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Charles Parker

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Avoid Aspartame! Your brain will thank you! "Students became significantly more depressed after they consumed the high-aspartame diet."
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Charles Parker

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Notes on Galileo
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Charles Parker

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On labels, by Kierkegaard. Worthy of serious consideration.
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Charles Parker

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Charles Parker

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Thanks Todd, good laugh.
Too Funny!
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Charles Parker

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Had to create a new Playlist URL so thought you all might enjoy this view....
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Read all the way down to the levels at the bottom: LabCorp standards [~30] is OK = wrong. Vit D Council recommends, as does +David Perlmutter MD that should be up near 60! Let's spread the word and pass this along to your friends!
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Charles Parker

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Vyvanse Dosage Strategies require specific attention to Vyvanse Details.
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My final video in the series just posted. Watch this playlist and solve afternoon stimulant med challenges!   #ADHD #neuroscience
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Charles Parker

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This meeting is a must for anyone remotely connected with the ADHD community.
This Wednesday on Attention Talk Radio, we’ll be interviewing Kenneth Blum; our topic:  Dopamine: The Reward Neurotransmitter and Its Role in #ADHD.  Don't miss it!
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Excellent points... Dr Blum is coming at it strictly from the "excitatory" rubric so often applied to DA in neuropharma talk - it's really a translation thing, from the science guys to public and term with fewer personalized implications.
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Neuroscience Consultation and Training - brain and body evidence for precise interventions, Dean At CoreBrain
Reality changes. I teach biomedical change mastery.
  • CoreBrain Training: Global
    Academic Dean: Building Neuroscience Communities, 2011 - present
  • CorePsych Treatment Solutions
    Neuroscience - brain and body evidence for precise interventions, present
    Started in 2006, over 400 articles on improved ways to look at psych interventions.
  • Author: "New ADHD Medication Rules - Brain Science & Common Sense"
    ADHD Insight Evangelist | Book, 2010 - present
    Missives to fellow travelers looking for the latest maps for fresh mind territories. ADHD is the most mismanaged, misdiagnosed and mistreated mind condition on the planet.
  • Amen Clinics: DC
    Chief Psych, CoFounder DC Office, 2003 - 2007
  • Hospital Corporation of America, Peninsula Hospital: Hampton VA
    Exec Med Director, 1989 - 1994
    While there also served as Director of Virgina Impaired Professionals for 1 yr, and wrote Deep Recovery as a commentary on the outdated labels still used in substance abuse-recovery.
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Dr Charles Parker uses the latest biomedical technology to improve evaluation and treatment outcomes for psychiatric care globally. Together we can make a difference.
"Neuroscience-based innovations in psychiatric practice can save years of repeated guesswork and confusion.  Brain science works - but only if you work it. " Dr Charles Parker

Book: New ADHD Medication Rules - Brain Science & Common Sense
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DrCharlesParker Over 147,000 views based upon specific insights for ADHD Medications. Important playlists to help understand ADHD Medication Management:
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2. ADHD Medication Dosage Details, - Get it right.
3. ADHD Medication Problems Can Teach - The PM Drop as Mentor
4. ADHD and Immunity: Mind and Gut. - IgG Matters
5. ADHD Meds & Allergies – Milk and Wheat - How Milk and Wheat Corrupt Brain
6. ADHD Meds & Allergies – Street Immunity - Immunity Explained: ADHD Meds

information now explodes so rapidly that even medical practitioners get lost in categorical, cookie cutter solutions. But human complexity lives beyond platitudes. The dynamic mind works on reality, beyond fixed, amorphous labels.

CoreBrain Training | CorePsych Treatment Systems

Traditional and Functional Medicine: A false and profoundly counterproductive dichotomy creates warring subsets of scientific mind information. The next step for all of us is comprehensive medicine. Ineffective communication with the public, and institutionalized thinking both create problems; our Core Teams will continue to be part of the solutions. See CoreBrain Training - it's designed to take both practitioners and the public to these new mind places. Cellular focus; global vision.

Macro views and micro solutions: From the macro views of SPECT imaging, to the molecular and cellular levels of neurotransmitter precursors, hormones, immune dysfunction, and toxic elements evidence for the brain-world evolves. Our team travels on the train that drives up front, to the office action, - and will be reporting back from the trenches when I witness our improved outcomes and, on the other hand, regularly witness the limitations of paper theories based on appearances. Is the sun rotating around the earth? - It *looks like* it is...

                                   ADHD Medication Book & Video Tutorials

ADHD Meds Paperback: New ADHD Medication Rules: Brain Science and Common Sense - A Game Changer for Diagnosis and Treatment of ADHD - details beyond appearances. For the Kindle And Audio Edition at Amazon. A Best-Seller At Amazon in 3 mos in 6 Different Categories.

ADHD Medications Report
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ADHD Medications Videos
Complimentary How-To on ADHD Meds: 8 Videos
Complimentary Videos: Correcting ADHD Treatment Failure: 8 Videos
Complimentary Special Report: 25 pages on Predictable Solutions For ADHD Meds.

Rules is out now in eBook, Paperback since Jan 2013, and now Audible- see This Page  for excerpts, testimonials and connections..
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  • Society for Neuroscience
    Neuroscience Applications, 2011 - present
    Ongoing upgrades on neuroscience advances and clinical applications. Now every question we ask at every meeting is based upon biologically measurable brain function and laboratory data. Neurophysiology and specific cellular activity create foundations for predictable outcomes, with the most interesting, fresh treatment landscapes for the 21st century mind.
  • Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine
    Medicine, 1964 - 1968
    Planned to become a family practitioner to follow in the footsteps of my mother, but reading Freud's "Interpretation of Dreams" changed my direction. In Gross Anatomy that first year at PCOM on Spruce St in West Philly, with Dr Angus Cathie, who taught my mother in the same school, was my initiation to Dr Charles Parker.
  • Institute of the Phildelphia Association For Psychoanalysis
    Psychoanalysis, 1971 - 1978
    In Philadelphia I studied psychoanalysis at the Institute in Bala-Cynwyd. - Outstanding training with internationally prominent psychoanalysts: Homer Curtis, MD, Eli Marcovitz, MD, Paul Ecker, MD, Morris Galinsky, MD, and many others. It was a privilege to meet and speak with Anna Freud at the Association during her visit to Phila. in 1972. The two most important questions for a new office evaluation back then: "What are your dreams?" and "What are your fantasies?' In those days we chased any evidence we could find as mind targets lived in the unconscious.
  • Albert Einstein Medical Center
    Adult Psychiatry, 1969 - 1972
    Einstein is a large metropolitan hospital on N Broad in Phila with outstanding training and supervision. I loved my mentors there and enjoyed an outstanding group of fellow residents for those first steps.
  • Hahnemann Medical College
    Child Psychiatry, 1972 - 1974
    At Hahnemann it was a privilege to work with Dr Herman Belmont who encouraged my writing, and there I won my first national award and an invitation to speak in New Orleans following an article on child psychiatric school consultation with teachers in South Philly. I was elected Chief Resident in my senior year and encouraged diversity with training consultants.
  • Westminster College, Missouri
    Biology & English, 1960 - 1964
    Westminster, where Harry Truman delivered our commencement address in 1964, enjoys an excellent academic reputation for majors in Biology and Pre-med. There I regularly published poetry in the school paper and considered a career in writing. I was three hours short [in English] from a dual major in both English and Biology.
  • Culver Academies
    College and Life Prep, 1958 - 1960
    Culver in those days was completely military, without the Girls Academy. It was a shock to arrive at that remarkable campus as a junior in high school and face the process of becoming a half-striper plebe [half year of plebe status]. It was boot camp in high school for 4 mos, longer than necessary for me to understand principles of team play. I played trumpet poorly, but made excellent grades, and made many friends there, still good friends through life. Because some chided the Band as soft I played soccer, rowed crew, baseball, softball and our teams were always first or second in intramurals - except for soccer where the troop [Culver's Black Horse Troop] guys, many Latin American from Cuba, Mexico, and South America, kicked our butts. In retrospect: Loved it.
Contact Information
+1.757.671.1776, Patient Care Coordinator, Desiree Wright
5029 Corporate Woods Dr Ste 250 Va Beach, VA, 23462USA
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