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The dark side of the force revealed ;)
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as a Catholic, I find this.....

The pope is much more evil. The emperor had a decent plan at least.
come to the dark side, i am your "holy" father?
and God sees this and ask - "who is the guy on the left??" :-P
super....................... nice
hi shajakan ju....................................
i want more...................
How dare them put a good man like Darth Vader in with a cult leader like the Pope.
yeah there is God, there is evil and we have a choice...
is this supposed to be funny cause its not even close
I dont really know wht the architect of this bizzare photo intends to achieve with......this
looks like twins to me. the good side& the bad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Tim H
Actually it is pretty funny and only brainwashed people actually think the religious organizations are legit. Unfortunately this is the majority
+Lwanda Keya to tell everyone that the Pope is a destructive force which is bane to humanity
Wow. I'm a Roman Catholic and I find this ... deeply offensive. The Pope has spent his entire life helping people, encouraging them to love God and care for others . All of you who think this is so funny, what have you done with your life?
Congrats, for being an idiot and a jerk. Yeah, right, it is only humor. Sure.
i am a catholic...i realy find this trying to stop mi believe in catholics.iam sorry about mi seeing this photo infact i wish havnt..
Helping people with his solid gold crosses from within his solid gold palaces, waging a war against reproductive sanity resulting in continued poverty for millions.
i'm not roman catholic and i find this really troubling. share with your friends, fine. they know you and most probably have a similar worldview. but share with the world? that's provocative and offensive.
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+Mark Meuer Would that include the time he spent in Hitler's Nazi Youth? And guess what - I'm Roman Catholic, too. And yet, I think this is hilarious and not at all disrespectful. Christ didn't teach us to be uptight. In fact, he taught is to be forgiving and to love those around us. His apostle, James also warned us of the danger of judging others. Perhaps you should review James 4:10-12.
one of the thing that peoples must realize is ...they should alwayz let their feeling lay deep i their heart rather than misleading peoples,,,we are just believing in god via the path of the catholics...not bilieving in pope...these comments seems to be realy humiliatin..
I'm a Catholic at odds with the hierarchy. I find this humorous, but also a little too close to the truth, unfortunately.
+Bob Honeyman, this share is innocent - comparing to which extent religious organizations share and promote religion in the world - and this is really provocative and offensive. Yet, no one is doing anything against this, and even governments support it somehow.
It's a shoop- look at the hands & the arms.
mybe this man is troubled as there seeme to be two sides of his personality. would talking to GOD mybe help him find himself. its funny in a funny way but also disturbing what he is thinking (split personnality is showing here)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It's hilarious - two dark lords looking over their proteges - what's not to laugh about? +1
Que pena estas fotos.... No coincido para nada con esta apreciación.
Csak a ruházat különbözik, a többi ... No, de azért: az ERŐ legyen veled!
Mark Meuer and Kim Consiglio: The current pope is a former NAZI soldier. Do you honestly think that is helping people?
Mark Meuer This Pope doesn't spend all of his life helping people!!!!
Get your facts rigths this pope once serve to HITLER!!! This Pope was a NAZI THis pope was in the organization responsable for millions of deaths!!!
Don't come here to say that is all good and Stuff in fact... is know by protect several pedophiles...
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