Drives Me Nuts

So I published this article exactly 2 years ago today, and it is still one of the most-read articles on my blog, although it naturally also gets many of the craziest comments. Today I finally had enough and added a Featured Comment that I will no longer tolerate anecdotes about oil pulling, because if you believe oil pulling can "cure" cavities, you apparently believe in magic. It's about the same as homeopathy, really. Any more comments with anecdotes about "healing" cavities will automatically be deleted or at least edited.

At some point, you just get so tired of the bullshit that you can't take it any more, right?
Charles “Chip” Payet's profile photoStephen Schwam's profile photo
late up date, we got ;home from Thanksgiving; with kids/grand kids in Portland.  drive was OK, roads a little icy.there is still 8 inches of snow in front and back yard. no golfers seen . 
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Husband, father, dentist, photographer, passionate and creative, always learning.
“The master in the art of living makes little distinction between his work and his play, his labor and his leisure, his mind and his body, his information and his recreation, his love and his religion. He hardly knows which is which. He simply pursues his vision of excellence at whatever he does, leaving others to decide whether he is working or playing. To him he’s always doing both.” ~Francoise Chateaubriand

This is the quote by which I live, and I am deeply blessed to have the opportunity and drive to do so.

More than anything, I am a family man - with my wife and 2 daughters, I've lived in in the Charlotte area since 1998 after graduating from dental school in Chapel Hill, NC.  My wife is the love of my life and simply amazing, and we are blessed with 2 incredible daughters.

My profession and passion are one and the same: I've been a Charlotte dentist since 1999, and if you're in need of a dental office, we'll gladly welcome you.  We offer most of the most modern technology available and a unique and broad combination of services.  We know the dentist isn't the most fun place to be, but we try to make it the best possible, and since I truly love my job, we aim to offer the best dental care possible.

Outside of the office, my biggest passion, hobby, and part-time profession is that of photographer.  The G+ community has been an amazing source of inspiration since it began, and it is a wonderful place to share and learn equally.  So many people have encouraged and pushed me, it would be impossible to thank them all.  You can see my work at; prints are available if you like.
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Basically, people tell me that I seem to do a lot of things really well: dentistry, photography, ballroom dance, tennis, yoga, website design and optimization, multi-lingual.......I don't know if that's "bragging rights," but I just enjoy a lot of different things and doing them well!
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Since moving to the south side of Charlotte from Huntersville back in 2013, Cardinal Camera has become my go-to store. The convenience is a no-brainer since it's less than 10 minutes from my house, but the service, experience, selection, and prices there are very good. Before them, I would buy stuff from B&H Photo up in NYC, but there's simply no need to do that any more. If I need something they don't have, they can get it for me promptly or tell me where to get it at a great price if it's something not available through Cardinal at all. As an example: in early Oct. 2015, I was considering a switch from a Canon 5D3 to the Sony a7R2, but I wanted to know how it actually felt in my hand, try the lenses, etc. On a rather busy Friday afternoon, they spent almost an hour with me, even though I told them up front that I was NOT buying a camera that day. They pulled the body out, a spare adapter so I could try my Canon lenses on it, walked me through the menus, talked about the differences with the viewfinder, pros and cons of Sony and Canon sensors, etc. Bear in mind, I'd already done a lot of online research first, so we were talking the more nuanced details of dynamic range, resolution, and the fun goodies, not just basics. A full hour of their time and attention (of course I stepped back when they had customers who needed help and were making real purchases) with no guarantee that I would buy anything. THAT is what I call service. And naturally, when I was able to sell my 5D3 faster than expected, I headed straight for Cardinal Camera 2 weeks later and bought my Sony a7R2 from them. When it comes time to buy additional lenses, flashes, etc., Cardinal Camera will be where I buy them. Very competitive prices compared to B&H, great selection, helpful guys who've been there for years and know my name when I walk in, highly knowledgeable....what's not to like?
• • •
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I'm writing this review as BOTH a dentist and as a parent, and I'm giving both Dr. Webbs 5-stars. :-) As a dentist, I have been referring patients to Dr. Webb's office ever since I opened my own practice next door to him in Southpark in 1999. During my early years of practice, not only was Dr. Michael Webb a phenomenal mentor and friend, he took great care of my patients, and we've continued sending patients to their office ever since (almost 16 years as of this writing). We consistently get rave reviews from the patients we send there, both adults and kids, and we will continue referring to them for the foreseeable future. As a parent and husband, I also recommend Dr. Webb. Back in 2006 is when I met my wife, and both she and her daughter Natalie were in need of orthodontics, so of course I sent them to Dr. Webb. Both of them got terrific results and are very happy with their smiles. And now, our 9yo daughter Elizabeth is about to start her orthodontics with the Drs. Webb. Unfortunately for our daughter, she got my upper jaw (too small) and my wife's lower jaw (too big), so Drs. Webb will be taking care of her for MANY years to come. In the interest of disclosure: both my wife and older daughter paid for their orthodontic care just like everyone else, because Fara and I were only dating at the time. Because of the complexity of care that Elizabeth will require, we plan on paying for her treatment, too, as long as they'll let us. That's how much we trust them.
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If you're looking for a beautiful, comfortable, immaculately kept B&B in the Charlottesville area, I highly recommend the Silver Thatch Inn. Very affordable, beautifully maintained, run by the delightfully friendly couple Jim and Terri. They make you feel like you're truly guests in their home. The breakfasts? Just make sure you allow plenty of time, because they are generous and taste amazing. One morning it was a cheese & tomato omelette with home fries, fresh-baked biscuits with home made strawberry jam, homemade sausage, and a cup of fresh fruit. The next morning more sausage, blueberry buttermilk pancakes (really light and fluffy like I've never been able to make). Oh....and did I mention they make FABULOUSLY STRONG COFFEE!?!?!? If there is one thing I hate about staying at most hotels, it's that their coffee is lousy. But not here - they make it as strong as I do at home, and that's saying something. Freshly ground each morning, too - I was in heaven. I'm going to have to find an excuse to take my wife up there for a weekend trip, just the two of us.
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More than 15 years ago, I reached my 1st degree black belt in Taekwondo back in Chapel Hill, but once I moved to Charlotte, I couldn't find a really good martial arts school close to me, so I took a 14 year break. I'd seen ads for the Peaceful Dragon, though, and when we moved closer, I decided to try it. After nearly a year, it's hard to describe how happy I am training there, but I'll try: 1) Sifu Eric Sbarge has been training more than 30 years, and teaching nearly 20 (I think). Most of the other instructors have also been training more than 20 years and teaching more than 10 years - EXPERIENCE MATTERS. 2) They're what I would call "old school." IOW, they teach you truly traditional Chinese martial arts with a focus on hard work, discipline, focus, strength, respect, etc. 3) The facility is beautiful, with more than enough room. 4) They're NOT about just testing people quickly to make money, like you'll find in a lot of schools. In fact, while the membership isn't cheap, there are no hidden costs that will surprise you, like for belts, tests, or gear. Also, testing is usually only held about every 6 months, and trust me, you'd better know your material! 5) Ridiculously nice people. Seriously! 6) Cultural events, like the Chinese New Year Celebration. I've signed up for the Mastership program, which means a 5-year commitment, and there's still a bit over 4 years to go. I love it!
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Dr. Tillman was recommended by a friend of mine, and I am very grateful for him. I'd spoken with him early this week and scheduled a time this Friday for him to come put our 15yo Shepherd/Chow mix, Lady, down, but when I got home after work on Wednesday, poor Lady's legs had given out and she could no longer stand. Dr. Tillman returned my call within 10 minutes and rearranged his evening plans to come as quickly as he could. As heartwrenching as it was to watch Lady slide gently away forever, Dr. Tillman was wonderfully compassionate and caring. His understanding, gentle words, and silence when needed were so appreciated. Of course, I hope I don't need to work with Dr. Tillman again for a long time, but when the time comes for our other dog to go, there's no one else I'll call. In gratitude.
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I absolutely love fine dining and sushi, and this place delivered in spades. I was only in Charlottesville for a few days for work and was told that this was a "must-eat" restaurant, and wow were my friends not kidding! Some of the best seafood and sushi that I've had anywhere in the world, beautifully presented. As I was there during Restaurant Week, I took advantage of their 3-course menu with the following: Shrimp Tempura Poppers Roll Miso Sea Bass While all 3 courses were delicious and delivered very unique and unusual flavor combinations, the Miso Sea Bass was out of this world. Oh my gawd...incredible. Don't take my word for it....go try it!
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We just moved from Huntersville to the south side of Charlotte and were looking for a new sushi place, and our daughter found this yesterday, brought us back today. Really EXCELLENT sushi, beautiful presentation. Service was a good. My wife and I are glad that it's only a couple miles from our home, because we will be back regularly!
Food: ExcellentDecor: ExcellentService: Very Good
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