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I used to feel bad about my lack of mad-skillz when it comes to computer and/or video games. I'm not good at them. I never play them often enough for long enough to memorize the keyboard layouts or to master the hand-eye coordination to excel. It's why I prefer table-top RPGs, where my lack of fine motor skills doesn't inhibit my ability to win.

But then yesterday it dawned on me: I've been playing the ultimate rpg ever. For 37 years, I've been rocking this mad game called REALITY. And I'm still on my first life! I don't even have any cheat codes or walk-through guides!

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yeah I can hook you up with whatever codes you be needin'.
it'll cost ya ಠ_ಠ
If reality is a game, that explains all the gold farmers.
I turn 45 in 2 months. I hope I get a pet with my achievement.
As long as you enjoy playing the game still . . . : )
most days. though it takes way too many "dungeon crawls" to level up these days...
If you want to level faster, you should start wearing battle-armor.
Yeah. That, and a big two-handed greatsword, so I can camp at spawn points. That's where the XP are!
And thanks ever so much for reminding me that I turn 35 soon. Grr.
Dude, way to make roleplayers happy as bunnies! :D